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Manchester, Berlin, Paris, Nice, London, New York: Passports and IDs Mysteriously Discovered in the Wake of Terror Attacks

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky |Global Research

Passport_of_Syria-1-400x553This article reviews the “mysterious” phenomenon of IDs and Passports of terror suspects routinely discovered (often in the rubble) in the wake of a terrorist attack.

In most cases the alleged suspect was known to the authorities.

Is there a pattern?  The ID papers of the suspect are often left behind, discovered by police in the wake of a terrorist attack.

According to government and media reports, the suspects are without exception linked to an Al Qaeda affiliated entity.   

None of these terror suspects survived. Dead men do not talk. 

In the case of the tragic events in Manchester, the bankcard of the alleged suicide bomber Salman Abedi was found in his pocket in the wake of the explosion. 

Legitimacy of the official stories? The UK is both a “victim of terrorism” as well as a “State sponsor of terrorism”. Without exception, the governments of  Western countries which are victims of terror attacks, have supported, directly or indirectly, the Al Qaeda group of terrorist organizations including the Islamic State (ISIS), which are allegedly responsible for waging these terror attacks. Amply documented Al Qaeda is a creation of the CIA. 

Below is a review of the circumstances and evidence pertaining to passports and IDs discovered in the wake of selected terror attacks, with links to Global Research articles and media reports (2001-2017). (This list is by no means exhaustive)

From NYC on 9/11 to Manchester, May 2017

In reverse chronological order

emphasis added

The Manchester Terror Attack,  May 2017.

Manchester Bomb Suspect Said to Have Had Ties to al Qaeda …

NBCNews.comMay 23, 2017 MANCHESTER, England — Salman Abedi, the 22-year-old British man … in a suicide-bomb attack, had ties to al Qaeda and had received terrorist training … was identified by a bank card found in his pocket at the scene of the ...

Manchester Attack as MI6 Blowback?

By Evan Jones, May 26, 2017

A bankcard has been conveniently found in the pocket of the … Daesh has claimed responsibility for the Manchester attack, but without …”

No image of the alleged bankcard is available.

Ironically, the suspect Abedi was first identified by Washington rather than UK police and security. How did they know who was the culprit 3 hours after the explosion? According to Graham Vanbergen:




May 28

Manchester event. Blast footage, long legs and Peekay


May 28



May 27

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 27, 2017 ( Dane Wigington )


May 27

The Most Obvious Crisis Actor Ever!


May 27

Manchester Arena- A Real Event And A Staged Event Explored!

The Most Obvious Crisis Actor Ever! Duping Delight!


May 27

Partial Martial


May 25

Scientist Blows Whistle On Chemtrails At Ted Conference


May 25

Grande Hoax – PA Announcer Blows It Wide Open!



May 25

Doctor Explains Why The Public Is So Stupid – Trusting The Government & Fake News


May 24

Julian Rose: Satanic Practice and Party Politics in the United Kingdom

1425688641409.cachedJulian Rose

As much as I am revolted by this subject, I feel impelled to tackle it head-on, as I believe it to be the single most important issue of our time, underlying the current malaise permeating almost every aspect of British party politics and deeply afflicting life on this planet as a whole.

Now that’s an extreme statement, but by the time you read to the end of this article, I believe you will not be able to refute the substance of my assertion.

The fact that the United Kingdom is in the throws of a general election, should serve to focus minds. It had better, because to ignore the plight of the nation at this critical moment, is the surest way to capitulate to outright slavery.

Whereas to examine, analyze, explore and expose the undercurrent of deeply deceitful lies being perpetrated upon the electorate, is to play a key role in helping to liberate, not just UK citizens, but mankind as a whole, from the forces of slavery. Yes, this is a global phenomenon and must be understood as such.

By way of ending this introduction, I feel bound to state that the great majority of evidence suggests that, within UK politics, the Satanic factor is most prevalent within Conservative party high command. Underlined by its squandering of the democratic process in favor of dictatorship by a largely bloodless and deeply corrupted pseudo-elite.

Fear Is the Key

At the top of the list of all Satanic procedures for mass public indoctrination, is ‘fear’. To keep a nation in a permanent state of stress and fear provides the fuel which both the seen and unseen forces of evil need so as to maintain their powers of oppression over others.

‘Terrorism’ is the ace card of the political fear pack. The relentless perpetuation of the notion that basic civil liberties must be sacrificed in exchange for ‘protection’ from terrorism, opens the way for the full imposition of a police state. Although most can’t see it, we are right in the midst of such an imposition today.

