Skripal’s Daughter ‘No Longer In Critical Condition After Alleged Poisoning by Novichok


  • According to Information Liberation, it seems that the ‘Novichok’ fairy-tale the British government plays to us provides for a happy ending – the astonishing and mysterious resurrection of the victims of a “military grade” “five to eight times more deadly than VX gas” “nerve agent” “of a type developed by” Hollywood.
  • Happy Easter!
  • Yulia Skripal no longer in critical condition, say Salisbury doctors
    • The condition of Yulia Skripal, who was poisoned with a nerve agent in Salisbury along with her father, is improving rapidly, doctors have said. Salisbury NHS foundation trust said on Thursday the 33-year-old was no longer in a critical condition, describing her medical state as stable.
  • Christine Blanshard, medical director for Salisbury district hospital, said: “I’m pleased to be able to report an improvement in the condition of Yulia Skripal. She has responded well to treatment but continues to receive expert clinical care 24 hours a day.”

    Her father’s condition is still described by the hospital as critical but stable.
  • Only yesterday the Skripals chances to survive was claimed to be 1 out of 99. Nerve agents are deadly weapons. A dose of ten milligram of the U.S. developed VX nerve agent will kill 50% of those exposed to it. The ‘Novichok’ agents are said to be several times more deadly than VX.
  • As I reported yesterday, despite British police saying they believe the Skripals were poisoned with Novichok put on their front door handle, they shopped for at least three hours and dined out before finally falling ill.

  • MOA continues:
  • But was there really a nerve agent involved?A doctor who administered first aid to Yulia Skripal for 30 minutes was not effected at all. The emergency services suspected the victims had received on overdose of fentanyl.Doctor Steven Davies, who leads the emergency service of the Salisbury District Hospital, wrote in a letter to the London Times:

    Sir, Further to your report “Poison exposure leaves almost 40 needing treatment”, (Mar 14), may I clarify that no patients have experienced symptoms of nerve agent poisoning in Salisbury and there have only been ever been three patients with significant poisoning.

    A Court of Protection judgment about the Skripals issued on March 22 quotes as witness a Porton Down chemical and biological analyst:

    Blood samples from Sergei Skripal and Yulia Skripal were analysed and the findings indicated exposure to a nerve agent or related compound. The samples tested positive for the presence of a Novichok class nerve agent or closely related agent.

    “Indicated exposure” is a rather weak formulation. It means that no ‘novichok’ was found but decomposition products of something that may have been a nerve agent or not. A blood sample may “test positive” for all kinds of stuff but that does not say anything about the amount or about the lethality of any of the “positive tested” elements. The ‘Novichok’ nerve agents are organophosphates like many of the usual insecticides are. These break down relatively fast. A walk through a field freshly sprayed with some insecticide or the domestic use of such a product might leave similar decomposition products in the bloodstream as a nerve agent attack.


    David B. Collum is Professor for Organic Chemistry at Cornell University. He really, really knows this stuff:

  • MOA writes: “The Skripals are getting better. Good for them. But their resurrection from certain death is a further dint in the British government’s claim of ‘nerve agent’ ‘of a type developed by Russia.’”




To all those who were hopeful that the flat earthers would be wrong, I’m sorry to inform you that it has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that earth isn’t a sphere. I encourage all who were right in the matter to stay humble and be nice. Continue to spread truth and not hate. Meanwhile…we wait for an excuse from NASA as to how they were just protecting us from the alien threat this whole time just like the Men in Black movie. And of course this is what they were hiding in Antarctica lol.


State of dysfunction AMERICA 2018: A twilight world of imposed reality where children shoot each other and Big Brother grabs our guns

By John Kaminski

There is no law in America today, only commands from the very rich as to how life should proceed, which are then duly implemented by their toadies in government and entertainment.

The things our government does do . . . do not benefit the average American person. They benefit only those stealing the possessions and inventions of others and becoming fabulously wealthy. Just like the Jews stole the movie industry. Or the World Wide Web. It wasn’t theirs to begin with, and then suddenly it was.

The immoral behavior of recent presidents sets the average American attitude on a downhill course to a life of Bill Clinton-like dissolution, always looking for a path to a permanent vacation and getting away with crimes for which others go to jail. The U.S. has become a nation without character that lives on lies.

In a phrase originally used to define pornography back in the 1960s, today’s Washington political scene has “no redeeming social value”. It has only quick profits for the shrewd and the crooked, and the constant threat of senseless war for the rest of the world.

The key to everything

There is a secret we are not allowed to talk about. It is the source of pretty much all of our worries.

The entire world of written and spoken language all spars and jabs at each other, each professing to strive for the truth, or at least to advocate their way of seeing things. Only a courageous few ever focus on exactly from where society’s irritants are hatched and sent into the world. Most people are afraid to confront the issue. They have seen what happens to people who do.

Who are the drivers of our misery? That info is absolutely embargoed on TV, because the same people who own the networks are the ones manufacturing the misery. And running our world into the ground.

Think for a moment how gullible we are. I can tell you from many years of experience that the news you hear on the radio and TV is designed to lure you away from more important issues, and to mask the crimes that are being committed in your name. How much more unaware can we be to have allowed the disintegration of our culture to this point?

I mean, the food we eat is only semi food, filled with Glyphosated GM flour and other non nutritious junk. Much of it is laced with secret ingredients that could eventually kill us or at least make us sick. It’s the same with vaccines that deliberately ruin fertility and shorten lives. The government has always been infamous for not revealing vaccine ingredients, as well as inventing both the strain of flu and the vaccine at the same time.

