By John Kaminski

Disintegration nation, Humpty Dumpty City. What genius can put it back together again? In our fruitless quest to conquer death, humans try to improve upon Mother Nature’s boundless gifts. You see the results: Manic monsters burn the world in their bleeding cesspool of money and lies. And one by one, all the other creatures of this world eventually disappear from the weight of the trash in this human waste receptacle known as Planet Earth.

Let me get this straight! We’re waiting for a bunch of women who insist President Donald Trump molested them and want him to resign his office before he can decide to nuke North Korea. Is that what our world has come to? A perfect ending to a movie about an insane asylum! Absolute lunacy that could end life as we know it. Has it always been this way? When you look hard into history beyond the spin, regrettably you will see that it has.

The countries that have survived and prospered have always been the most efficient killers. Winners play by no rules. Even today aggressive power rules the world, and probably always will.

But if we were rich beyond our wildest dreams and could do anything we desired, would it be to rape children, drink their blood and eat their flesh — as people who are so rich they are above the law are alleged to do in our ugly world? The rumor in Hollywood is that rapist execs drink the blood of children to keep them potent. <>, <> and especially this one <>

Is this the zenith of human civilization, as those who practice such things in their secret sanctuaries would have us believe? This is a core ontological question about the human species. How is it that this awful practice has been going on so long, yet the powerful perpetrators remain at large? In many of the royal halls of Europe, even. Is the ultimate power of money a license to rape, murder, and bribe your way out of criminal charges?

Or is all this merely the tragic emblem of a twisted species doomed to cannibalize itself because of an itch it cannot scratch?

In any case, this recent mass emasculation of libido-driven celebrities cannot help but be for the good as sheds light on men’s crimes that have been hidden in the dark for centuries. Wouldn’t it be nice if this light could be shed on more places of darkness, specifically the Deep State’s control of the worldwide heroin business that has kept it at war in Afghanistan for many decades.

I’ve given up asking people to recognize what really happened on 9/11. The enforced coma is just too deep, and brainwashed citizens are likely to call the police if you insist on telling them the truth.

Alzheimerization of the planet

We are headed toward a point when all the humans of the planet will be declared to have a contagious condition analogous to Alzheimer’s disease. It will be labeled by improperly credentialed political functionaries as an inability to conform to the dictates of the state. As a result conscientious individuals will legally labeled as unable to think for themselves. Therefore, it will be necessary for the proper authorities to determine what is best to care for these poor unfortunates, who may not be allowed to mingle with the “healthy” population lest they pollute society’s legally permissible spectrum of thought. Their confiscated property will be distributed among those who cherish the wisdom of the state. They themselves will be retrained to the specifications required by a compassionate society and/or furnish portions of themselves to assist in the health maintenance of their fellow citizens. For all practical purposes this is the situation as it already exists, remembering those who now harvest the organs of kidnapped children for use by their kosher brethren. We also see the human knowledge base shrinking daily based on the banning of all anti-Jewish thoughts from the kosher thought-control apparatus of Google/Facebook/Amazon/etc.

Your surrogate’s future

As your memories and capabilities are downloaded into a more durable carrying case with vastly more functional and intellectual capabilities, the vast majority of people will be allowed to expire somewhat naturally, although their journey will be hastened by tasty but lethal food and doctor-ordered medications. Although not likely to be spotted in the 3D world, your surrogate, who already has a long history in cyberspace, will carry out your duties as a citizen without those obnoxious episodes of conscience which retard the commercial efficiency of the world. Though the surrogate may see things through your eyes, you of course will not see through ITS cleverly restricted field of vision, which will provide the agreeable new population with an untroubled peace of mind that the old, antagonistic humans could never seem to achieve.

Why the wars never stop

The American economy has always depended on the sale of weapons, and Trump’s recent deal with the Persian Gulf fiefdom of Qatar nicely illustrates the syndrome that keeps Americans trapped by this overwrapped fixation to protect itself.

