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‘Public are the enemy’ of British foreign policy – expert

57bc1f71c46188e11b8b45acUK foreign policy strategists consider the British public to be their enemy and, thus, bombard it with lie upon lie about the UK’s secretive antics around the world, a renowned author and scholar has claimed.

Writing for the Huffington Post on Monday, historian and foreign policy expert Mark Curtis laid out what he claims is the truth behind British foreign policy in the Middle East.

British wars abroad have two enemies. First, the official enemy, portrayed as a monster whom we always battle with noble intentions. But second is the enemy within – us, the public,” he argues in an article titled “We Know about the Lies over Iraq but What about Syria?




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The Richie Allen Show on David Icke On Donald Trump, Brexit, Child Abuse Inquiry, His World Tour & Much More


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Satanic Plan to slaughter millions of people and inflict poverty on populations

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Before and after the “Holocaust”: Jewish population numbers in 1933 and 1948


For over a century, the Jewish World Almanac has been widely regarded as the most authentic source for the world’s Jewish population numbers. Academics all over the world, including the editors of the Encyclopedia Britannica, used to rely on the accuracy of those numbers. Here is what the World Alamanacs of 1933 and 1948 had to say about the world population of Jews.

World Almanac 1933


World Almanac 1948


In other words, according to the World Almanac the world population of Jews increased (!) between 1933 and 1948 from 15,315,000 to 15,753,000. If the German government under Adolf Hitler had – as alleged – murdered six million Jews those losses should have been reflected in the Jewish population numbers quoted in the World Almanac.
The suspicions raised by above numbers concerning the veracity of the allegations made against the Hitler government are confirmed by the official three-volume report by the International Committee of the Red Cross, released 1948 in Geneva, according to which 272,000 concentration camp inmates died in German custody, about half of them Jews. The following article elaborates.




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Jews Tell the TRUTH About Auschwitz


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Revolt of the goyim

Perceiving the pattern of lies that deceive and enslave us

Today’s America is no democracy — it’s a degenerating tyranny, disfigured by its military-industrial-governmental cancer. Our people are increasingly ashamed and terrified of their government, and rightly so, because we have no control over it, and it’s become a deceitful monstrous danger to us and to the health of the planet. We’re not “The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.” To the contrary: We, the people, are on our knees, cringing and whimpering in dismay and confusion, prostrate before the forces that have betrayed us. — Richard Mynick

There is no place in the world that suffers from divisions and wars unless America or the Zionists’ fingerprints are seen there. — Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

The following message contains a coded cipher which, if forwarded to a sufficient number of e-mail addresses — say one billion — will become an irresistible thought bomb that will sweep the world clean of this Rothschild banking sewer society in which predators harvest human lives with deliberately clumsy lies the brainwashed masses docilely accept.

The phony media stories ring hollow now. The government’s version of the 9/11 story has such a smell to it that nobody believes it. Yet it lingers on in the rancid voices of plastic anchormen and the bought-off Congressmen who pretend to hunt imaginary Arab terrorists that were created by CIA-Mossad strategists who work for Jewish bankers.

It’s pretty clear now that the war in Iraq was not for oil, which remains in the ground, but for Israel, which now wants to nuke Iran. Yes, all these Americans and Iraqis are dying for Israel and its Jewish plan to conquer the world, which it already pretty much has accomplished, at least financially. Iraq and Iran are no threats to America, but they are to Israel, that bandit state established by London bankers to keep the world destabilized on a perpetual basis.

Still the bombs keep falling. Mercenary hit teams trained by Israel’s Mossad but paid for by American citizens continue to stir up trouble all over the world, but especially in Iraq, where they pretend to be Sunnis and Shi’ites when they blow up the mosques of both sects. Just like they do in the world — divide and conquer: support both sides, and profit from the violence. You’d think the world would have learned that from the Iran/Iraq war, and dozens of other calculated Jewish depredations that have sabotaged prosperous societies.

Today they call it the War on Terror, and it has pretty much destroyed the United States of America, not to mention dozens of other countries around the world. Worst of all, Americans still don’t realize the real scam that is sucking the life out of their once-vibrant society. Their own country has morphed into the worst terror state in the history of the world right before their eyes, and most people still don’t think anything is wrong. An unprecedented blindness.


“Oh sweetheart,” I recently called out across the living room. “Did you know that the backers of Christopher Columbus were Jewish bankers from Venice and Genoa who funded the desperate expedition to the Indies the day after all Jews were kicked out of Spain by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella?”

Just imagine the return on that investment, I thought to myself. It echoes down to this very day to think that the Jews discovered America, and allowed us to come along. Sort of reinforces the idea that we’re all puppets on strings, dancing to a bunch of ugly tunes designed to drive us crazy.

I didn’t see a fact about this subject to top that one until just a few minutes ago when someone sent me a video of Cyrus the Great, the legendary Persian king I learned the following:

• From Pasargardae, heart of the Aryan homeland, “god’s anointed one” liberated the Jews from their captivity in approximately 535 B.C.