Air is still more or less air, except for the impurities we inhale that require medical treatment. Increasing particulates in the air seem to hamper breathing in many parts of the world.

It’s like bankers creating money. Doctors create diseases in the same way, and psychiatrists push pills to collect the bills.

No escape from evil

We always thought we were the good guys. Except that we weren’t.

The signature slaughters of the 20th century were conducted by Americans . . . just think about the A-bombs we dropped on Japan, viewed by most as an unnecessary, sadistic act to establish military superiority over the whole world. Or the repeated incineration of Dresden at the end of World War II, when the outcome had already been determined. We bombed for eight days and turned 750,000 people, refugees mostly, into molten syrup.

This is a secret complex America still possesses — the potential for inexplicable violence — and probably will until its eventual overthrow due to careless hubris. But even these acts of unbalanced savagery continue to be surpassed by today’s voracious American military.

Turning the Iraqi city of Fallujah into a smoldering mausoleum, 350,000 dead, all because some punk-ass American mercenaries got what they deserved, was about the worst of it. Sure, you could count American sadism as the motivational philosophy in Iraq’s infamous Abu Ghraib prison where electrical wires were attached to the genitals of Muslim prisoners.

It is a testament to the accomplished ignorance of the American people who don’t know that America has facilitated the murder of a half million Syrians (and been run off once by the Russians) — as well as repeatedly gassing Syrian children and then trying to blame it on Syria’s president, that Washington is still using the same arguments past presidents have used.

Stupid newspapers tell stupid Americans to believe it, and they do.

Now Israel has started drilling in the Golan Heights, which belong to Syria, making even more likely the possibility of a wider war. Maybe our last war.

A victory over death?

“Men use one another to assure their personal victory over death,” wrote Otto Rank, the famed Jewish psychoanalyst, who insisted “The death fear of the ego is lessened by the killing, the sacrifice, of the other; through the death of the other, one buys oneself free from the penalty of dying, of being killed.”

I’m not sure I’m with you on that, Otto. It could just be another of those manipulative Jewish psychoanalytical bromides, a flimsy excuse for inexcusable murder. I’m not sure all those American soldiers who come home from some horrific tour of duty overseas and commit suicide would have agreed with him either.

Rank’s student, Ernest Becker, wrote: “Modern man lives in illusion, said Freud, because he denies or suppresses his wish for the other’s death and for his own immortality; and it is precisely because of this illusion that mankind cannot get control over social evils like war.”

“How right Freud was on enslavement by our illusions based on our repressions,” wrote Becker, who died in 1974. “This is what makes us cheer for war as a country; killing others makes us feel safer, and that’s why the war machine rattles on.”

A question I would have liked to ask Becker: It seems to natural to be defending ourselves and it suits our psychological proclivities to be in charge of our life’s situation, but how are we to react when the causes of war have been fabricated to conceal some crime, like robbery? And haven’t all wars been fought for this reason — theft of some precious commodity?

The wisest and saddest people in the world are those who come home from the wars and actually know what they’ve done.

What the young can’t see

Perhaps the most difficult thing for growing political minds to comprehend is the hidden danger of liberalism. Young people are naturally drawn to idealistic issues, and because they are young and inexperienced, they identify with the underdog. That’s why you get so many young people thinking Antifa is a good organization, when in reality it is just a Communist party goon squad.

Children naturally sympathize with those in distress, but as children they also fail to recognize the conservative discipline it takes to build a happy life for yourself.

You see what happened to Europe when it became deliberately overloaded with Africans and dark skinned people from other places. Normal life is no longer possible there, only defense from possible rape and murder every second of the day, just like South Africa.

And what very few people can see is how the Jews manage to always take the higher ground by constantly appealing to everyone’s conscience while possessing no conscience themselves. This is how the Jews manage to swindle everyone.

Trends toward liberalism and liberality always end in revolution. A nation that doesn’t stick to its founding principles never lasts long.

The young can’t see that, because they are still among the have nots, resentful of the awesome power of the world that they have no part in.

They cannot yet see the years of work and worry it takes to achieve a secure  life for your children and their mother. And they mostly can’t see that an authentic life means what you earn will make you strong and what is given to you will make you weak.

Worst of all, we are deliberately misled by the leaders of society at the time. Our teachers want to keep their jobs so they don’t challenge the orders that come down from the Department of Education to teach your children things they know are deliberately wrong in order to properly train for the lives of slaves they are destined for.

We’ve not only been betrayed by all those around us, we’ve been betrayed by ourselves. We’ve compromised when we didn’t have the courage to object strenuously. They are about to take everything from you, and unless you stand up for yourself and stop them, they will take everything you have, including your life.

This is the imposed reality that has plagued us throughout the 20th century and into the 21st: We are taught to believe lies that we don’t recognize as lies until far too late. The Federal Reserve system is one such lie. Honest presidential elections are another one.

The worst part of it is that you can’t trust your friends. You don’t know what they know and they don’t know what you know. If you don’t know them that well, they could turn you in as politically incorrect, or even worse, a Holocaust denier. Your attempts to explain the concept to officials will fall on deaf, ignorant ears. Purveyors of false stories inexplicably come between you and your friends, and your alliances are foiled by suspicion. Prejudices are exploited, misgivings are misinterpreted, and pretty soon, the group is rent asunder over differences that could have been worked out, except by religious lunatics.

When you feminize the men and masculinize the women you will have an army that is much easier to defeat. While military officials argue about the rights of transgenders instead of the specifics of national defense, Americans don’t realize they’re on the verge of being slaughtered.

Welcome to the Twilight World

Welcome to the Twilight World, where your voice is never heard.

