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This Rehab Program Gives Addicts Marijuana

by Erin Brodwin In a sun-filled room overlooking a smattering of palm trees, power lines, and cement-and-terracotta bungalows, a 73-year-old recovering alcoholic rolls a joint. Frank, whose name has been changed for this story, doesn’t particularly like the feeling he gets from smoking cannabis, but he doesn’t hate it either. And he admits it helps …

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Damn it – I’m Doomed (again)

by Soren Dreier Got a mail, I get many: ….You seem to push marijuana use for medical use.  There are many alternatives to marijuana such as homeopathy. It is an evil drug, I have seen first hand how it has contributed to the downfall of family members and friends.   I am a member of …

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WikiLeaks Reveals “Marble”: Proof CIA Disguises Their Hacks As Russian, Chinese, Arabic…

by Tyler Durden WikiLeaks’ latest Vault 7 release contains a batch of documents, named ‘Marble’, which detail CIA hacking tactics and how they can misdirect forensic investigators from attributing viruses, trojans and hacking attacks to their agency by inserted code fragments in foreign languages.  The tool was in use as recently as 2016.  Per the …

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PizzaGate Update: Arrests of Men Pimping Mentally Ill Youths to ‘Wealthy Clients’

David Icke – Refuse To Cooperate with the system.

Smoking Gun Makes Trump Spying Bigger Than Watergate

clif’s wujo – March 30, 2017

SHOCK! Russian Hacking Story is Unraveling! #NewWorldNextWeek

REALIST NEWS – April 2017 Web Bot Summary: Metals/Bitcoin/Etherium/Ripple/Economy

PizzaGate Update: Scandal Ridden DynCorp Still Receiving Government Contracts

How the FBI Played a Central Role in the First ISIS Attack on U.S. Soil

Investigation finds an undercover agent encouraged a shooter in Garland to “tear up Texas.” It gets worse. By Ben Norton / AlterNet Photo Credit: Katherine Welles / The first attack on U.S. soil for which ISIS claimed responsibility—a 2015 shooting in Garland, Texas—was instigated by the FBI, according to an investigation by CBS’ “60 …

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Westminster Attacks BUSTED!!! Insider Photographers Exposed!

*** MUST SEE *** Mark Pincus: Child Exploitation, Lady Gaga, & Human Trafficking

David Icke – They Lie About Everything

Nigerian court orders Coca Cola to put warning labels on their drinks, finds them possibly poisonous

A Nigerian court has ruled that two types of Coca Cola drinks, Fanta and Sprite, could be poisonous because of the high levels of benzoic acid and sunset additives found within them.  These chemicals, when mixed with with ascorbic acid, could pose a serious health risk, says the court. Justice Adedayo Oyebanji ordered the Nigerian Bottling …

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Full text of “9-11 Cop Breaks Silence – Israeli Mossad Involvement in Attacks”

 By Dave Gahary – September 23, 2011 The New Jersey police officer responsible for capturing five Israelis who filmed and celebrated while the World Trade Center towers burned has broken his silence, agreeing to a Sept. 16 exclusive interview with AMERICAN FREE PRESS. As AFP readers are no doubt aware, these are the same Israelis …

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The Israeli Plan To Capitalize On Syria’s Civil War

Israel has revealed a new plan to help rebuild war-torn Syria – with the ultimate goal of securing massive stores of natural resources. The plan would rely on significant investment from the U.S., a financial burden that will likely fall hardest on the shoulders of the American public. Druse participate in a rally, demanding the …

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✈ Mother Outraged Over TSA Groping of Her Son at DFW Airport

MSM Goes Out of Its way to Protect Criminals; We EXPOSE ‘Em

Doctors Gave Boy 3 Days to Live, Then His Mom Secretly Gave Him Cannabis

By Carey Wedler Both anecdotal evidence and clinical research are beginning to show the promise of cannabis in treating a variety of health issues. According to one family in the U.K., cannabis helped a dying teenage boy recover fully from complications from leukemia. The family recently appeared on the British talk show, This Morning, to …

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Hundreds of Mosul civilians killed by airstrikes were told not to flee the city – Amnesty

Large Dairy Company Ditches Dairy After 90 Years & Starts Producing Plant-Based Milks Instead

After a 90-year operation, Elmhurst Dairy in Queens, New York has ceased its dairy operation after citing a drastic decrease in customer demand. Incorporated in the 1920s, Elmhurst Dairy had become established as one of the largest dairy manufacturers on the East Coast of the United States, supplying the metropolitan area of about seven million people. …

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The Cover Is Blown Off The Ongoing Worldwide C.I.A. Black Pedo-Operation

P E D O G A T E A Global Child Exploitation Crime Syndicate* Pizzagate Represents Only a Single American Franchise Within a Worldwide Child Trafficking Operation Known As Pedogate PizzaGate Citizen’s Investigation Cyber-conference State of the Nation *It should be understood that, wherever the C.I.A. is referred to in this report, Israel’s MOSSAD, the United Kingdom’s …

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