I instantly asked myself, “How could Cyrus have liberated the Jews from their captivity when they didn’t have any land to begin with?” They were the criminal nomad Levites (Levy) who shunned and secretly plotted to conquer everyone, and were reviled everywhere for their thievery.

The video said Cyrus created “a just and benevolent imperial regime, united Iran, and established the first world empire.” I’ve read a lot about this guy over the years, but this is the first time I ever got the impression that this was the victors’ spin machine, creating a royal pedigree for the land of Israel, enabling this one perverted renegade tribe to steal what belonged to others for longer than anyone can easily imagine.


Goyim Revolution! (Hitler Knew…)



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Zika and Microcephaly – Someone Got Their Dates Mixed Up

spray-549085_960_720By Wendell Forster

After reading numerous reports regarding the Zika virus circulating in the mainstream and alternative media, the question must be asked, “Why is everyone clambering to blame Zika for the cases of Microcephaly that have been occurring?” Before making such a knee-jerk reaction, a number of facts must first be considered.

The first reported outbreaks of Microcephaly which the WHO appeared to link to Zika occurred on 30th October 2015.

The WHO reported that,

“30 October 2015: Brazil reports an unusual increase in the number of cases of microcephaly among newborns since August, numbering 54 by 30 October.”

The first reported potential detection of Zika in Brazil was 2nd March 2015. WHO reported,

“2 March 2015: Brazil notifies WHO of reports of an illness characterized by skin rash in northeastern states. From February 2015 to 29 April 2015, nearly 7000 cases of illness with skin rash are reported in these states. All cases are mild, with no reported deaths. Of 425 blood samples taken for differential diagnosis, 13% are positive for dengue. Tests for chikungunya, measles, rubella, parvovirus B19, and enterovirus are negative. Zika was not suspected at this stage, and no tests for Zika were carried out.”

But you will note Zika was not suspected and tests were not conducted. The official Zika confirmation didn’t come until 7th May 2015 when Brazil’s National Reference Laboratory confirmed the Bahia State Laboratory’s report of a positive test dated 29th April 2015.




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Children of God.wmv


Aug 23

The Bizarre and Terrifying Propaganda Art of the Children of God

Berg-philippines-mid-80sDavid Brandt Berg. Images via

The Children of God movement was founded in 1968 in Huntington Beach, California, by former pastor David Brandt Berg, known to his followers as Moses David, Mo, King David, Dad, and Grandpa. Essentially a communist cult founded around banding together to proselytize the word of Jesus in the streets, the group maintained an “old world” idea of Christianity, which, at least in Berg’s view, centered largely around sex. By the time the organization changed its name to the Family of Love in 1978, Berg had introduced a process called “flirty fishing,” which involved the women of the group recruiting new members by fucking them.

The use of sex within the Family did not end at the recruiting stage. When the group changed its name again, for a second time, in 1987, to simply “the Family,” numerous allegations of abduction, pedophilia, and various forms of sexual abuse were leveled at the group, which by this time had locations in countries all over the world. In 1993, more than 70 percent of the group’s 10,000 members were under the age of 18, operating under a strict and insane set of guidelines laid out by Berg and his wife, Karen Zerby, the latter of whom still heads the organization to this day, under their current moniker, the Family International.

I have paraphrased 20 of the Family’s foundational ideas below.

1. God loves sex, because sex is love.

2. Satan hates sex, because sex is beautiful.

3. Incest is OK, because there’s no better place for a young man to learn about doing it than from his own mother.

4. Eleven-year-olds are capable of becoming pregnant, so why shouldn’t they be having sex?

5. Fucking your grandpa is awesome.

6. Everybody is married to everybody else.

7. Children should have at least an eighth-grade education, provided by their parents, and if the children want more education, it is “up to the parents to see if the Home can comply.”

8. Pictures of naked congregation members, referred to as “nudie-cuties,” make good bookmarks for the Bible.

9. It is OK to lie to nonbelievers in order to protect God’s work.

10. Men should not be gay, but it is hot when women are gay.

11.  Masturbation is having sex with Jesus. When a man is having sex with Jesus, he is no longer a man, but Jesus’s wife, so it’s not actually male-on-male anymore, and therefore OK because not gay.

12. When you are having sex with Jesus, he likes you to talk dirty. Pamphlets were created containing suggested “Love Words” to whisper to get Jesus hot, including (but not limited to):

–Hold me, I love You. Come fill me.

–I want You inside of me! Give me Your seeds.

–You excite me, Jesus, and I want to feel Your love. I want to excite You, too!

–Jesus, You’re the Lover of all lovers.

–I want to enjoy You, Jesus, to look at You, to taste You, to feel You, to fuck You!

–I’ve got to have You in my arms. I’ve got to feel Your naked body pressed to mine.

–I want to suck Your penis. I want to suck Your seeds!