When your identity is erased for not being politically correct, you won’t have access to money.

Where your wishes are never fulfilled, only frustrated.

Where you learn to distrust the people you trust most and totally believe what the voices in the big box tell you to do in order to be popular with your friends who will let you down faster than you can look at your watch.

This is the Twilight World right in front of your eyes, nothing but lies drained of vitality and meaning. You fail to see it much before your hair turns white and the sinews of your upper arm begin to droop.

It is the world you left for posterity, just as ignorant as it always was.

A Twilight World of imposed reality, where children shoot each other at the government’s request and Big Brother grabs our guns. Not as bad as in England or Sweden, where they import strangers from around the world to rape their daughters.

dysfunction vs. disfunction

(The ‘y’ makes you think of dystopia, which is where we are.)

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



Saudi Crown Prince: America Asked Us to Spread Ideology of ISIS

(ANTIMEDIA)  In the latest continuation of western media’s shameless promotion of a known war criminal, the Washington Post sat down with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) last Thursday for a 75-minute discussion (even the Post itself previously published an acknowledgment of his crimes).

While the Post’s write-up focuses mainly on the allegation that MBS has Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, “in his pocket,” the war in Yemen, and the rights of women in the Kingdom, most curious is the second-to-last paragraph of the report, which states the following:

“Asked about the Saudi-funded spread of Wahhabism, the austere faith that is dominant in the kingdom and that some have accused of being a source of global terrorism, Mohammed said that investments in mosques and madrassas overseas were rooted in the Cold War, when allies asked Saudi Arabia to use its resources to prevent inroads in Muslim countries by the Soviet Union.” [emphasis added]

What? Allies asked Saudi Arabia to use its resources — specifically, investments in mosques and madrassas overseas —to prevent countries from forming alliances with the former Soviet Union?

Of course, it was already known that Saudi Arabia was doing just that for decades, but this is the first time the blame has been openly shifted to Western allies in an interview with a major newspaper.

As the Week explained in 2015, Saudi Arabia has spent billions of dollars “investing heavily in building mosques, madrasas, schools, and Sunni cultural centers across the Muslim world. Indian intelligence says that in India alone, from 2011 to 2013, some 25,000 Saudi clerics arrived bearing more than $250 million to build mosques and universities and hold seminars.”

The effects of this policy have been far-reaching. As even pro-war pundit Fareed Zakaria has documented:

“In Southeast Asia, almost all observers whom I have spoken with believe that there is another crucial cause [behind the ‘cancer’ of Islamic extremism] – exported money and ideology from the Middle East, chiefly Saudi Arabia. A Singaporean official told me, ‘Travel around Asia and you will see so many new mosques and madrassas built in the last 30 years that have had funding from the Gulf. They are modern, clean, air-conditioned, well-equipped – and Wahhabi [Saudi Arabia’s puritanical version of Islam].’ Recently, it was reported that Saudi Arabia plans to contribute almost $1 billion to build 560 mosques in Bangladesh. The Saudi government has denied this, but sources in Bangladesh tell me there’s some truth to the report.”

Saudi Arabia’s funding for extremism has even reached as far as the Indian Ocean. According to the New York Times, Saudi Arabia has “for decades spread its conservative strand of Islam in the Maldives by sending religious leaders, building mosques and giving scholarships to students to attend universities.” Is it a mere coincidence therefore that the South China Morning Post reported that Indian intelligence sources are claiming hundreds of Maldivians have joined ISIS in Syria



Diet Soda’s Worst Fear Coming True: Massive Study links Aspartame to Major Problems

As concerns about health epidemics plague the nation, demand and sales of diet soda have plunged as consumers try to make better choices. As we reported, aspartame (the main sweetener for diet soda) is one of the most dangerous ingredients used in our food supply, causing seizures and a host of other health issues.

In a new study done over ten years and sampling 60,000 women, it was shown that women who drink two or more diet drinks a day have much higher cardiovascular disease rates and are more likely to die from the disease.

30 percent more likely to have a heart problems…

In the largest study done of it’s kind, The University of Iowa concluded:

Compared to women who never or only rarely consume diet drinks, those who consume two or more a day are 30 percent more likely to have a cardiovascular event [heart attack or stroke] and 50 percent more likely to die from related disease.

This is one of the largest studies on this topic, and our findings are consistent with some previous data, especially those linking diet drinks to the metabolic syndrome, says Dr. Ankur Vyas, the lead investigator of the study.

The association persisted even after researchers adjusted the data to account for demographic characteristics and other cardiovascular risk factors, including body mass index, smoking, hormone therapy use, physical activity, energy intake, salt intake, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and sugar-sweetened beverage intake.

On average, women who consumed two or more diet drinks a day were younger, more likely to be smokers, and had a higher prevalence of diabetes, high blood pressure, and higher body mass index.

Soda sales slipping…

Thankfully this study comes on the heels of reports of already slipping sales of diet soda, one of the largest aspartame markets.



Jews Lying Again; They Want War With Russia

by David Sims

RUSSIA IS BEING framed again by Jewish liars, who, this time, are speaking through the mouths of members of the British Parliament.

You might remember a previous incident of this sort. In February 2014, a Zionist-backed coup transferred political control of Ukraine from the native Ukrainians who had previously held the highest administrative offices, to new officials who were mostly Jews. These Jews, once in power, quickly did a number of things, one of which was to ship all of Ukraine’s gold to the US Federal Reserve bank in New York, from which (if the fate of Germany’s gold is any guide for prediction) it will never again emerge.