Next comes the replacement of human thinking by technologies that ‘do your thinking for you’. This is a sure way to create sterile automatons out of red-blooded human beings. It enables the powers that be to take a controlling influence over all sentient people and dictate the outcome of every last detail, concerning the day to day functioning of human society.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Transhumanist movements that promote it, see a computer programmed mind as superior to the natural mind. They see such technology as man’s ‘salvation’; claiming that by 2030 computer driven artificial thought creation will take over as ‘the new intelligence’. It is of note that governments throughout the world show little interest in countering this agenda.

Mass Surveillance

The Conservative party has been quick to capitalize on this usurping of human liberty by computer science, by welcoming the development of ‘smart technologies’ in all areas of domestic and military life. You understand of course, the ‘smartware’ does the thinking for you; you plug yourself into a programme, designed by the equivalent of laboratory technicians, who specialize in playing with and ‘inverting’ the human mind for ends that lead into an abyss of truly vast proportions. Such uses of cutting edge technology are highly symptomatic of the Satanic agenda: posses, control, enslave.

All this is relentlessly accompanied, under current and previous political regimes, by mass public surveillance programmes, largely conducted from GCHQ, that have already broken all the rules carefully put in place during previous decades, when individual civil liberties were held to be at the core of the democratic process.

Now no one today is free from being subjected to highly invasive monitoring by police forces, banks and corporations, building-up vast files of highly sensitive information on every aspect of citizens’ lives.  I suggest that this has now exceeded the ‘Big Brother’ central control predicted by George Orwell in his seminal work ‘1984’. Smart technology is the latest silent weapon of war, one eagerly sought after by the super indoctrinated masses.

Moving away from technology for a moment, let’s examine another and more recent exercise in attacking the fundamental fabric of what constitutes a healthy society. This this time via an attempt to undermine the foundation of natural procreation and family life as we know it: the ‘gender bending/gender ending’* agenda,  now being covertly pushed forward by the British government. This also goes under the monica ‘gender neutral’. What it is proposing is that sexuality somehow imposes a block on the freedom of individuals to decide for themselves what gender, if any, they are. The ultimate narcissism?

The Neutering of Humanity

In promoting this truly bizar notion amongst the young of both sexes, the aim appears to be to undermine their sense of who they are, at the most basic level possible. Not only undermine, but deliberately distort and abort, the very building blocks of life itself: sexuality and procreation. As exposed by The excellent UK Column*, hundreds of schools in the UK are already encouraging their pupils to explore this agenda and act according to their ‘feelings’. At Highgate School in London, for example, the board is currently looking at plans for pupils to have a ‘gender neutral’ uniform.

Many will no doubt just laugh; but this is no joke. One needs to use one’s full faculties of awareness to penetrate what’s going on here. The covert attempt to neuter the natural instincts and desires associated with reproduction/procreation, via a mass propaganda exercise designed to re-set the sexual agenda, is perhaps the ultimate tool in the Satanic tool box. It is designed to render humanity sterile and play a substantial role in the infamous ‘depopulation agenda’ so beloved of the secret society networks, such as the Bilderbergers. We need to understand this and act on our understanding. We must help save young people from a life of confusion, misery and control.

The psychology of slavery to a powerful central controlling body, has long since been a powerful opiate; one that gives the illusion of releasing the individual from having to take responsibility for his/her life. Passing instead that role over to the established authority of the day. It’s called Fascism.

Fascism is always tied-in with mass propaganda and mind control. It always involves the media being fully under the (editorial) control of the established authority, as it is today.

It uses the waging of war on foreign countries and engaging in endless military exploits, as the key  diversionary tactic on keeping public focus on what appear to be ‘heroic exploits’ and the defeat, or relentless demonization (Russia), of what are held to be ruthless despotic regimes.

But in reality, it is, itself,  the despotic regime it accuses others of being. It is the number one terrorist organization that heads the entire show, deliberately provoking those it chooses to attack into sporadic acts of desperate retaliation. A diabolic slight of hand which, unbelievably, continues to fool millions and millions who follow state and corporate controlled media with a completely uncritical mindset.

Fascism Laid Bare

The truth is always reversed in Fascism. Hitler reversed the design of the Swastika from its original, an ancient Eastern symbol of peace. It is done to satisfy the cold blooded ambition of what amounts to ultimately taking control over life on Earth, in all spheres. Satanic agenda: posses, control, enslave.