–I’m wild about You! I’m crazy about Your penis!

–My pussy is excited for You, Jesus!

–I’m juicy for You.

13. It’s not very Christian-like to say words like “dong” or “cunt,” but if you do, it’s cool, because through the instruction of the Lord they are clean. Just, like, don’t go around saying it all the time or anything.

14. The prophecies of Jesus are called “golden seeds,” and one good way to receive them is to suck on Jesus’s “golden rod” (or another man’s rod if you are a chick and can’t find Jesus’s).

15. Jesus was supposed to return in 1993. When he did not return in 1993, it was because he wanted to give the Family more time to grow.

16. Rape provides a female the opportunity to witness to their rapist, and anyway she should have offered it freely, because providing free sex is a good way to convert people to the Family.

17. “Keys of the Kingdom” are powerful words you can use for extra effect while praying. These keys also power UFOs and can turn into swords to fight demons.

18. God allowed 9/11 to happen to “America the Whore” because the towers represent the ignorance of the fat, lazy, and rich.

19. Hitler was on the right track, but didn’t actually do enough, because Jews are subhuman demons. Also, the Holocaust didn’t actually happen.

20. Heaven is actually a “space city” that exists within a pyramid measuring 1,500 miles long, wide, and tall, and this pyramid either is traveling through space to reach Earth or is hidden inside the moon.

So how does one build and disseminate such a wide load of crazy, beyond just forcing one’s followers and their children to give away their bodies? David Berg’s primary method of communication within the commune was through the many pamphlets he wrote. He published more than 3,000 of them, some classified for Disciples Only (DO), some Disciples and Friends Only (DFO), and others for General Public (GP). Certain texts must be kept from the hands of the world at large, Berg claimed, to protect the family from the wrath of the non-believers who might not understand his inner teachings:


Faith Berg describes how Flirty Fishing began



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Cannabis Oil Is Gathering An Unstoppable Momentum As A World Class Healer

imagesCannabis oil is used in cancer treatment. There are already numerous cases around the world which confirm the healing aspect of cannabis oil.

Cannabis oil has healed some very serious diseases, including anxiety disorders, epilepsy, MS (Multiple Sclerosis), cerebral palsy and cancer.

What’s the difference between cannabis, hemp and marijuana?

First of all, let’s clear up some definitions. Cannabis sativa is the plant and species; hemp and marijuana are both varieties or subspecies of it. Marijuana is actually a Spanish slang term meaning “Mary-Jane”.

Marijuana is simply considered to have a higher THC content than hemp. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is one of the unique phytonutrients or plant chemicals of cannabis. However, both hemp and marijuana contain various cannabinoids, a class of chemicals that activate cell membrane receptors.

A brief history of the suppression of cannabis

To those unfamiliar with the beginning of the United States, it may come as a shock to learn that hemp was a big part of the inception.




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The “natural” label on your food is baloney



Aug 23

You Are The Final Frontier – Something Ain’t Right

dancer-portraits-dance-photography-alexander-yakovlev-131-880x556by Soren Dreier

To stand down and do nothing?
To stand down and say nothing?

Let me tell you:
Some people just don’t have that choice: The old souls that arrived prior to the spiritual awakening.

Override the calling of the soul and thereby the collective suffering and deceit and slip into cold comfort on the account of nothing changes? While jokers are playing the good souls for another round in their disgusting little games.

Not the Warriors with the seed of divine justice in their souls and hearts. With the ability, across emotions, to put their finger on the weak spots of the Matrix. Being able to see into more or less any given construct and sensing: Things are not cool here- it’s a trick.

We can call them what we want but no labels will be sufficient.

Truth seekers, keyboard warriors, trail blazing awakeners, spiritual warriors, who give a little more attention to the overall health of this planet and its inhabitants than: ‘322 ways to use Baking Soda.’

Let me be very clear on The Warrior Energy – You only have it when you have something to lose. Lots of folks calling themselves Spiritual Warriors are all locked up in pretty conformity, all safe or hiding behind distortion.
It has nothing to do with the Spiritual concept of: Warrior Energy.

It’s a matter of what and not who you are.
Didn’t  you come to share a sense of wonder?
Didn’t  you come to lift your spirit high?

It all comes down to you. The final frontier.

Some people do not have the choice of conformity.
Some people have to fight to make things right.
Some people have to suffer to understand suffering.
Some people have to let out what the warrior soul in them calls upon them to call out of the bushes of shadow (shallow?) existence.

Not ego trapped anymore, but between a rock and a hard place in order to stay sane, healthy and loving.

Maybe that doesn’t go for us all, the souls have many spices to them.

The warrior soul.
If you have it – you have it – and if you try to block it, it will torment you. I’m talking about the hurt that will emerge, the gap – the void – the pitch god damn all absorbing blackness – that will cover you from head to toe if you hold back on that warrior energy. Some would call it your shadow. It is not your shadow – it is also your light.