Why did the Jews take over Ukraine in 2014? They wanted to use the country as a stage for political theater. The first play to be performed on that stage began when the Jewish bosses in Kiev arranged to have a Malaysian passenger jet shot down, and immediately afterward blaming it all on the Russians (i.e., with detailed news reports appearing within hours, as if all the important and relevant questions could be answered with such speed).

Now there has been another deadly play of political theater.

On 4 March 2018, in Salisbury, in the United Kingdom, someone tried to assassinate a former Soviet intelligence officer named Sergei Skripal (age 66) and his daughter Yulia (age 33), using a nerve gas called Novichok A-234.

The government of the UK quickly identified the particular nerve gas that was used in the attack.

Most suspiciously quickly.

The UK government immediately cast the blame on the Russian government. However, it is likely that the nerve gas had come from a British chemical laboratory in Porton Down, which has a UK-classified auxiliary military role of dealing with chemical weapons. The Porton Down facility is only eight miles away from Salisbury.

The suspicious thing about the accusations by the UK government is the speed with which its forensic and evidentiary analyses were carried out. Real science usually does not move that fast.

The World Tribune raises some compelling questions about the attack:

Following are some of the unaddressed factors:

1. Motivation: What was the Russian Government’s alleged motivation for attempting to kill Skripal? Certainly, he was a former officer of the Soviet (and later Russian) military intelligence service, the GRU (Main Intelligence Directorate; since 2010 known as the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces) who had been found to have been working for the UK Secret Intelligence Service (SIS/MI6) during the 1990s and early 2000s.

Significantly, he was not — as was the historic custom of the former Soviet Government — executed for treason, but simply imprisoned after he had been arrested in December 2004 by the Federal Security Service (FSB), and then tried and convicted, and sentenced to a mere 13 years in prison. However, he received full amnesty from the Russian Government and was sent to the UK in 2010 in an exchange of intelligence illegals captured by Western (mainly U.S.) agencies. So it must be assumed that the GRU felt that he had nothing of importance which he could disclose to the UK Government that he had not already disclosed in his period as a double. Moreover, he retained his Russian Passport and kept getting consular services while in the UK. His family was permitted to travel and live in Russia.

Why, then, eight years later, would Moscow seek to have him killed? That is not to say that Russia was not involved in the attack, but merely, from evidence so far available, there is no ability to build a compelling case against Russia based on definitive physical evidence or on motive.

2. The Methodology of the Attack: The description of the type of attack and the alleged weapon used (a nerve agent within the Novichok family) were raised by the UK Government as prima facie evidence of Russian Government involvement, and the allegation was made by the British Government — again without supporting evidence — that the Russian Government had continued to manufacture and stockpile weaponized Novichok (meaning “newcomer”) family nerve agents in contravention of post-Cold War understandings. Open source literature suggests that five variants of the Novichok family had been developed and weaponized between 1971 and 1993. The UK Government was not specific about which strand of Novichok was allegedly used against Skripal and his daughter (although it was believed to have been the A-232 variety, which could be used in a spray).

However, there were numerous official and media allegations that the attack somehow paralleled the very different case of Alexander Litvinenko, a former officer of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) and, before that, the KGB, who had defected to the UK where he received political asylum. He was, on November 1, 2006, hospitalized (and later died) from having received a lethal dose of polonium-210, a chemical derived from a rare and highly radioactive metal. Both the circumstances of Litvinenko’s background (and relationship with the Russian Government), and the methodology and weapons of the attack bear no relationship with the background of Skripal.

3. Access to Nerve Agents: It is important to note that the UK Government throughout its statements on the matter implied that only Russia had access to the Novichok agents, and that they were still in use with the Russian Armed Forces. Those allegations were incorrect as to the spread of knowledge and possession of the agents were concerned, and there is no evidence that the Russian Government retained Novichok in its arsenal (although it would certainly have samples in its archives).

The reality was that several Soviet satellite states also were known to have had access to Novichok during the Cold War, and Wikipedia notes: “In 2016 Iranian chemists synthesized six Novichok agents for analysis and produced detailed mass spectral data which was added to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons Central Analytical Database.” Moreover, the fact that the UK Government’s chemical and biological warfare agency at Porton Down was able to identify the nerve agent used in the Skripal case as Novichok indicates that Porton Down also has — presumably as with the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense (USAMRICD), at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, and other concerned agencies around the world — attempted to obtain samples of Novichok agents and probably attempted to replicate them in order to discover antidotes. Vil Mirzayanov, one of the developers of Novichok, defected to the U.S. in the early-1990s, revealed the project and delivered all the data, including production techniques, to the U.S. and the UK.

It is fortunate for the victims that the toxin was promptly identified and that the proper antidote was ready to hand, else Sergei and Yulia Skripal would likely be dead. However, that same promptitude makes it appear more likely that the British government is itself the poisoner, rather than the Russians.



Never mind Facebook, Google is the all-seeing ‘big brother’ you should know about

Never mind Facebook, Google is the all-seeing ‘big brother’ you should know about
The Cambridge Analytica scandal put Facebook through the wringer in recent weeks, losing the company $100 billion in stock value and prompting a global debate on internet privacy.

The social media giant was forced to apologize and overhaul its privacy and data sharing practices, but it still remains in the media spotlight and in the crosshairs of the Federal Trade Commission, which says it may be liable for hundreds of millions of dollars worth of fines.

But amid all the furor, one monolithic entity has continued to harvest data from billions of people worldwide. The data gathered includes a precise log of your every move and every internet search you’ve ever made, every email you’ve ever sent, your workout routine, your favourite food, and every photo you’ve ever taken. And you have allowed it to happen to yourself, for the sake of better service and more relevant advertising.