In the context of ever unfolding new angles on the same theme, let’s look at the introduction of the ‘driverless car’ as yet another example of the usurping of our human propensity to manage our destinies. The driverless car is something the Conservative party says it will go all out to make a mass reality by 2022.

A driverless car? What is this? Why would anybody have any interest in such a ludicrous notion. One of the few pleasures left to an increasingly constricted humanity is to be able to use four wheels an engine and some brakes to get from A to B, using one’s own judgment, skill and sense of purpose. But no, we are told that such abilities are largely redundant and not in the long term interests of society. One should abandon them in favor of letting a satellite drive your car for you; so you can sit in what was the drivers seat, playing with your smart phone and watching other satellite controlled cars glide past on their phantom like journeys. All of which you can already do on a train, of course.

But no, the government must be right, mustn’t it. After all, it knows best that if you can relieve the

public of their human faculties of judgment, skill and coordination, then you can exert ever greater control over them.

Is it not blindingly obvious what’s going on here? Is it not crystal clear that this is just one more deliberate deletion of sentient human beings God given capacity to control their destinies and to take a creative approach to the life which we are gifted from birth. Nobody, but nobody, has the right to steal that life from you and I, for their own ends or any ends. Satanic agenda: posses, control, enslave.


The science, state and corporate controlled think-tanks and laboratories, came-up decades ago, with the idea that the DNA of life could and should be genetically modified; so as to respond only to human command and by-pass nature. So we got GMO, genetically modified organisms, and growing food crops, whose genes have been laboratory engineered to accept heavy doses of carcinogenic pesticides, and not die.

Never mind that all other green matter in the field withers away to nothing, the only thing that matters to these psychopathic ‘scientists’ is that their patented crop remains standing and is consumed by man, animals, birds and insects, whose lives will then be observed to see what happens to their health and welfare. Not for nothing were GM products labeled Frankenstein Foods.

And true to form, the present government, as well as its predecessors, stand completely behind this chilling form of mass ecocide – and ultimately genocide. Readers surely don’t need any further prompting to see the truth. All the examples in this article (and they only represent the tip of the iceberg) have just one end: the total control of life on earth by less than human entities possessed by forces that can only be called ‘anti-life’.

Forces that stand at the opposite end of the spectrum from love, compassion, empathy and joy. Entities that do not feel or respond to these great gifts of life. Entities that will go to any and all lengths to achieve their ends; to possess and nullify that which is ultimately un-possessible; the innate creativity of universal consciousness, the supremacy of creation over desolation.

The Delusion of Omnipotence

But their tragic grand delusion is, that they believe they can. And never forget, these are the people who are running this country and most of the world. Their citadels are the City of London, Washington DC and the Vatican, all of which, uniquely, operate as separate countries with their own police force, tax laws (none) and corporate status. Even the Queen walks three paces behind the Mayor of London on her annual pilgrimage to the City, so as to pay obeisance to the ‘power of money’ in maintaining the authority of the pseudo-elite’s seemingly impregnable power pyramid, over which she presides. Satanic agenda: posses, control, enslave.

Rothschild, Soros, Rockefeller, the infamous big-chiefs of banking, are prime examples of those utterly possessed by such materialistic megalomania; covertly – and indeed overtly –  calving up the world  according to long fermented secret society blueprints of the perfect power pyramid.

Such global bankers and corporate CEO’s collude with government, the global trading blocks (European Union/NAFTA/Pacific Rim), the military industrial complex, the secret societies and the phony global institutions that set corporate approved ‘standards’ for trade, health, energy, food and so forth. They are all party to the same ‘anti-life’ agenda.

So are the social media giants Google, Facebook et al, who collude in the information gathering process which aims to get every living person on this planet on their record books. Satanic agenda: possess, control, enslave.

Yet perhaps the most hideous and insidious part of this whole death-cult, lies at the heart of its engine house: stealing the pure life-force of the child so as to feed the Saturnian anti-life energies that drive the entire horror show.

Stealing the Life Force of Children

Literally thousands of children have gone missing from UK orphanages and care homes every year, in the past decade and before. Where do these children go? Who ‘removes’ them? Why were they there in the first place?

Maybe Jimmy Savile could tell us, if he were still alive. But he doesn’t need to be, because we already know that he sexually abused hundreds, if not thousands, of children he chose to visit in care homes and orphanages during his star studied career with the BBC.

Was he alone in these vile escapades? Of course not; it is a highly inconvenient truth for government that we now know that an as yet unknown number of historical and present party members were/are in on the same act; performed secretly in various locations around the country.