You can’t suppress it without severe consequences, you might feel that you’re heading for the cuckoos nest, since you will disintegrate in any known or unknown psychological and spiritual construct that would determine your sense of leading a meaningful life true to your inner self. Ring a bell?





Aug 23

What the Media is Missing in the Bloody Boy from Aleppo Photo: Thank You, Hillary

13155688_f520Syrian Boy

Wikileaks has released what may be the most underreported story of the year in a year full of them, Hillary Clinton’s uncanny fulfillment of Oded Yinon‘s plan for the Middle East according to Israel 30 years ago. This was summed up in Yinon’s “A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties.” Yinon, an influential right-wing Israeli strategist, envisioned a Middle East riven with conflict between Arab tribes and religious denominations, unable to oppose Israeli ambitions for regional dominance. Yinon wrote:

Iraq, rich in oil on the one hand and internally torn on the other, is guaranteed as a candidate for Israel’s targets. Its dissolution is even more important for us than that of Syria. Iraq is stronger than Syria. In the short run it is Iraqi power which constitutes the greatest threat to Israel…Every kind of inter-Arab confrontation will assist us in the short run and will shorten the way to the more important aim of breaking up Iraq into denominations as in Syria and in Lebanon.

When former presidential candidate General Wes Clark shockingly proclaimed in 2011 that he had seen a memo emanating from the Bush defense department which revealed that the invasion of Iraq was only the beginning of a much more extensive program of “regime change” across the Middle East, one could not help but recall Yinon’s desire to provoke “inter-Arab confrontation.” Recalling a conversation with a Pentagon staffer before the invasion of Iraq, Clark told an audience:

I said, “Are we still going to war with Iraq?” And he said, “Oh, it’s worse than that.” He reached over on his desk. He picked up a piece of paper. And he said, “I just got this down from upstairs” — meaning the Secretary of Defense’s office — “today.” And he said, “This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.”

In a recently released email from the Clinton Archives, which run from June 30, 2010 to August 12, 2014 while she was Secretary of State, Clinton wrote from the standpoint of not US interests, but Israeli. She said:

Bringing down Assad would not only be a massive boon to Israel’s security, it would also ease Israel’s understandable fear of losing its nuclear monopoly. Then, Israel and the United States might be able to develop a common view of when the Iranian program is so dangerous that military action could be warranted.

The unabashedly hawkish exchange, which seems to telegraph the intent to overcome obstacles to “common view” which would justify an attack on Iran, shows that Hillary is of a like mind with Yinon, who held that toppling stable Arab regimes and uncorking fratricidal civil wars, which may go on for decades, is in Israel’s interest.




Aug 23

There are no forests on earth! (ENGLISH VOICEOVER)

Thank you Kenny g


Aug 23

Brainwashing and Re-Indoctrination Programs in the Children of God/The Family

This article is an electronic version of an article originally published in Cultic Studies Journal, 2000, Volume 17, pages 56-78. Please keep in mind that the pagination of this electronic reprint differs from that of the bound volume. This fact could affect how you enter bibliographic information in papers that you may write.


Stephen A. Kent

Deana Hall

Department of Sociology

University of Alberta


Most contemporary debates about the applicability of “brainwashing” as a social scientific concept involve arguments over what (if any) utility it has when discussing conversion to some high-demand, alternative religions.  Some sociologists of religion use the term “brainwashing” to apply to extreme social influences.  Others restrict use of the term to situations involving forcible confinement and physical coercion, presumably amidst a group-indoctrination process. Since few such conversion situations exist, these sociologists avoid utilizing brainwashing within social scientific discourse. What they have overlooked, however, is the conceptual utility of the brainwashing concept, even with their restrictive definition, for analyzing some groups’ efforts at retaining or reconverting members. This study examines an example of a brainwashing programthe camps and programs that the Children of God\The Family developed for its teen members.  These programs included intense re-education programs in the context of physical, psychological, and socio-emotional punishments, often in confined or guarded camps. As a social scientific concept, “brainwashing” has explanatory usefulness for understanding The Family’s harsh efforts to increase the intensity of teens’ commitment to the organization and to foster compliance to leadership.

Central to the lives of preteen and teenage members of The Family (formerly the Children of God [COG]) in the late 1980s was their involvement in organizationally run teen training and re-indoctrination camps and programs in various parts of the world. Hundreds of young people passed through programs that operated in Brazil, Denmark, England, Italy, Japan, Macao, Mexico, Norway, the Philippines, Scotland, Switzerland, Thailand, South America, and probably other locations (for a partial list, see Ward, 1995: 135, 167). Some of these young people remained in these programs for years.  It is not possible either to establish exact numbers of young people who went through them or to know what was the average length of time that they stayed in them. Likewise, thus far it has proven impossible to obtain detailed information about the imposition of these programs on adults (see COUNTERCOG, n.d.). Nevertheless, we are able to identify many of the activities that routinely occurred as part of the re-indoctrination processes that young detainees experienced in different programs around the world.