Google is a ‘Big Brother’ with capabilities beyond George Orwell’s wildest nightmares. These capabilities are all the more chilling after Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc., cut its famous “don’t be evil” line from its code of conduct in 2015.

Everything you’ve ever searched for on any of your devices is recorded and stored by Google. It’s done to better predict your future searches and speed up and streamline your browsing. You can clear your search history, but it only works for that particular device. Google still keeps a record of everything. Click here to see everything you’ve ever searched on a Google device.

The same goes for every app and extension you use. If it’s connected to Google, your data is stored. That means that your Facebook messages are not only farmed out to companies like Cambridge Analytica, Google also has them from the Facebook app you use.

YouTube, which is a Google subsidiary, also stores a history of every video you watch. It will know if you’ve listened to Linkin Park’s ‘In the End’ 3,569 times, or watched hours of flat-earth conspiracy theory videos.

Likewise, any file you’ve ever stored on Google Drive, any Google Calendar event you’ve attended, any photo you’ve stored on Google Photos, and every email you’ve ever sent are all stored. You can access a copy of all of this data by requesting a link from Google here.

Perhaps what hits home the hardest, though, is that Google keeps track of where you are and how you got there, at all times. If you have a smartphone, there’s a good chance it runs the Android operating system, considering Android phones account for 82 percent of the global market share. That’s over 2 billion monthly active users.



Remember This – Israel put up a £1,000,000 bounty for Labour insiders to undermine Corbyn











The second release from Al Jazeera‘s undercover sting operation on key members of the Israel lobby in Britain has revealed a £1,000,000 plot by the Israeli government to undermine Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The plot

The Al Jazeera investigation took place over several months in 2016, with an undercover reporter becoming a trusted confidant of Israeli diplomat Shai Masot. The reporter filmed key conversations among Masot and British political allies over the summer, revealing a network of pro-Israel organisations committed to ‘taking down’ UK politicians who attempted to defend Palestinian rights.

The first revelation caught Masot and British civil servant Maria Strizzolo. Masot is a senior political officer at the Israeli embassy in London, with diplomatic immunity. Strizzolo is the former parliamentary assistant to Robert Halfon, a junior education minister and former deputy chair of the Conservative Party. After Strizzolo brags about elevating Halfon from backbencher to government minister, and planting a pro-Israel question in parliament through him, Masot asks if she is as effective at taking anti-Israel politicians down as building pro-Israel politicians up.

Masot: “Can I give you some MPs that you can take down?”

Strizzolo: “Well you know, if you look hard enough I’m sure that there is something they are trying to hide.”

Masot: “Yeah, I have some MPs.”

Strizzolo: “Let’s talk about it.”

Masot (to AJ reporter): “No, she knows which MPs I want to take down.”

Masot (after Strizzolo asks for a reminder): “The deputy foreign minister.”

Strizzolo: “A little scandal maybe?”

This is a British civil servant proposing the take-down of serving UK government minister Alan Duncan, at the request of a foreign diplomat. The Conservative government responded by accepting an apology from Israeli ambassador Mark Regev, and stating the matter is “closed”.

The plot thickens

Sadly for the government of Theresa May, the story is going nowhere. The second release now shows that not only was Israel interfering in the matters of UK government, but also Her Majesty’s Opposition.

As Middle East Eye reports:

In secret conversations filmed by an undercover reporter, Shai Masot, a senior political officer at the Israeli embassy in London, described his plans to set up a youth wing of the Labour Friends of Israel (LFI) organisation and revealed that he had set up other organisations in the past.

Masot described taking delegations of Labour members on trips to Israel and told Joan Ryan, the chair of LFI, that he had he had been approved £1m ($1.2m) to fund further visits.

He also said he had set up a group called ‘The City Friends of Israel’ in collaboration with AIPAC, an influential pro-Israel lobbying organisation in the US.

Describing Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as ‘crazy’, Masot said he had set up a youth wing of the Conservative Friends of Israel in 2015 and wanted to do the same inside the Labour Party, but had been unsuccessful because of the ‘crisis’ surrounding Corbyn’s election as leader.

Masot also described Corbyn’s supporters as being ‘weirdos’ and ‘extremists’.

Masot complained that, under Corbyn, the Labour Party had been harder to influence – and therefore the establishment of seemingly independent pro-Israel groups within the Labour Party were required to undermine the leadership. This conversation took place at the Labour Party conference in 2016, shortly after the unsuccessful Labour coup.

Like Masot’s earlier target Alan Duncan, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has supported the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement that is creating real consequences for Israel’s continued occupation of Palestine. Pro-Israel politicians across Europe and the Americas have been working to make criticism of Israel synonymous with antisemitism, and outlaw the BDS movement. In short, to prevent freedom of speech and freedom of custom.

The reaction

Israel threw its diplomat under the bus immediately, confirming that Masot will be leaving his post shortly. Strizzolo was also forced to resign. But despite evidence of a network of organisations and political operatives working to undermine British democracy, the May government stated that this matter was closed.

May is now facing stiff opposition from all quarters to reverse the decision. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has called for a full inquiry into the role of Israel in UK politics, and he is being backed by the Scottish National Party and several high-profile Conservative MPs. Labour’s Shadow Foreign Minister Emily Thornberry said:

The exposure of an Israeli embassy official discussing how to bring down or discredit a government minister and other MPs because of their views on the Middle East is extremely disturbing.

Improper interference in our democratic politics by other states is unacceptable whichever country is involved. It is simply not good enough for the Foreign Office to say the matter is closed. This is a national security issue.

The embassy official involved should be withdrawn, and the government should launch an immediate inquiry into the extent of this improper interference and demand from the Israeli government that it be brought to an end.