The point about selling weapons is not to protect Qatar, but to fulfill the eternal campaign promise of creating jobs. The tiny petro state of Qatar signs a $12 billion deal for the purchase of the F-15QA fighter jets creating 60,000 new jobs in 42 states across the United States. Ah, prosperity!

So while China’s government actively invests in supercomputingAIbiotech and, most importantly, in a trillion-dollar “Belt and Road” program that’s building infrastructure in other countries, the US pours money into a jobs program that doesn’t produce consumer products, isn’t rebuilding roads and bridges, isn’t building a new electrical grid, nor alleviating crushing student debt. <>

According to the Cost of War Project, the U.S. defense budget is expected to hit $700 billion in 2018, while in 2017 China’s military budget was $152 billion and Russia’s $69.2 billion.

And so while U.S. media and their approved politicians prattle on about the danger posed by Russia, war against America takes the shape of its own psycho Deep State losers directing laser beams from the sky steering storms toward heavily populated areas and torching houses from the inside out. <>

Capitalism’s war against life

Our jailers spin these lies that we are forced to believe because we don’t know any better.

Most people try to fight their way out of the bag they have been forced into improperly armed, without a broad-enough education to at least begin to fathom the complexity of the forces that put such a drag on their lives.

The society as we know it exists by constantly disregarding the most important factor in any observation about the world. Namely — who controls everything.

In Phil Rockstroh’s beautifully written essay “Capitalism’s War against Life Itself” <> vividly describes the predicament we are in  . . .

Stranded among the commercial come-ons and hyper-authoritarianism inherent to late stage capitalism’s imperium of death, the human psyche, like the biosphere of our planet, subjected, at present, to humankind-wrought ecocide, has begun to display the terrible beauty of a nightmare.

Truth is, the system, a hierarchy of ghouls, is maintained by harvesting the corpses of the powerless, by means of imperial slaughter and domestic, economic exploitation.

[. . .] a system, which is, in essence, a form of government-sanctioned gangsterism, by which they, the ruthless few, and they alone, benefit.

But then the author not only fails to name the perp but also betrays his unbalanced perspective with . . .

[. . .] further marginalising the already almost vaporous left by means of presence abridging algorithms of leftist websites and outright censorship of social media content. Dissenting voices are being ghosted into oblivion.

What he fails to realize is that this is exactly the complaint of the far right, whose voices have been muzzled by the Jewish hammerlock on worldwide media. With both the left and right perspectives erased, humanity is left to choke on the politically correct pablum of the middle, as directed and produced by the Deep State sadists. These are the same people who have filled all these European countries with African illiterates

Instead of being lovingly guided toward an ever-expanding enlightenment, we have been truncated, spiritually lobotomized to serve as slaves on a ship of sick fools who laugh sardonically at misery as they profit from it.

The point at which you walk away

Too many smart people I know still put their faith in Donald Trump to restore this imaginary American virtue they have in their heads. The game is already over. If you’re saluting the American flag, you’re giving an enthusiastic thumbs-up to two centuries of mass murder disguised as defending freedom. Trump is just another in a sequence of placeholders who do the bidding of the well-cloaked forces who continue to engineer the wars for profit. Trump is re-arming Saudi Arabia in order to obliterate Iran. A young psycho has taken the reins of the Saudis, eliminated his adversaries, and is poised to strike the match that ignites a worldwide conflagration. Where will America turn once it has demolished the Jews’ enemies? Why on itself, of course. On us. It is already happening. Everyone not Jewish is the enemy of the Jews.

Human future canceled

With the Jews, there is no future. There is only their wretched past, stealing everything from everyone until there was nothing left but their own greed spewing putrescent puss over the corpses of all its victims. These are secretive, untrustworthy people who steal the reigns of power to eternally seek revenge over those who have no power. Revenge for what, you ask? Well, that is a question for the ages.

The Jews aim to erase everything natural and replace these things with artificial creations of their own design.

There will be no humans at some point, only citizens. No mothers and fathers, only guides randomly assigned as low level jobs that don’t pay well.

The world has no future unless we take it back from those who have vowed to kill us or use us as slaves. Otherwise we become something less than human, mere automatons unable to think for ourselves unable to escape the programming that pigeonholes us into useful idiots for the puppetmasters.