COG leadership started these programs and camps in an attempt to heighten commitment to founder, David Berg, and his directives among the children of the initial converts (often called ‘the second generation’). By operating these programs, The Family was attempting to address the classic problem that confronts sects, which involves the cultivation of commitment and devotion among a second generation born to parents who are members already. By the early 1980s it seems that a number of teens in The Family were having grave doubts about following in their parents’ footsteps, even as others considered themselves committed adherents to Berg’s instructions. Teen camps and programs, therefore, were attempts to instill a deep commitment among young people whose faith may have been wavering, or who had not made intense emotional investments to the ideology. On these grounds alone, the stories of people who went through these camps and related programs should interest many scholars.

Of greater interest to scholars, however, is that these teen training programs fit the most restrictive definition of brainwashing facilities.  That is to say, these programs variously confined (and at times incarcerated) their young participants as they physically maltreated them, which are the two necessary conditions that some sociologists require for labeling and analyzing a thought reform program as “brainwashing” (Anthony, 1990: 304-305). Indeed, we even could narrow further these already restrictive requirements for brainwashing by saying they must take place amidst a program of intense ideological training consisting of indoctrination classes, social isolation, and forced confessions, often combined with extremely hard physical labor and social humiliation. Because The Family’s so-called teen “education” programs of the late 1980s meet this most narrowly restrictive sociological definition of brainwashing, scholars (especially sociologists of religion) will need to reexamine a term that has been out of favor among them for over a decade and a half.

Our purpose here is not to argue over the long-term effectiveness of brainwashing. Instead, we simply intend to support our claim that The Family instituted programs that meet the most demanding social scientific definition of brainwashing—a definition even stricter than one given in a Family publication that “’brainwashing’ implies the use of force, coercion, duress and imprisonment” (World Services, 1993: 20). We are fully prepared to consider the possibility that brainwashing programs can operate outside of settings that forcibly confine and physically maltreat (presumably as they attempt to re-educate).  We do not explore, however, this possibility within the study at hand.

Not only does this study call for a reexamination of the brainwashing concept, but also it relies upon a research source–former members–that many sociologists of religion have neglected for a number of years (see Richardson 1994: 34-39). Simple triangulation, involving the collection of multiple accounts of the programs by different people, in combination with organizational publications, help ensure the basic accuracy of former members’ information (see Richardson, 1994: 37).

On the topic, therefore, of teen training programs, former members who assisted us are far more reliable than current Family members. Current members appear to have become so conscious of the benefits accruing from favorable public relations from academics that they may not give accurate descriptions of life in these programs and camps (Kent and Krebs, 1998a: 45-46; 1998b: 37-38; 1999: 21-22). Moreover, this particular group has a long-standing policy that justifies deception when protecting its collective interests (Berg, 1979), so members’ comments about a controversial subject such as these teen re-education programs are likely to be highly problematic.  By contrast, former members who wish to remain anonymous have a great investment in protecting their identities, so if anything they are more likely to understate, rather than overstate, their experiences.

The study’s senior author conducted the interviews described in this paper between 1992 and 1998.  These interviews build upon and grow out of his ongoing research about so-called “cults and new religions” that have affected Canada and Canadians. The interviews ranged in duration from less than forty-five minutes to several hours.  They involved open-ended questions that allowed people to tell their own stories in their own words.  Many of the people whom the senior author interviewed felt strongly about what they considered to have been extreme physical, emotional, and sexual abuses that they experienced in these programs, and they were pleased that an academic provided them an opportunity to speak.  Moreover, the senior author did all but one of the interviews over the telephone, which prevented interview subjects from being influenced by unintentional body cues.




Aug 23

Church of England told bishops not to apologize to sex abuse victims

57bb1b92c46188a0398b4574The Church of England explicitly warned bishops not to apologize fully, if at all, to sex abuse victims to avoid being sued, it has been revealed.

Legal advice seen by the Telegraph marked “strictly confidential,” circulated among the most senior bishops, told them to “express regret” to sexual abuse victims by only using approved wording.

“Because of the possibility that statements of regret might have the unintended effect of accepting legal liability for the abuse, it is important that they are approved in advance by lawyers, as well as diocesan communications officers (and, if relevant, insurers),” the report says.

The guidance, written in 2007 and only replaced last year, says bishops should not meet victims face to face and only ever do so after legal advice.

“This may be the right course in some circumstances but great care will be needed to ensure that nothing is said which inadvertently concedes legal liability,” the report says.

Survivors told the newspaper the newly revealed document showed there was a culture of “denial, dishonesty and blanking” victims in ways which heightened their pain.

It follows a damning independent review of the Church’s handling of sadistic abuse by Garth Moore, a priest and top canon lawyer, in the 1970s.

It highlighted how a teenager, known as “Joe,” revealed his ordeal to a string of leading clerics who later claimed not to remember anything of their conversations.