Crispin Blunt, the influential chairman of the parliament’s select committee on foreign affairs, and also a target of Masot’s campaign said:

What we cannot have is Israel acting in the UK with the same impunity it enjoys in Palestine.

This is clearly interference in another country’s politics of the murkiest and most discreditable kind.

Nicholas Soames, Conservative MP and grandson of Winston Churchill, said:

This ranks as the equivalent of Soviet intelligence in what they are doing to suborn democracy and interfere in due process.

The fallout

In weeks where the US expelled 35 Russian diplomats over a conspiracy for which intelligence services are yet to produce any tangible evidence, the UK government’s servile response to the undeniable mendacity of the Israeli government is utterly breathtaking. In a statement sent to The Canary, Jewish campaign group Free Speech On Israel says that the covert meetings between Israeli official Shai Masot and Tory and Labour politicians, revealed in the investigation by Al Jazeera, are evidence of a concerted campaign to undermine pro-Palestinian currents in both parties.

These latest revelations vindicate the case that Free Speech on Israel has been making for many months. There can now be no doubt: Pro-Israel advocates in the UK have been working with representatives of the Israeli state to undermine their political opponents…

The full story of the corrupt relationship between the Israeli government and British politicians must come out into the open. And Ambassador Regev, who has presided over this infiltration policy, needs to be told that he is no longer welcome.

Free Speech on Israel spokesperson Glyn Secker said:

The UK government just last month said it would adopt a highly politicised ‘definition’ of antisemitism favoured by pro-Israel lobbyists. Disturbingly, Labour supported the move. This looks more and more like the handiwork of pro-Israel sympathisers among UK policy makers. A spotlight needs to be shone into these dark corners of our political system.




The Jewish Catechism: Advice to Jews on How to Achieve Zionist Goals


The text below was first published in Tel Aviv in 1958, but was not published in the official press in Russia. It consists of advice to Jews on how to behave in the former USSR in order to achieve Zionist goals. The word Russian has been changed to the word American for this article.

JEWS! Love one another, help one another! Help each other even if you hate each other!

Our strength lies in unity. Unity is the token of our success, and it is our salvation and our prosperity. Many nations perished after becoming dispersed because they did not have a clear-cut program of action or a feeling of comradeship. But we, thanks to our feeling of collectivism, have gone on for centuries and have survived while living among other nations. We have remained intact, have multiplied and have grown stronger.

Unity is an objective, but it is also a means of achieving an objective. This is the point. Unity is what must be striven for. Everything else is derivative, and will come automatically.

Help one another, do not be afraid of being regarded as nationalists, and do not be afraid of protectionism. This nationalism of ours is our chief instrument. Our nationalism is international, and that is why it is eternal. The way towards our nationalism is open to Jews of all nationalities, all denominations, and all parties. The only true internationalism is that which is tied to the Jews by links of blood. All other forms of internationalism are merely provocation and deceit. Operate on a broader scale in drawing towards yourselves people who are close to you by reason of their birth. Only they can provide you with the living environment desired.

Form your national groups of specialists. Groups of specialists are the Holy of Holies. Such groups decide everything. Today’s specialist groups are our tomorrow. Every laboratory, every university department and every institute must become the place where our national groups of specialists are created.

Prepare young Jewish people for the task of continuing the tradition of former generations. Let every generation of Gentiles conflict with our system of defense in depth. Every time the older generation disappears from the scene, it must be replaced by an even more powerful cohort of young Jews who have been given the right training at the proper time and have become strong as a result. To achieve this, our young people must be promoted to positions of leadership as early as possible on the grounds that they are mature and brilliant. Even if this is not yet true, they will mature on the job.

HE WHO IS IN POWER IS IN THE RIGHT. We must pass on to our children more than we received from our fathers, and our children, after preserving what they have received and adding to it, will, in turn, pass it on to their offspring. Continuity from generation to generation is our strength, our stability and our immortality.


The world is cruel, and there is no place in it for philanthropy. Every nation is the creator of its own happiness. It is not our business to worry about American national groups of specialists. If they do not think about themselves, why should we think about them? Do not follow the example of the Americans and the Arabs, who live contemplatively, hoping that an off-chance may arise. Do not expect any favors from nature – our task is to take the favors ourselves.

Throw out the Gentiles… all highly paid, influential and profitable jobs are our national income.

Create your own groups and use these groups to throw out the Gentiles. Remember: all highly paid, influential and profitable jobs are our national income. Remember that every Gentile who has reached our level can occupy a post which might have belonged to each one of us. We create our groups so that goys cannot prevent us from living the way we want to. Let the goys try to create their own groups. They will scarcely succeed in this, and they will fall out with one another before they manage to achieve anything. We shall help them in that.

THE AMERICANS ARE INCAPABLE OF THINKING DEEPLY, ANALYSING OR ARRIVING AT DEEP GENERALIZATIONS. THEY ARE LIKE PIGS WHO LIVE WITH THEIR SNOUTS BURIED IN THE GROUND, NOT SUSPECTING THAT THERE IS A SKY. They interpret all phenomena in too superficial and specific a way. They do not see facts as a sequence and do not understand how facts interrelate. They are unable to think, generalize or form abstractions. To them, every event is only an event, however frequently it may occur.

