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They Are Mainstream Abominations


McDonald’s Employee Was Fired After His Photo Of Moldy Ice Cream Machine Goes Viral

Laplace, Louisiana – A McDonald’s employee says he was fired after posting a disturbing picture of the ice cream machine at the Louisiana location where he worked. The photo he tweeted quickly went viral, prompting an internet backlash for the fast food giant. The former employee, who preferred to be referred to only as ‘Nick,” …

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Julian Rose: The Power of NO

by Julian Rose When one feels and witnesses the crushing affect of the status quo on all sentient elemental life forms, as well as on the great majority of human beings, one eventually reaches the point of saying “No, enough!” Saying No comes before saying Yes, in the context of putting a brake on the …

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Fact Checking Site Snopes on Verge of Collapse. Founder Accused of Fraud, Lies, & Embezzlement

The fact-checking website that more recently set its sights on determining if “fake news” was indeed fake has found itself in a financial collapse after it was discovered that the owner and his new wife were living an outlandish lifestyle. There are also reports of embezzling and hiring prostitutes on the company’s dime according to …

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#PEDOGATE – CA. State Prosecutor – Son Of G. Gordon Liddy, Arrested On Child Porn Charges

A homage to Ernst Zündel

Robert FAURISSON A homage to Ernst Zündel As the reader will have heard, in France, the person in charge of “Bocage” has taken a final bow with the 6,000th newsletter under that name. Thus ends an endeavour remarkable for its range and for the mass of work devoted, since 1979, to informing us on developments …

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Flat Earth Some weird Unknown Secrets about Antarctica unveiled

The U-turn That Never Was

Pie wins 50 quid off Tim.  

There is an Underworld

by Ida Lawrence I just arrived back home from visiting my newborn granddaughter. There is nothing so precious, so fragile, so ‘straight from heaven’ as a newborn baby. This spark of Divinity has been named Aria. She’s incredibly peaceful right now, sleeping and still in dreamtime, but she opened her eyes and we looked at …

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Solar eclipses PROVE the earth is flat and stationary. #FlatEarth

Jeff & Blake Sawyer – Zionist Power In America & The World

Lifting The Veil on David Seaman – #Pizzagate= Real #Seaman= Not

Students Believe in FLAT EARTH! Teacher FREAKS OUT!

No money in the truth – But you can get filthy rich by telling lies

SUPPORT GENUINELY INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM By John Kaminski pseudoskylax@gmail.com or you can read this at http://johnkaminski.org It’s an axiom. The real money, as you no doubt know, is in the lies. It’s in the cutting edge investment that vaporizes into lawsuits after brokers swindle investors a few years down the line. It’s in betting at just …

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Brits On Holliday

British forced off  flight to Spain after ‘drinking, screaming and acting like creatures’ This is the moment a group of women were forced off a plane for rowdy behaviour – much to the relief of the other passengers. The women, who were part of a hen party, had reportedly been drinking alcohol, screaming and swearing …

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Your Attention Creates The Future

by Soren Dreier Our attention is the most powerful instrument we have: That’s why everybody wants it. That is why the Matrix does its best to distract it. Ring a Bell. Here. Clever. Maybe turn the Matrix off and consciously choose what you would like to see or hear. If not you´re a sitting duck …

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BILL COOPER TELLS ALL About The JFK Assassination, Aliens & The Illuminati Conspiracy

William Cooper – The Alex Jones Deception – (1-4-2000)

William Cooper Moon Landing Hoax

Employees Getting Microchipped in the US – #NewWorldNextWeek

Eric Dubay Answers Everyone’s Flat Earth Questions

Zionism Declares War On David Icke With Lies & Gutless People

Another Predator on Habbo Hotel Gets Busted – Part 3 – #PizzaGate

Blatant And Inarguable Geoengineering Jet Spraying Captured On Film ( GeoengineeringWatch.org )

Producing thieves, criminals and paedophiles since 1440

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