If our future is the cost of doing business, then we’re all doomed.

Planet Frankenstein, drowning in a sea of lies. A man who calls himself a presidential candidate claims we have 10,000 people working in our secret space program on Mars. And he is the progressive alternative to the two major party candidates always favored by the Deep State ringmasters.

Very rich humans drink the blood of their children.

The truth is not ‘out there’. It’s inside your home and inside you, as long as you don’t listen to what they’re saying. Don’t let them tell you any different.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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VIDEO: Alex Jones Shilling With Breitbart’s Aaron Klien

Yet another biased propaganda piece coming out of Infowars. Has anyone noticed that Alex Jones has really been stepping up his Zionist shilling as of late? This interview took place on 12/13/2017.


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Visit Human Society vs Digital Slavery & Transhumanism In this fascinating episode Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes back Former Assistant Housing Secretary and Solari Report Publisher Catherine Austin Fitts for a deep and insightful look into the perils and possibilities of the digital age and what lies ahead. Catherine points out that the leadership in Global affairs believe in slavery and that their policies of controlling economic growth, harvesting the citizen’s wealth. developing entrainment through technology and building a massive surveillance grid of humanity represent a dangerous hazard to the entire Globe. The Bitcoin Op Catherine sees most of the upper level financial elites moving into buying Gold and Land while they entice the general population into an unstable cryptocurrency that, although it may hold short term capital gains, will ultimately be the a contrived pump and dump of historic levels. She points out that Bitcoin is not the currency for the people it pretends to be and that much of the hype around it is devised to help the Central Banking powers consolidate their gains and entice the population to use a digital currency. She outlines the danger of using digital money when the current system of finance has no integrity and that people who work with Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies know it’s unsafe and subject to hacking with FDIC insurance. Shocking, informative, unsettling and powerful! Don’t miss this amazing Dark Journalist episode.


Trump: “Our Nation is Stronger Because of the Jewish People”

Stockholm syndrome

Stockholm syndrome is a condition that causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors as a survival strategy during captivity. These feelings, resulting from a bond formed between captor and captives during intimate time spent together, are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk …


A Tale of Two Trials: Bundy Ranch and Pentagon Papers

Let us take a contemporaneous yet parallel walk through both trials.


A Tale of Two Trials: Bundy Ranch and Pentagon Papers

A Tale of Two Trials: Bundy Ranch and Pentagon Papers

by Elias Alias

(TMM) – In following the Bundy trial in Las Vegas, I have revisited a story I first read in 2002. That story is about a trial which happened in 1973. That trial gained world-wide press coverage and shocked the powerful elite in the Nixon Administration. That trial seems to me today to be the perfect precedent to bring to the attention of Judge Navarro, who is presiding over the Bundy trial(s).

I noticed this past week, early in December 2017, that the defendants were finally allowed pre-trial release so they could be with their families during the remainder of the trial.  The defendants were granted pre-trial release only after it was revealed in court in early December 2017, that the FBI report on the defendants from well over a year ago had indicated that the defendants were not dangerous and were not a “threat”. That report had not been provided to Judge Navarro until just now.

The defendants had been held in prison for almost two years without bail, deprived of a speedy trial, and in some cases tormented while incarcerated. The prosecution had assured the court that these defendants were a threat to society and should not be allowed bail.  But that became exposed as false once the initial FBI report was ‘discovered’. In and of itself, that circumstance poses the question – why would the prosecution knowingly deceive the courts? To answer that question I must ask the reader to indulge me as I lay in a bit more background.

It is my estimation that the prosecution is hell-bent on persecuting, as well as prosecuting, the defendants because the prosecution works for the government, and because the government is still reeling from its resounding defeat at Bundy Ranch in southern Nevada on April 12, 2014.  The prosecution’s bias is obvious and abundant. I’ll show below why I say that here.