Our ideology is basically opposed to that of the goys. They say: “It is better to have less but of better quality,” We say: “It is better to have more and of better quality,” They say: “It is better to be poor and healthy, than rich and sick.” We say: “It is better to be healthy and rich than poor and sick.” They say: “To give is as pleasant as to receive.” We say: “To give may be pleasant, but to receive is also more profitable.” They say: “Act in accordance with the law. That is your duty.” We say: “Act contrary to the law, and I shall return you a favor.” They say: “Win the victory or die.” Our slogan is: “Win the victory in order to live, but live in order to win the victory.” (What is the point of victory if there is no life? One must wait until the bitterness of defeat is over – everything will come to him who can wait.)

All knowledge and skills that they possess, we possess too. They do not need to know or feel things which we know and feel. Everything they possess constitutes the limit of what they are capable of. Everything we possess is our means for achieving even more. EVERYTHING WHICH THEY POSSESS TODAY IS OURS AND IS FOR THEIR TEMPORARY USE. IT IS OUR TASK TO TAKE FROM THEM THE THINGS WHICH GOD HAS BEQUEATHED TO US.

The Americans are obstinate, but they are not persistent enough when it comes to attaining an objective. They are lazy, and that is whey they are always in a hurry. They try to solve all problems at a stroke. They sacrifice small things for the sake of the major, decisive task of winning a victory. But that victory either does not come at all or else, having won the victory, they are no better off than before. WE PROFESS THE TACTICS OF SMALL VICTORIES, ALTHOUGH WE DO NOT OBJECT TO LARGE VICTORIES. A SMALL VICTORY IS ALSO A VICTORY!

The Americans neither know how to lead, nor how to submit. They are saboteurs by reason of their genetic makeup. The Americans are envious, and they hate their colleagues if the latter rise above the grey masses of the people. Give them the chance to tear to pieces these colleagues who have been promoted, and they will tear him to pieces with pleasure. Jews! Always act as arbitrators, adopt the posture of being peacemakers, defend the “unhappy people” against whom the crowd is up in arms, but only inasmuch as to gain a reputation as a generous, objective person. With a little patience, you will take over the position of the person whom a short while ago you tore to pieces. WHEN TWO AMERICANS FIGHT ONE ANOTHER, A JEW IS THE WINNER.

Set the Americans against one another, provoke in them envy towards one another. Always do this imperceptibly and subtly, operating under a cover of benevolence. Let them fight among themselves. You will always be the arbitrator.


The Americans do not know how to ask for something, regarding it as humiliating to do so, even though they are humiliated and poor as it stands. We say: “Every humiliation is a blessing if it produces an advantage.” One can humiliate oneself in order to achieve a goal, and it is possible to humiliate oneself with dignity. NOTHING IS IMMORAL IF IT ASSISTS OUR PEOPLE TO BECOME WELL-ESTABLISHED AND PROSPEROUS. THE END ILLUMINATES THE MEANS.

The Americans are stupid and coarse. They refer to their stupidity and coarseness as honesty, decency and well-principled behavior. Their inability to adapt and change their behavior so as to suit the situation and their lack of any mental flexibility, are described by them as “being true to themselves,” as “adherence to principle”. Goys are so stupid and coarse that they do not even know how to lie. Again, they call their primitiveness and stupidity honesty and decency, although they are by nature mendacious and dishonest. In ancient times the goys referred to their characteristically primitive behavior as barbarity, in the Middle Ages they termed it chivalry, and later they called it gentlemanly conduct. They committed suicide out of empty principles. LET THEM CONTINUE TO DO SO!

They are restricted in their abilities and for this reason they set limits to everything. But we say: “Man’s possibilities are unlimited, because man behaves in accordance with circumstances!”

Always remember the limits which goys set for themselves. Their thinking has stagnated within these limits, and they are unable to go beyond them. Therein lies their misfortune and our advantage. Speak and act in a way which their morality and their concepts do not permit. Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable.

Speak and act in a way which is confident, energetic, aggressive, discouraging and stunning. Produce more noise and oral trumpery, and say more things which are incomprehensible and pseudo-scientific. Create theories, hypotheses, tendencies, schools, practicable and impracticable methods. The more extravagant, the better! Do not bother about these theories being useless because they will have been forgotten about by tomorrow. A new day, and with it, new ideas will come. It is here that our self-assertion, our superiority, and the power of our spirit, all find expression. Let the goys bear the brunt of the ideas we float. Let them rack their brains looking for any grains of rationality in our ideas, and let them seek and find in our ideas things which are not there. Tomorrow we shall give their primitive brains some new food to chew on.

It does not matter what you say. What matters is how you say it. Your self-confidence will be perceived as conviction, your ambition will be thought to be loftiness of mind, and your manner of preaching and putting people right will be regarded as superiority. TWIST THE BRAINS OF THE GOYS AND WORK THE GOYS UP INTO A NERVOUS STATE! Suppress the will of those, who object what you are saying. Place the upstarts and bawlers in a compromising position, and stir up the pride of the crowd against any sceptics. In your discussions and debates, use rhetorical methods which border on the indecent. If anyone doubts what you are saying and objects to it, ask him his surname, where he works and what his job is. This will usually shock and intimidate them, and they will retreat. Demand replies, and when you have received them, say over and over again, without analyzing the essence of the replies: “It’s not like that, it’s not like that at all!”

If some know-it-all tries to expose you, the others will not listen to him and will condemn him, because by exposing you he is proving them guilty of stupidity, and the crowd does not forgive this.

If an American tries to show his worth and to attract attention to himself, you must create more sound effects at that moment, shuffle your feet, stand up and walk about, make creaking noises with the chairs, laugh, chatter, hum something under your breath, cough and blow your nose, and interrupt him by making speeches, conversing, telling jokes, and the like. Cause the American a mass of petty, annoying inconveniences of which they are not immediately aware. Place your things on top of their belongings, tread on their feet, breathe in their faces and talk in a provocatively loud way. Let them constantly feel your elbow in their side. The Americans cannot endure this for long. To avoid any scandals, they will go away, leaving the place free for you to occupy…They think it is particularly smart to slam the door and walk away. Give them the opportunity to do so! POLITE INSOLENCE IS OUR WATCHWORD!