This pedophilia ring is at the heart of Satanic practices that link-up with historically derived Masonic child and animal sacrificial rituals. And it is all done to gain the support of the god of reversed truth. A figure often depicted as Baphomet, the Sabbatic goat idol and occult symbol which

adorns many Masonic lodges around the planet. This figurehead however, is just one of the chosen deities of the fawning psychopaths whose lives are dictated by the forces of death and deception.

Heroes of the Resistance

Heroic figures, who have suffered under such regimes, yet dared to speak out about deliberate police and government attempts to hide the facts, have been put under appalling pressures not to reveal the full extent of the criminal behavior that is taking place. One such victim, Malanie Shaw, herself a victim of physical abuse, has suffered solitary confinement in a Northumberland prison for attempting to expose the truth about who stands behind these heinous crimes against humanity.

It is largely thanks to the work of the UK Column journal and internet  news site – and its supporters – that Melanie has now been moved to a prison where she can, at least, mix with other inmates.

There are many others like her struggling to get the truth out. Melanie Shaw’s jailer in Prime Minister Theresa May. Melanie’s knowledge is dynamite. She was imprisoned under no recognized charge. If her full story should get out and be accompanied by thousands of other unabridged horror

stories still buried under the stinking carpets of a mass cover-up, this government would instatntly be brought to its knees and life in Britain would start the long slow process of recovery towards that which resembles a human society.

Those children who have led what is called ‘a normal life’ and have escaped being physically brutalized, have nevertheless been psychologically brutalized by being given open access (by parents and teachers alike) to mind numbing video war games designed to kill-off all subtle sensibilities before they ever get a chance to develop. In other words, to ready the child for a world of violence, greed and chaos.

No better are the sickly TV programmes pouring out their poisoned agenda and mind numbingly superficial ‘game shows’; including over-sexed or sexless pop icons performing their sinister ritualistic and emotionless routines, in front of thousands of adoring fans. Satanic agenda: possess, control, enslave.

I have not enjoyed writing all this, but I wish to play my part on behalf of truth and I very much want my readership to do the same. I have only taken you a small way into the rabbit warren of deception, corruption and outright lies that appear to be hallmark of ‘the new normal’ within political institutions during these extraordinary times.

Britain, of the fair and ancient British Isles, is a country bathed in great beauty of nature and populated by many, many thoughtful caring and generous people. Those demonic beings described in this article, represent a very small minority, likely less than 1%. But their quasi-hypnotic influence extends into all avenues of society.

We must save our country from them and bring her back to life. Indeed, citizens of every country must explore and expose the deeply ingrained ills at the heart of their nations . It is all our duties to put heart and soul into this unprecedented mission. No one who has reverence for life can stand aside and let this torment continue indefinitely into the future.

We are gifted with the courage necessary to face this, our darkest hour, with full confidence of victory. Use this courage now and never look back.

Julian Rose is an early pioneer of UK Organic farming, a writer, actor, social entrepreneur and international activist. During the 1970’s he worked in experimental theatre as actor and assistant director, co-founding the The Institute for Creative Development, in Belgium, teaching holistic thinking and dramatic art.  In the 1980’s he returned to the UK to take over the family farm and convert it to an organic system. His experience helped him to a leadership role in reviving rural economies.  During the 1990’s, he was  invited to join the advisory board of the South East of England Development Agency, and the Country Land Owners Association. He also served on the Oxfordshire Economic Partnership and was founder-chairman of The Association of Rural Businesses in his home county of Oxfordshire. In 2,000 he led an innovative project to revive regionally important market towns as hubs of vibrant local activity and rejuvenated local food initiatives.


Julian is a prolific writer and broadcaster, his articles appear in a wide diversity of journals and on-line sites. Visit  to find out about Julian’s highly diverse life and acclaimed books ‘Changing Course for Life’ and ‘In Defence of Life’.






May 24

John Podesta Attacks Seth Rich Murder Investigators


May 23

How Brainwashing Shaped America – The True Story

cia-990x556by Lorraine Boissoneault

Fears of Communism during the Cold War spurred psychological research, pop culture hits, and unethical experiments in the CIA.

Journalist Edward Hunter was the first to sound the alarm. “Brain-washing Tactics Force Chinese Into Ranks of Communist Party,” blared his headline in the Miami Daily News in September 1950. In the article, and later in a book, Hunter described how Mao Zedong’s Red Army used terrifying ancient techniques to turn the Chinese people into mindless, Communist automatons.

