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Alex Jones blows his cover in Austin

Bill Cooper Says Alex Jones Is a NWO Shill


Manchester Attacks? Down the Rabbit hole we go! Join me??

This Is The Whole List of Monsanto Owned “Food” Producers.Avoid Them At All Costs!

Here’s a simple, printable list of companies that use Monsanto products. By avoiding products made by companies on this list, you can help ensure your money isn’t going to Monsanto and also watch out for the health of your family and yourself. source realfarmacy

Zionism Documentary, The Other Israel #PIZZAGATE

Australia Ban’s Convicted Pedophiles from Traveling Abroad #PIZZAGATE #PEDOGATE

THE BEST Flat Earth VIDEO | 1000% Proof The Earth Is Flat | Lets See You Debunk This!!!!


The Manchester Report!!! – David Icke ‘2017 [MUST WATCH]

Steve Hughes – Conspiracy Realist with Lisa M Harrison


Manchester, Berlin, Paris, Nice, London, New York: Passports and IDs Mysteriously Discovered in the Wake of Terror Attacks

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky |Global Research This article reviews the “mysterious” phenomenon of IDs and Passports of terror suspects routinely discovered (often in the rubble) in the wake of a terrorist attack. In most cases the alleged suspect was known to the authorities. Is there a pattern?  The ID papers of the suspect are often …

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Manchester event. Blast footage, long legs and Peekay


Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 27, 2017 ( Dane Wigington )

The Most Obvious Crisis Actor Ever!

Manchester Arena- A Real Event And A Staged Event Explored!

The Most Obvious Crisis Actor Ever! Duping Delight!

Partial Martial

Scientist Blows Whistle On Chemtrails At Ted Conference

Grande Hoax – PA Announcer Blows It Wide Open!


Doctor Explains Why The Public Is So Stupid – Trusting The Government & Fake News

Julian Rose: Satanic Practice and Party Politics in the United Kingdom

Julian Rose As much as I am revolted by this subject, I feel impelled to tackle it head-on, as I believe it to be the single most important issue of our time, underlying the current malaise permeating almost every aspect of British party politics and deeply afflicting life on this planet as a whole. Now …

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John Podesta Attacks Seth Rich Murder Investigators

How Brainwashing Shaped America – The True Story

by Lorraine Boissoneault Fears of Communism during the Cold War spurred psychological research, pop culture hits, and unethical experiments in the CIA. Journalist Edward Hunter was the first to sound the alarm. “Brain-washing Tactics Force Chinese Into Ranks of Communist Party,” blared his headline in the Miami Daily News in September 1950. In the article, …

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Rosalind Peterson: Geoengineering Destroying Our Atmosphere

Next Planned Pandemic: Busted!!! Revealing the plot (Part 1)

Amazing 4 Year Old Russian Prodigy

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