The report singled out the way in which the Bishop of Durham, the Rt Rev Paul Butler, the Church’s then head of safeguarding, cut all contact with Joe following advice from insurers.




Aug 23

Ex-DJ Chris Denning admits child sex offences

_90876219_denning_metFormer BBC DJ Chris Denning has pleaded guilty to 21 child sex offences committed between 1969 and 1986.

The 75-year-old, from London, admitted the abuse of 11 boys as young as eight. He denied three other offences.

Denning, who was arrested in a police inquiry into the Walton Hop Disco for teenagers in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, will be sentenced on 6 October.

He was part of the original line-up that launched Radio 1 in 1967, but left two years later.

The prosecution said it did not intend to proceed with a trial on the three charges to which Denning had pleaded not guilty.

He is currently serving a 13-year jail term for sexual assaults against 24 victims aged nine to 16 from the 1960s to 1980s.

He will be sentenced at Southwark Crown Court by the same judge who jailed him for those offences in 2014.




Aug 23

Digging In The Dirt: Zen Gardner, Occult Abuse, and the Art of Deflection


“Even now, the illusion of control invokes the “victim” to step forward, polishing the shovel; no cognizance of the bodies left buried…in the Zen Garden.”

After his (self) exposure as a member of tzen-gardnerhe sex cult, Children of God (The Family), popular internet figure, Zen Gardner, a/k/a, Donald Ferguson, seems dismayed at the blow back from (some of) the alternative media communities. His latest article,  “Sifting Through the Debris”, once again contrasts his stark confessions with a healthy dose of desperate victim status. This is the modus operandi of a sociopath, albeit, a “love and lighter” sociopath. Let’s parse words, as they are the means to dissolve this vicious cycle of abuse:

Sifting Through the Debris.
The title alone wreaks of victimhood. Who sifts through debris?
Ferguson opens the article with a bit of a magic trick—a semantic magic trick—but deftly executed, as one would expect from the former media spokesman for a child sex cult.

“Not just my own life that has been seriously derailed from its previous direction and that of my children now being put through this renewed societal abuse syndrome, but of the so-called truth community in general.”

Continuing…(and I am excerpting  here, but not reconstructing the narrative) he writes:

“Knowing that the external triggers are what is unresolved in ourselves is essential to personal growth and realization. This may sound a bit dispassionate or disconnected to those who want me to grovel in remorse and guilt and shame, but I’ve worked past all that. What’s left is your reaction. And some people have some serious work to do, as do I.“

This indictment of the entire “truth” community (or the part that saw through his self-serving bullshit from the start of this affair) Is a classic deflection technique that places the perp on par with “other folks”, notably those who did not give him a pass so easily. “Unresolved issues in ourselves…”??? Deflection, again, as Zen has had lots of time to allegedly deal with HIS issues, apparently. Having spent years on the web masquerading as a expounder of “truth” and “light” while concealing some very important aspects of his own background. A background that informs his own spiritual development.




Aug 22

The ‘Zen’ Gardner Deception II

by Soren Dreier

pretenderWhen I last posted about this, I wrote that it would be my final post. I have pondered on the new information about this, and have come to the conclusion that it would only be fair to let my readers know how it is unfolding.
Don F (‘Zen’) has ‘answered’ three times on his site. Which means – No answers at all.

If you read them you will find that he has gone full scale pathetic.

Here is a very interesting insight:

By Bernhard Guenther:

There is definitely a much larger issue at stake here and it also goes much deeper.

Yesterday a couple of researchers have contacted me who are way more in the “know” than I am, having had past personal interactions with ZG over the years. I had a skype session with one of them, revealing more information of his past, some things he told them which don’t add up.

As I suspected there is way more to it than even “just” the sex cult issue. Can’t get into the details here since there is no “hard” evidence (yet). This is also not in my hands anymore. The cat is way out of the bag. We’ll see how it all will unfold. Also, as this person said and as evident in his last article, he won’t admit to anything anytime soon, but will try to hold up the “Zen Gardner” persona/role as long as possible, while using is NPL style “image management” for damage-control and divert people form the truth.

The person also noted that ZG is not stupid and knows what he’s doing, albeit he may be running under a “program” and it “malfunctioned” when he reveled aspects of his past to this woman who then contacted Steve Seymour who broke the story. Or it was all intended to begin with in terms of divide&conquer tactics within the “truth movement” as you mentioned. Ties into COINTELPRO and “Controlled Opposition”, etc. Some of it is just speculation, but where there is smoke, there is a fire.

Reading his article(s) about his “coming clean” is a good excise in spotting NPL manipulation sprinkled with emotional manipulative generalized “spiritual”/New Age lingo, diverting attention away from him, also by using the “turn it around” tactic (people are projection on him and anyone who questions him has issues) under the disguise of “love” and “healing” and continuing his “important mission”. What “mission” would that be?




Aug 22

Dr Sebi – The Truth About How & Why He Died

Hidden Cures. It’s the Truth! Dr. Sebi on The Rock Newman Show Cures for almost EVERYTHING!