He called this hypnotic process “brainwashing,” a word-for-word translation from xi-nao, the Mandarin words for wash (xi) and brain (nao), and warned about the dangerous applications it could have. The process was meant to “change a mind radically so that its owner becomes a living puppet—a human robot—without the atrocity being visible from the outside.”

It wasn’t the first time fears of Communism and mind control had seeped into the American public. In 1946 the U.S. Chamber of Commerce was so worried about the spread of Communism that it proposed removing liberals, socialists and communists from places like schools, libraries, newspapers and entertainment. Hunter’s inflammatory rhetoric didn’t immediately have a huge impact—until three years into the Korean War, when American prisoners of war began confessing to outlandish crimes.

When he was shot down over Korea and captured in 1952, Colonel Frank Schwable was the highest ranking military officer to meet that fate, and by February 1953, he and other prisoners of war had falsely confessed to using germ warfare against the Koreans, dropping everything from anthrax to the plague on unsuspecting civilians. The American public was shocked, and grew even more so when 5,000 of the 7,200 POWs either petitioned the U.S. government to end the war, or signed confessions of their alleged crimes. The final blow came when 21 American soldiers refused repatriation.




May 22

Rosalind Peterson: Geoengineering Destroying Our Atmosphere


May 22

Next Planned Pandemic: Busted!!! Revealing the plot (Part 1)


May 22

Amazing 4 Year Old Russian Prodigy


May 21

Child Sex Abuse, Jewish Community Center. #PEDOGATE #PIZZAGATE


May 21

Anthony Weiner Convicted for Sex Crimes Against Child


May 19

New York City Hoax – Crisis Actor Says It Was Staged!

New York Psyop 100% Exposed



May 19

Heart Progress – REAL IDENTITY of Daniel Gaither


May 19

A Childhood Under Brutal Terrorism (Brigitte Gabriel Pt. 1)



May 18

Expose on French Elections

After having successively elected an agent of the CIA and an employee of the emirs of the Gulf to the Presidency of the French Republic, the French have been ripped off a third time, this time by an Israeli product. They believe that they have chased away the spectre of fascism by voting for a candidate supported by NATO, the Rothschilds, all the companies of the CAC40 and the unanimous Press. Far from understanding their mistake, they are still in a trance, and will probably not wake up before the end of the general elections.


As soon as his victory was announced, democratically elected President Emmanuel Macron defined a distance between himself and the People. Refusing to mingle with the crowd, he took a long, solitary walk across the courtyard of the Louvre where his supporters were gathered.

The team of elected French President Emmanuel Macron has managed to hypnotise the French nation. They managed to fabricate the election of their protégé with two thirds of the votes cast – a young man, only 39 years old, whose party was created on the Internet just one year ago, and who had until then never stood in any election.

Steele & Holt

This exploit was realised by the team of Steele & Holt, a mysterious company whose name refers to the TV series Remington Steele, a police procedural in which the director of a detective agency asks a thief (Pierce Brosnan) to play the rôle of her boss in order to serve as her cover.

Don’t bother trying to find out who is hiding behind this company – you’ll find nothing. Except for the fact that its two main clients are AXA and the Rothschild family. Everyone knows that Emmanuel Macron worked for the Rothschilds, but it’s a well-guarded secret that they organised his party. As for the insurance company AXA, it is presided by Henri de La Croix, fifth Duke of Castries, who is also president of the NATO think-tank (the Bilderberg group), the Bosphorus Institute (Turkey’s think-tank) and, in France, the Institut Montaigne (a right-wing think-tank).

Henry Kissinger also incidentally invited Macron to the annual meeting of the Bilderberg group in 2014, along with François Baroin and Christine Lagarde.

The Bosphorus Institute made it possible to identify and corrupt various personalities from the right and the left who lent their support to Macron.

The first meetings of the new party were held in the offices of the Institut Montaigne, whose headquarters were declared as the personal address of the Institut’s director.




May 18

Deadly disconnect

When abusive government

fails to protect its own people,

revolution is inevitable

By John Kaminski

We, the ordinary citizens of the United States, have no connection to the government that insists it speaks in our name. The only way we can get its attention is with large amounts of cash, all of which gets stuffed into the pockets of the elected extortionists, and none of which goes to the original purpose of whatever request we have chosen to make.

We ordinary citizens also do not get valid information from our news media, which are corruptly connected to the government they are supposed to be covering objectively. Journalism has always been afflicted by ulterior motives hiding behind a plausible veneer, but never moreso than now, when the world’s news gathering organizations are all controlled by a handful of Jews, and our disintegrating reality is being shaped by their subhuman compulsions. CNN is made in Israel, and so are all the other networks and newspapers.

