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Clif High: The Ever Present NOW – TIME Part 2

Fighting Israel’s Wars

“The infiltration by little Israel of key sectors of the bureaucracy of a seemingly oblivious giant United States is extraordinary by any measure …” “As Admiral Thomas Moorer, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff once put it, ‘No American president can stand up to Israel.’ He should have added Congress and even the Pentagon to …

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Attention Marijuana Smokers

Enough is Enough.

EXPOSED – Britain First – Zionist Agent Provocateurs


Alex Jones – A Zionist Shill Exposed – Part 1 and 2

BitCoin New World Order Scam, Israels Right Hand. #PIZZAGATE

Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State

Oliver Stone Blasts American Exceptionalism, Uncensors History

Facebook Announces It Will Use A.I. To Scan Your Thoughts

A mere few years ago the idea that artificial intelligence (AI) might be used to analyze and report to law enforcement aberrant human behavior on social media and other online platforms was merely the far out premise of dystopian movies such as Minority Report, but now Facebook proudly brags that it will use AI to “save lives” …

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Julian Rose: The Responsibility of Freedom

On the Integration of the Spiritual and the Social A lot of people are writing and talking about spirit, higher self, personal enlightenment, shining health, transformation and the attainment of the Godly. A lot of people are following the words of those who proclaim knowledge of the above. It is clear that many are searching …

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Breaking: Thousands Of Foster Kids Dead In PedoGate Horror

Bills WR Zay Jones Magically Floats Back Up To His Feet After Play vs Chiefs

They’re Trying to Ban Another Harmless Plant That Helps People

Sutras For The Weary – Life II

by Soren Dreier Instead of asking: What does Life want from me? It is better to ask: What do I want from Life? And Eventually The Answers Will Merge, Transcending Into Purpose. © 2017 Soren Dreier Previous: Sutras For The Weary – Life

‘Big Sugar’ Hid Proof Of Cancer And Heart Disease 50 Years Ago

by Katherine Marko: The Alternative Daily Big Sugar is good at two things: lobbying and getting what it wants. So, it’s no surprise a recent report alleges the sugar industry blocked research from being published five decades ago. Today, we’re more aware of how sugar affects our health. Yet, that still doesn’t stop most Americans …

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Shadow of the future – The real world remains hidden by the lies that wreck our lives

By John Kaminski Just imagine if we have to deal with presidents for the next 24 years who are of the same caliber as our most recent past three White House residents — Clinton, Bush II and Obama, all of them psychotic poseurs linked to sex deviance.(1) Simply reflect upon the moral and …

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The Second Hijacking Of America – Jeff Rense & Preston James


WARNING-A SOLUTION: Autism, Anxiety, Reversing Symptoms w/ Immune System

Jewish Plan – Europe Vs. Israel – Hypocrisy At Its Best

Animal Pie

Pie defends the Tories…sort of.  

Many people who are going through the early stages of the awakening process are no longer certain what their outer purpose is.

Should Jews Celebrate Thanksgiving With Goyim? NO!!

You hear it right here, from Rabbi Yaron Reuven’s mouth, Jews must not celebrate Thanksgiving or even have dinner celebrations with the Goyim. They don’t want any mixing/comingling — however, remember mixing is good for the Goyim!! This is a clear-as-day example of Jewish Supremacism, but if you were to point this out to the …

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Guiding Light (Understanding Jewish – Power)

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