My life with Dr. Sebi

Thank you Kenny g


Aug 22

Bernhard Guenther: An open letter to Don Ferguson a.k.a. Zen Gardner

Yes, there is definitely a much larger issue at stake here and it also goes much deeper.

Yesterday a couple of researchers have contacted me who are way more in the “know” than I am, having had past personal interactions with ZG over the years. I had a skype session with one of them, revealing more information of his past, some things he told them which don’t add up.

As I suspected there is way more to it than even “just” the sex cult issue. Can’t get into the details here since there is no “hard” evidence (yet). This is also not in my hands anymore. The cat is way out of the bag. We’ll see how it all will unfold. Also, as this person said and as evident in his last article (, he won’t admit to anything anytime soon, but will try to hold up the “Zen Gardner” persona/role as long as possible, while using is NPL style “image management” for damage-control and divert people form the truth.

The person also noted that ZG is not stupid and knows what he’s doing, albeit he may be running under a “program” and it “malfunctioned” when he reveled aspects of his past to this woman who then contacted Steve Seymour who broke the story. Or it was all intended to begin with in terms of divide&conquer tactics within the “truth movement” as you mentioned. Ties into COINTELPRO and “Controlled Opposition”, etc. Some of it is just speculation, but where there is smoke, there is a fire.

Reading his article(s) about his “coming clean” is a good excise in spotting NPL manipulation sprinkled with emotional manipulative generalized “spiritual”/New Age lingo, diverting attention away from him, also by using the “turn it around” tactic (people are projection on him and anyone who questions him has issues) under the disguise of “love” and “healing” and continuing his “important mission”. What “mission” would that be?

It also starts to sound like a sit-com, kinda like “stay tuned for more revelations coming soon” with follow up articles and interviews he’ll be supposedly giving, carefully applying “PR Image Management” as he was trained to do.
Interestingly but not surprisingly, the person I talked to also contacted him personally, asking questions which he avoided and he ALSO sent that person the Jon Rappoport testimonial as an “answer” as he has done with Benny Wills and me. So far no one I’m aware of has been able to get a straight answer to specific questions out of him.

I think there are lessons in all this for all of us during these crazy times we’re in beyond this case, certainly for me: trusting my intuition, acknowledging red flags, not getting distracted by “appearance” or “wishful thinking”. As someone commented on this article on Facebook:

“[This] ties into so many important topics that go beyond the (deeply troubling) specifics of this particular “case” – the neo-spiritual community has been heavily targeted on a myriad number of fronts, and the New Age guru escapism/accountability-avoidance programming is claiming a huge number of unconscious/vulnerable individuals. It takes courage and real compassion (the fire that can burn) to call out the manipulation, both within ourselves and within thosewho have assumed ‘leadership’ roles (maybe it’s time we do away with that hierarchical bullshit while we’re at it?)”

An Open Letter to Don Ferguson a.k.a. Zen Gardner


Aug 22

8/21/2016 — Germany tells citizens STOCKPILE 10 days worth of food + water


Aug 21

Progressive Pie



Aug 21

King Ragnar & Concepts of Spiritual Warfare

by Soren Dreier

vikings-990x557Yesterday the temperature here in Andalusia went from very hot to unbearable in the shade. Since the house isn’t equipped with AC, the metal shutters went down to keep the heat out. It has been so for quite some time, so I thought: too hot to work, but not too hot to chill to a series on TV. I am not plugged into the Matrix via TV, so it’s either DVD or Netflix.

I gave ‘Vikings’  a go, and it caught my interest so I stayed with it for four seasons.

I understood when I researched it, that it is fairly correct, historically. There have been some doubts whether they wore the right clothes, but it’s minor. In the center of events we have Ragnar Lothbrok and we follow his early years as well as his last? Time will tell.

During the first part of Ragnar’s life he is busy conquering land and women and engaging in sneaky business to get himself to power, first as an Earl – Later a King.

Ragnar has a feminine side to him that is shown brilliantly by little gestures of his hands and eyes and in his relationship to women. He only conquers them with consent, dazzled by their softness, and he does not engage in rapes on women and children. He finds that disgusting.

Ragnar is curious about this world and his need for power combined with his thirst of knowledge leads him to go West, and as the first Viking, to set his foot on English and later French soil.They loot and they slaughter and that story is generally well known.

Ragnar finds his soulmate in a British monk named Athelstan.

He finds himself drawn to Christianity and the monk only survives because Ragnar sees him as a source of knowledge and protects him against the hard-core Norse Religion followers who wish to kill his ‘pet’ Christian.

Ragnar taps into him and his knowledge and expands his love for Mysticism. I will not pinpoint the full story here – since it would be a spoiler if ‘Vikings’ is on your entertainment to do list.

