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Russia Bans US GMO Imports

By F. William Engdahl | Global Research Russia is making consequent its decision last fall to ban the commercial planting of Genetically Modified Organisms or GMO in its agriculture acreage. The latest decision, effective February 15, 2016 does not at all please Monsanto or the US Grain Cartel. On February 15, a Russian national import …

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Tony Blair ‘deceived’ top ministers over Iraq invasion – new memoir

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair kept members of his cabinet and numerous high-profile Whitehall officials in the dark over his plans to create a “regime change” in Iraq and oust Saddam Hussein, a new memoir has revealed. “Broken Vows,” a new book about the former PM by investigative journalist Tom Bower, reveals that Blair had …

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Fake Campaign Supporters Exposed As Paid Actors – #NewWorldNextWeek


Medical Marijuana Cultivation Officially Decriminalized In Italy

The government in Italy recently decriminalized the cultivation of medical marijuana and production of the plant for research purposes. The court system in Italy is one of the most overcrowded and inefficient in Europe, so the government was forced to roll back a few of their laws and regulations to prevent so many people being …

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Colorado Hospital Allows First CBD Treatment For Epileptic Infant

by Aaron Kase For the first time, a hospital in Colorado is allowing parents to give cannabis oil to their epileptic infant while the child is undergoing in-patient care. Two-month-old Amylea Nunez has suffered around 15 seizures a day since she was born, and as the baby fights for her life, her parents have turned …

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Formaldehyde: Why Is A Known Poison & Carcinogen In Vaccines Given To Children?

by Kate Raines Formaldehyde is a recognized carcinogen and health threat. As represented by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), a number of watchdog agencies including the American Cancer Society, the FDA, the National Cancer Institute (NCI), and others have classified formaldehyde as a known or probable cancer-causing agent, or carcinogen, and OSHA …

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The Smartphone App Cops Don’t Want You To Have

One user described it as “a revolutionary tool for change in our society.” Another called it “badass” and Barry Cooper from NeverGetBusted.com who is a former decorated police detective called it “the new 911 but safer.”  Other users described it as “straight out of some cyberpunk fiction” and one user said “I would definitely use …

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First legal ‘Charlotte’s Web’ cannabis oil to go on sale in the UK

Cannabis oil has become increasingly sought after as an alternative treatment for a range of conditions including severe epilepsy, but legislators have been unwilling to legalise it due to its association with marijuana. Thanks to the work of advocates including CNN’s Dr Sanjay Gupta – who famously reversed his stance on medical marijuana to become a staunch supporter – …

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HPV vaccine has done this to my child…Here is one of those brave few souls shortly after receiving her Cancer Vaccine.

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BBC Reinvented History of War in Syria

by Stephen Lendman The BBC is owned and operated by the British government, a propaganda tool masquerading as a legitimate news, information and analysis media outlet. What’s most important for people to know, BBC and its Western counterparts systematically suppress, substituting state-approved propaganda – serving their governments’ interests. In early February, the BBC reinvented the …

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Brexit? Don’t fucking ask me!

  Thx Josh 😉  

HUMANITY vs INSANITY – #64 : The EU Deception Pt 1


Palestinian Children Message to the World


Palestinians in Ramallah urge boycott of Israeli goods

This February 27, 2016 photo released in the Palestinian media shows people participating in a demonstration in Ramallah, the occupied West Bank, to urge boycott of Israeli goods. Hundreds of Palestinians, including lawmakers, held a demonstration in the occupied West Bank Saturday, calling for the boycott of Israeli products. Marching through the streets in Ramallah …

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Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 27, 2016

http://GeoengineeringWatch.org TO READ OR POST COMMENTS ON THIS VIDEO, PLEASE GO DIRECTLY TO THE ARTICLE http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/ge… The siege of planet Earth and the web of life continues on all fronts. All the while the delusion of perpetual growth on a finite planet with finite resources is alive and well. Many populations around the globe remain completely …

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You can lead a man to knowledge…

Eton student who shared ‘appalling’ abuse photos from his dorm computer of children as young as two being raped is SPARED jail

By Mark Duell A former Eton College student avoided jail today despite making and distributing ‘appalling’ indecent images of children and bestiality film clips. Andrew Picard, from Westminster, London, was found with more than 2,000 pornographic images of children on his computer at the prestigious school near Windsor, Berkshire. The 18-year-old son of a top …

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If this disaster doesn’t halt Cameron’s fracking plans, nothing will

by Lucy Goodchild van Hilten Last October’s huge methane leak at Aliso Canyon, California, was the biggest natural gas leak in US history – and a worse environmental disaster than the BP oil spill – as confirmed by a new scientific investigation. Yet, apparently, Prime Minister David Cameron isn’t concerned: despite fierce objections, the government’s fracking plans …

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Politicians vs Doctors on Vaccines, Quacks and Hippies on the Internet

by Brendan D. Murphy, Guest | Waking Times Paternalism Prevails in the Strange Land of Oz At least two Australian politicians have recently weighed in loudly on the vaccine “debate,”1 with Jill Hennessy MP (Victoria) offering a firm – one might say patronising – word of advice for those who might not know how to direct …

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Flint Citizens Drink Poison While Nestle Pumps 200 Gallons Of Fresh Water From Michigan Every Minute

by Arjun Walia As you’ve probably already heard, Flint, Michigan is currently in the midst of a water crisis. Children have been taken to hospitals with reports of irreversible brain damage, and the federal government has now declared a state of emergency. How did this happen? In an effort to cut costs, Governor (Rick Snyder) decided …

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Artwork by student in North Oldham High School brings controversy

A student drawing hanging on a wall in an Oldham County classroom is causing some controversy.  

There’s a Seal On The Soul

by Julian Rose . . . . . that cannot be removed None of us who were raised in the orthodox Christian Tradition are likely to remember the moment when the priest placed his index finger on our foreheads and moved it so as to record the shape of the cross on our tiny brows. …

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OUT! -The David Icke Videocast


What They Want You to Fear Vs. The Real Threats that We Face

by Phillip J. Watt The uniting global culture of the 21st Century does have risks that it needs to address as it moves into a new era that can finally be classed as a civilized society. Yet, any report that identifies the threats to our species needs to be holistic and progressive in its approach; …

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Fracking Nightmare – Episode 81 : “Surrey is the New Texas”


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