The prosecution is under tremendous pressure to win convictions and long-term prison sentences for our cowboys – because if the cowboys “get away with” standing up to “authority”, the U.S. government itself will be embarrassed by its tardiness in making available to global banking elite agendas the assets inherent in public lands which the States themselves should be managing as State assets, as opposed to being “international assets”.

And that is what causes me to recall that old trial I mentioned above, the 1973 trial which should be seen as a precedent in this current court trial. The Bundy trial is destined to go down in history as a peak marker regarding State sovereignty the way the Constitution set it up to be, or the forfeiture by our States of ultimate sovereignty to the centralized Federal government, which now is in the service of international banking moguls, such as those who engineered (from behind the scenes) the creation of the United Nations.




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New York City Jews are indeed happy with Trump’s decision on Jerusalem. It is very telling that the Jew in the video says, “The Whole World Will Be A Part of Jerusalem” — this will be when the Anti-Christ takes his seat from Jerusalem and us Goyim are enslaved.

VIDEO: “The Whole World Will Be A Part of Jerusalem”


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Infowars reporter, Owen Shroyer, gets asked by a man at a rally why Alex Jones and Infowars does not cover Israel, Jews, Zionism, International Banking, etc. — of course, Owen goes into full shill mode afterward.


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FACT Washington + ROTHSCHILDS JEWISH MAFIA = Behind ISIS + Al Qaeda terrorists BUT ROTHSCHILDS MAFIA MEDIA says America’s is fighting against ISIS(L) = Expect us to believe that.
FACT: ISIS = al Qaeda in Iraq until 2014
Al Nusra = al Qaeda affiliate committed countless atrocities in Syria = Obama calls them the “Moderate Opposition” = U.S. only “anti-terrorist campaign’ = So “Al Qaeda is going after Al Qaeda” supported covertly by US intelligence.
FACT: Both ISIS and Al Nusra are protected by Western military alliance = Used to destroy Syria’s and Iraq’s Government. + US air campaign does not target ISIS + DOES targets Syria and Iraq, schools, hospitals, factories, residential areas, government buildings, roads, bridges, etc. = GOAL is to destroy Iraq and Syria as nation states = ROTHSCHILDS MAFIA CAN EXPLOIT..
US-NATO-Israel = The terrorists = Mercenary Foot-soldiers of the Western military alliance = State sponsors of terrorism, providing training, weapons and money to various terrorist formations = GOAL is “regime change” in Syria and the fragmentation of Iraq.
FACT: ROTHSCHILDS JEWISH MAFIA USES CIA to create ISIS(L) + AQ = Supporting the Terrorists. ROTHSCHILDS MAFIA uses America as the Number One “State Sponsor of Terrorism”
FACT = NO US led war against ISIS(L) the Islamic State is a big lie = SOME HOW THIS FAKERY “Protects the American Homeland” = PURE LIE to justify the $TRILLION military agenda.
FACT = Counter-terrorism = Pure fiction
FACT = US protects ISIS(L) = Never “carpet” bombs their convoys of Toyota pickup trucks as they cross the open desert in Syria and Iraq = State of the art jet fighter aircraft (F15, F22 Raptor, CF-18) could have eliminated them easily.
26 Concepts refute the big ROTHSCHILDS MAFIA MEDIA lie(s).
FACT: US offers NO humanitarian undertaking = Large scale military operation directed against GOVERNMENTS of Syria and Iraq = MASS MURDER NON-JEW civilians.
FACT: ROTHSCHILDS JEWISH MAFIA MEDIA LIES AND PROPAGANDA = SHIELDS the undertaking pretending it is a counter-terrorism operation.
FACT #1 US has supported Al Qaeda and its SPIN OFFS like ISIS for almost half a century since the heyday of the Soviet Afghan war.
FACT #2 CIA training camps in Pakistan from 1982 to 1992 trained 35,000 jihadists from 43 Islamic countries = “Advertisements, paid for from CIA funds, were placed in newspapers and newsletters around the world offering inducements and motivations to join the Jihad.”
FACT #3 Since Reagan Washington has supported Islamic terror network = Reagan called his terrorists “freedom fighters” and supplied weapons to the Islamic brigades to fight the Soviet Union. Reagan met Afghan Mujahideen Commanders at the White House in 1985
