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Trump Slams “Astronomical” Drug Prices, Tells CEOs To “Get Prices Down”

by Tyler Durden In his latest close encounter with top US CEOs, President Donald Trump told drugmakers at a White House meeting Tuesday they were charging “astronomical” prices and promised to get better bargains for government health programs, something even Bernie Sanders would agree with. He also said he would focus on finding ways to …

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Victory!! Monsanto Loses in Court, California Set to Label Roundup With Cancer Warning

by Nick Meyer The Monsanto company is still reeling from a spring 2015 declaration by the World Health Organization that its flagship product Roundup is a “probable human carcinogen.” Now, the company’s image, and the image of its top-selling product, have taken yet another hit, this time in the United States. In California, where organic …

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2017: ‘See Me Change’

by Soren Dreier The Winter Solstice sparked some very different vibes than usual. New experiences for the soul, the character and the ego often come in stealth. This was almost a collected force of ‘new’ that hit the weary pilgrims in Morph City. Weary of the year of 2016, mostly being based on both mundane …

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Trump Admin Raising Phoenix Program From the Ashes

SHOW NOTES AND MP3: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=21592 As The Corbett Report reported last year, Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater, has slithered out from his hiding place and re-emerged as a figure on the political stage. He is now advocating for a rebirth of the US’ infamous “Phoenix Program” to target the ISIS terrorists the US created, …

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Remote Viewing February 2017: Time-Cross Predictions

REALIST NEWS – Another Fantastic Interview with Clif High (Coming Web bot too)

Trump Admin Raising Phoenix Program From the Ashes

Monsanto GMO Seeds in Nigeria, Breaking the Agricultural Cycle, Complicity of UN World Food Program

By Slavko Nissl | Global Research Nigeria’s Farmers Alliance of over 14 million farmers have called on all farmers especially in the Northeast to reject the genetically modified organisms (GMO) and Hybrid seeds distributed by the United Nation’s World Food Program (WFP) and the World Bank. The body in a letter to the UN Security Council (UNSC), …

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Mobile phone searches and computers by Police now the norm

by Tapestry This appears to be a clear case of product placement in order to soften up the public to  the introduction and use of Cellbrite by UK Police / Stasi. What are the implications for national security SC / DV staff attending training run by the israelis ? Can the evidence “uncovered” be trusted …

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Paul Craig Roberts: “Bannon Is 100% Right – The Media Is Now The Opposition”

Authored by Paul Craig Roberts via Zero Hedge Bannon is correct that the US media – indeed, the entire Western print and TV media – is nothing but a propaganda machine for the ruling elite. The presstitutes are devoid of integrity, moral conscience, and respect for truth. @TheLeadCNN @jaketapper You’re not the press, you’re fake news!!! pic.twitter.com/ei0rEfRpyF …

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To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate – That Is No Longer the Question!

by Julian Rose Breaking News: a Polish colleague, renowned naturopath Jerzy Zieba, just sent through a complete game-changer piece of information on exactly the subject I am endeavoring to write about. This is it “Judges at the German Federal Supreme Court have confirmed that the measles virus does not exist and that the measles vaccination …

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DEA ‘Chief Propagandist’ Says Agency Knows Pot is Safe, Keeps it Illegal for Profit

by Justin Gardner A former “chief propagandist” for the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), now turned cannabis advocate, made startling comments at the recent Marijuana for Medical Professionals Conference in Denver, Colorado. There, Belita Nelson described what many of us suspected – the DEA is corrupt to the bone and full of lies. “Marijuana is safe, …

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A Powerful Message Every Student & Parent Needs To Hear: Grades Do Not Determine Intelligence

How many times have you finished an exam only to remember the answers to some of the questions an hour or so later? Did you have the knowledge in your mind? Yes. Do you understand the important concepts that go along with a subject but maybe haven’t memorized the less useful details? Yes. “How many …

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Convicted Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Is Accused Of ANOTHER Sex Trafficking Case Involving Girls As Young As 13!

Convicted Pedophile Is Back At It Again According to an article in the Daily Mail, long time friend of Bill Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein, is being accused of luring a young woman into his elaborate sex trafficking enterprise by making false promises. From The Daily Mail: Disgraced Wall Street mogul Jeffrey Epstein is being accused by a …

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Epitaph for America – ‘We didn’t need to drop those bombs’

‘We didn’t need  to drop those bombs’ By John Kaminski pseudoskylax@gmail.com http://therebel.is/news/kaminski Needless to say, as we teeter on the precipice, the human riddle has not been solved. It is a fierce hatred that drives the war machine. We see it now in the way calculating commentators criticize President Trump for quoting Andrew Jackson about …

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Pie Hunt

REALIST NEWS – How did the recent Web bot reports fair? Pretty good actually

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 28, 2017

clif’s wujo – Mandela Effect, AI, Quantum computers – January 2017

Steve Says… A.I is bullshit – exactly what I’ve been spouting for years. Nothing more than “if then else”. Faster and faster processors will give the illusion of “intelligence”  because it can process instructions faster than a human can think, but it will never be able to “think” or act “outside of the box” in …

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WebBot hit AUTOMAKER(VW) | Silver Demand is coming |Webbot Hits|

The British Government Has Colluded with Monsanto and Should Be Held Accountable in the International Criminal Court

“The British Government has colluded with Monsanto and should be held accountable in the International Criminal Court in The Hague for crimes against humanity and ecocide.” Dr Rosemary Mason. The British public and the environment are being poisoned with a deadly cocktail of 320 pesticides. Moreover, Wales has become a storage dump for Monsanto’s most …

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Demonetization and You

SHOW NOTES AND MP3: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=21513 Demonetization. Cashless payments. Biometrics. Can you connect the dots? Join James today on The Corbett Report as he uncovers the truth about India’s recent demonetization and follows the trail to the coming cashless biometric control grid.  

Try As You Will Tyrannical System You Will Not Shut Me Up – The David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast


Biologist Proves Measles Isn’t A Virus, Wins Supreme Court Case Against Doctor

by Dave Mihalovic In a recent ruling, judges at the German Federal Supreme Court (BGH) confirmed that the measles virus does not exist. Furthermore, there is not a single scientific study in the world which could prove the existence of the virus in any scientific literature. This raises the question of what was actually injected into …

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