On both on NBC and NPR, I heard the news readers mention the 6 million lie again as if it was established fact. It is not. The quantification of the Jew scam can be measured by the difference between 6 million and the 271,000-plus the Associated Press reported in 1947. The AP is now owned by the Rothschilds, and you can’t find that information anywhere.

Today, first among the inconvenient stories corporate media ignore is the tragedy of the Bundys and their friends, who stood up for Constitutional justice and have been destroyed by the government and ignored by the public. Truth tellers take note of your probable fate.

The Constitution supposedly guarantees that except in cases of murder, no one can be denied bail. Yet the Bundy entourage, which only tried to spotlight the illegal federal takeover of Western ranchlands, has mostly been held in solitary confinement for more than a year. When four were found innocent despite a rigged trial, the government tased their lawyer and filed new charges to keep them in jail.

And Ammon Bundy, after 13 hours naked in a cramped shower, got two dislocated shoulders. His supporters believe the government is trying to kill him, just like it murdered Lavoy Finicum, an exemplary human being whose truth terrified our criminal government.

Today the drama continues as government deceptions appear to be aimed at dragging out the legal process indefinitely for those patriots still kept in solitary confinement. For Cliven Bundy at 72, incarceration amounts to torture.

And of course for Lavoy Finicum, as honorable an American who has ever lived who was murdered by the FBI, there is no bringing him back to life even as his killers go unpunished.

The thing I had wished happened initially was that during Donald Trump’s long campaign harangue of Hillary Clinton he would have mentioned that it was the $450,000 the Clinton Foundation received for brokering a deal to sell the uranium on the Hammonds’ ranch in Oregon that actually put the Hammond men, father and son, in jail on a trumped up charge from a kangaroo court (aren’t they all?!).

A contract they were forced to sign stipulated that when they sell their ranch, it would have to be to the Bureau of Land Management, which is at the center of all this persecution of patriots merely trying to defend their rights as citizens.

But this is typical American justice. And you never hear about it on TV. Much of the real news, especially news embarrassing to the government, never makes it to the evening broadcasts.

So too with Donald Trump, who has handed over America to the Lubavitchers, the most violently deranged among all the twisted Jewish denominations. Like all of his immediate predecessors in the White House, Trump has sold out America to the Jews.

And therein lies a tale of America’s quadrennial insanity. What winning presidential candidate has ever remembered his campaign promises? None. So now Hillary is a nice person instead of one of the great criminals in political history, blamed by scholars for the murders of Vince Foster and Muammar Qaddafi.

Trump won the election because the electorate was convinced Hillary was going to start World War 3 with Russia. And how long did it take for the Deep State to totally disrupt Trump’s plans for peace with Russia? This John McCain-Lindsey Graham insanity has ruled the U.S. since the Gerald Ford administration, Cheney and Rumsfeld, even back then, quintessential employees of the Deep State that rules America and the world.

It took less than 100 days for the Deep State to totally denature Trump’s apparent plans for peace with Russia. Either Trump knew it would happen or he is not as smart as we thought. When he bombed Syria for no valid reason except his Lubavitcher daughter’s crocodile tears, he lost all those voters who voted for him because they thought he WAS smart.

Really, all Trump ever was was a really good real estate salesman who had his Rothschild godfathers erasing every mistake he ever made.

Anytime McCain and Graham are happy, humanity has lost another round.

And America is now run by a Lubavitcher couple — the Kushners — heavily in debt to the mob and wholly owned by the worldwide Jewish murder machine.

Welcome to your worst nightmare — America, gone bad. We have a government intent on putting us in jail, and we can’t trust anything our government tells us. From the Food and Drag Administration to the Centers for Disease Control — we can’t trust a thing they say.

This is the real Jewish contribution to America — you can’t believe a thing most people say.

When abusive government no longer protects its people, revolution is inevitable.

If only Americans could be roused from their cognitive slumber . . . ah, but no, there are simply too many people on one kind of government assistance or another, too many preachers with tax-exempt status to protect, and too many high priced executives pulling down big checks for government jobs that shouldn’t really even exist.

Because the USA has lied, cheated and massacred the whole world during the last two centuries, it should have come as no surprise that it would eventually lie, cheat and massacre its own citizens, which it is now doing, especially to those critics who point out all the crimes our government, controlled by a foreign power, continues to commit.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



May 17



May 16

PizzaGate Update: Huge New Lead SHUT DOWN by Reddit


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