In Season Three, we find Ragnar seeking solitude. He goes on different Vision Quests in the mountains and his behavior alters. He becomes ‘illusive’ to his fellow Vikings who respect him too much to kill him. It becomes a consensus to let him be: A bit off, except for his friend Loki, who starts to see him as a threat to the Viking Gods which are the glue that hold this society together spiritually. Anybody can tell stories of the Gods and nobody contradicts these stories, so it evolves into fantasyland – often, strung out on funny mushrooms.

This illusive period in the life of Ragnar is necessary, since he doesn’t judge Christian people, which he is in a way obligated to, because of his position. He drinks with great spiritual thirst of the Monk’s mystical cup and forms his own hybrid of Norse and Christian religion.

He also sees that the brutality of the Vikings is mirrored in the Churches of England and France who in the name of Christ torture and abuse on a ‘higher’ level than The Vikings. The Vikings don’t justify their killings in the name of the Gods so much as the Christians do. They actually excuse torture by the words of Jesus.

So Ragnar is expanding his mystical beliefs and has to go illusive to protect himself and keep up good appearances in order not to make unnecessary enemies. While doing that, his Warfare skills expand on a practical level, culminating in his conquest of Paris. That is just plain epic warfare. “Only the dead shall conquer Paris,” a seer told Ragnar. So it was…




Aug 21

Freedom of Speech

zengard-32by |

One of the pillars of strength America was formed upon is our cherished Freedom of Speech.  People have fought and died to defend it.  Wars have been fought to defend it. And now, today, because of YOU, Zen Gardner, Don Ferguson – or whatever your real name is…another war to defend freedom of speech is being fought right now as I write this message to you tonight.

On your “Just Wondering” website over the last many years you have become something of an expert at the art of ‘moderating’ readers comments.  Basically if the reader drinks your poison kool aide and showers you with glowing praise; strokes your enormous & pathetically ill ego their words are of course immediately posted, with a loving reply back from you.  The reward they sought all along.  T’was YOU who trained them to do that.

However, if the reader poses questions resulting from the critical thought you go on & on about: questions that make you squirm in your skin, or challenges to one of your fluffy, empty precepts – THAT comment never sees the light of day because YOU censor them.

You do this so much, you are in fact known for it across the blogosphere.  Your ego has probably blocked you from seeing that in much the same way you censor comments you don’t like.  Comments that shine a less than favorable light upon YOU.  It’s kinda become your trademark.

Back four years ago when I visited your site I saw you do this to your readers.

In time, you also did this to me, more than once.  Then almost two years ago you started playing your mind games with the fresh posts I sent you for publication.  Instead of posting them like you’d been doing, you tossed them and placed me on your precious slow drip process…a kind of attrition designed to make someone go away because you no longer give them your ‘reward’ of posting their writings.  Yes, that was so easy to see thru, and so very lame.  The kind of shit schoolgirls do to each other; Is this why you have become such a whiny little bitch?

I mentioned these odd, erratic behaviors to a couple of folks I corresponded with at the time but my words fell on deaf ears.  They did not listen, they could not see your eyes.

Some of your regulars from ‘the garden’ and I connected via email, and compared notes.  People would send me copies of the comments you blocked.  Just like every other narcissist, you cannot help but to wanna control the narrative.  You simply know no other way, I understand that.  Yes, I really do!  And I know how very insecure that makes you feel.  Tough.  I am not here to protect your ego from damage,  It now appears that “Rollo” has that job.  Watch your back Rollo!

Steve  brought me into this Shit Storm” a day or so before his expose post went public.

I promised  not to speak to anyone until after the post went up.
That gave me the time necessary for some auguring, to dig deep
into the information discovered, and then dig a bit deeper still.

It’s what I do.  I thought you knew that!

I can find anything I want with a little time,

and I know a couple others who are much better at it than I.  But I digress.

So Steve’s post went up, The Cult of Zen Gardner: A Monster in Disguise, followed immediately by mine, What’s Growing in Zen’s Garden?, and then Ida’s excellent post, Along Came A Gardner. which went up a few hours before my second post on the subject, When Heroes FallBeing an honest man having integrity, Steve gave you an opportunity to come clean and show the world the kind of man Zen Gardner really is.  Instead of doing the morally right thing you chose to instead insulate yourself; and show Everybody, the kind of man Zen Gardner really is.  You drew all your Zenophytes close around you in cyberspace to bolster your panicking ego as your dark and devious mind darted about looking for a way out.  A couple days passed like molasses running uphill as all of us collectively waited to see what Jeff and Dave would do with this startling revelation about you.  The silence was, as they say, deafening!

Later that day I saw you…looked as though you were in a state of shock & awesome panic.  Hey – Donnie Boy; What ever happened to that shit you always spout about how “living in the truth is the ultimate liberation?”
Practice What YOU preach Asshole!
It was rather an interesting spectacle to watch this expose about YOU slowly ripple its way across the cyber community.  I saw you again, furious…almost panic stricken really at the thought of all you had built coming under such scurrilous jeopardy.




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