FACT #4 Jihadist textbooks were published by the University of Nebraska = United States spent $Millions to supply Afghan schoolchildren with textbooks filled with violent images and NEGATIVE militant Islamic teachings.
FACT #5 Osama bin Laden (22) was recruited and trained by ROTHSCHILDS MAFIA RUN CIA in 1979 = US sponsored jihadist war against Afghanistan.
FACT SIDE NOTE: Al Qaeda was not behind the 9/11 Attacks by ROTHSCHILDS MAFIA used them as a justification for waging a war against Afghanistan as a TERRORIST NATION (PUR LIE) + 9/11 used to justify the “Global War on Terrorism”.
FACT #6 ISIL + ISIS = SPIN OFF of Al Qaeda created by CIA + Britain’s MI6 + Mossad + Pakistan’s ISI + Saudi Arabia’s GIP
FACT #7 The ISIL brigades are TOOLS of US-NATO used to DESTROY Syria and the government of Bashar al Assad.
FACT #8 NATO-Turkish High Command = Recruited mercenaries for ISIL and Al Nusrah beginning March 2011. = “enlist thousands of Muslim volunteers in Middle East countries and the Muslim world to fight alongside the Syrian rebels.” Turkey house the volunteers, trained them and secured their passage into Syria.
FACT #9 There are Western Special Forces and Western intelligence operatives within the ranks of the ISIL. British Special Forces and MI6 have been involved in training jihadist rebels in Syria.
FACT #10 Western military specialists on contract to the Pentagon have trained the terrorists in the use of chemical weapons. = US + EU allies contractors train Syrian rebels on use of chemical weapons.
FACT #11 The ISIL’s practice of beheadings is part of the US sponsored terrorist training programs implemented in Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
FACT #12 America’s chose ISIL mercenaries from convicted criminals released from Saudi prisons = Saudi death row inmates staff the terror brigades.
FACT #13 Israel has supported the ISIL and Al Nusrah brigades out of the Golan Heights = Meet with Israeli IDF officers and Netanyahu who admit ISIs(L) and Al Nusrah are supported by Israel. = Netanyahu and Defence Minister photographed next to a wounded ISIS(L) mercenary at an Israeli military field hospital Feb 18, 2014
FACT #14 ISIS(L) = Foot soldiers of ROTHSCHILDS JEWSIH MAFIA’s Western military alliance = GOAL is maximize murders of NON-JEWS + Destruction in Syria and Iraq.
FACT #15 WORTHLESS John McCain has met up with several jihadist terrorist leaders in Syria and Libya.
FACT #16 US continues to support ISIS(L) while pretending to target them = ROTHSCHILDS JEWISH MAFIA STRATEGY!
FACT #17 US and allied bombings do not target ISIS(L) but instead BOMB THE HELL OUT OF Economic infrastructure in Iraq and Syria including factories and oil refineries.



How we cause autism: restraint, white blood cells and aluminum

24 hours ago Forrest Maready released a video about a book he has secretly worked on for the past two years, and I feel like I am seeing the world for the very first time. And I want you to join me.

I know it’s intimidating to sit down and watch a 2 hour and 15 minute video that rocks everything you thought you knew, but it’s important that you watch the entire thing. Every minute is something new, and the last 5 minutes are earth shattering.

So I’m going to tell you what’s in the video because if you’re like me, you don’t like watching videos and will instead read about a video so that you’re in control of how you’re receiving information. And then if you’re intrigued, you decide to watch the video.

Maybe I can entice you to watch the video. And I want to entice you to tell your friends about it. And tell you pediatrician about it. And tell your state representatives and senators, tell your Congressmen, tell the CDC and tell the President of the United States.

Will you do that for me? Will you watch the video and tell everyone about it? Because it’s that big.





Rothchilds funded the STATE of Israel


The Most Hated Video on the Internet


Tom Campbell: Fireside Chat Parts 1,2,3



Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 9, 2017, #122 ( Dane Wigington )

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