Labeling tricks

Accuse of antisemitism those who try to expose you.

Accuse of antisemitism those who try to expose you. Pin the label of “antisemite” on them, and you will see with what pleasure the other goys will take up this version. On the whole, all Americans are antisemites, but as soon as you pin this label on one American, he becomes defenseless, because all the others will throw him to us as a sacrifice and will destroy him with their own hands. And we shall attach the stigma to the next victim.

Play on the soft-heartedness of the Americans. Make yourselves out to be poor and unfortunate ones, arouse compassion and sympathy for yourselves, spread the rumors about the eternally suffering nation, about persecution in the past and discrimination today. The tactic of the “poor Jew” has been proving its worth for thousands of years! Even if the Americans have less than us, they will nonetheless help us to have more. The Americans like being benefactors and guardians and every beggar strives to be a benefactor because that raises his status. The generosity of the Americans increases in the same measure as their ability to put it into effect decreases. Take from them what they can give: a mangy sheep will at least yield a tuft of wool!

Distort all phenomena in the light of our interests. Every phenomenon must, unquestionably, be considered from the point of view of the harm or benefit it produces for the Jews!

Inform one another about everything which may harm or benefit us. Information is the Holy of Holies! Money, groups of specialists, and information: these are the three supports upon which our well-being is founded!

It is every Jew’s sacred duty and obligation to inform another Jew of what the Goyim intend to do. You helped me today, I shall help you tomorrow – therein lies our strength.

The world they destroy to claim ownership

Our God bequeathed to us the task of owning the world, and we own it.

Our God bequeathed to us the task of owning the world, and we own it. Our task is to keep the world in our hands. Keep in your hands the means of propaganda and information: the press, radio, television, and cinema. We must penetrate further into the apparatus of Federal and State authority. Regarding any question, form a public opinion which takes into account our national interests.

Any trifle can be turned into a problem and any problem into a trifle. Not one public process must be allowed to drift of its own accord. If it does not benefit us, slow it down, or direct it against our enemies, the goyim. We must be at the head of any undertaking so that we can guide it in the required direction.

Be the leaders in everything, strive always to be the first! Cultivate within yourself the characteristics of leadership. Do this every hour, every minute, even in the trifles of everyday life. Do not give way to anything. Try not to give way even in respect of trifles, whether they be your seat in a bus or train or your place in a queue in a shop.

In any working group, take the power into your own hands and direct the group in our interests. We must carry out the administrative and creative part of the production process. Let the goys provide the preparatory material and technical basis for our creative work. Let them look after the cleanliness of the workplaces and guard the fruits of our labors. Let their position be no higher than that of a porter or cleaner.

It is permissible, by way of an exception, to allow goys of non-European origin to do creative work. Do not allow European Americans to do this! We shall always deserve blame if we allow WASP’s to do such work. And do not be afraid of us gaining a reputation as nationalists: an illusion of internationalism will be assured with an admixture of Jewish blood or, if the worst comes to the worst, by the presence of representatives of ethnic minorities. If you have a vacancy, hire only a Jew.

If you cannot do this, cancel the position. If you can do neither, hire an Asian. If none is available, hire an Indian, a Mexican or, if the worst comes to the worst, an African. All these have scores to settle with the European Americans. After they have been worked on for a while, they will become your allies. They are all only antisemites in their own native lands. In America, it is more beneficial to them to be internationalists. By these means they will find the necessary area within which they can exist. Make use of these means they adopt.

Do not openly destroy the monuments to the history of America, but also do not restore those monuments. Years will pass, and the monuments will collapse of their own accord. And hooligans and “lovers of the past” will take them away little by little, brick by brick. Pretend not to notice this because you are occupied with major tasks of the national economy. A nation without a history is like a child without parents. Such a nation can be molded into whatever is required. One can impose upon such a nation one’s own philosophy and one’s own way of thinking.

By this method, whole nations can be inevitably deprived of their particular individuality. First, they will lose their history and traditions, and then we shall form them in our own image.

NSA, Faceberg and Joogle all record everything you do for your safety.

Do not permit them to discuss any problems without us being present… Be omnipresent!

Keep every step taken by influential and forward-looking Americans under a never-slackening control. Do not allow them to go off by themselves and unite. Do not permit any intimate, direct links to develop between them. Any contacts they have must be with us and through us. Therein lies information and influence. Do not permit them to discuss any problems without us being present. Where there are two Americans, there must be at least one Jew. Be omnipresent!

If you do not succeed in blocking the young and forward-looking Americans and in preventing them from expressing themselves, make them manipulatable. Draw them into your groups, surround them with a strong Jewish presence, and deprive them of any contacts and acquaintances outside of your influence. Compel them to marry Jewesses, and only then give them a go-ahead. Do not be afraid: their children will be ours whatever happens. Whoever the bull that leapt on board may belong to, its calf will be ours.

By helping such Americans, you are contributing to the cause of our Jewish community. From now on their wages will be our national income. For the sake of their children, they will lose their “civil rights”, their feelings and their intelligence, and in any case, it will not be possible for them to be antisemitic. Cohabitation with a Jewess is one way of attracting talented Americans into our sphere of influence and interest.

Take beautiful, healthy American women as your wives. Let them bear us healthy offspring and improve our race. Thus, every forward-looking American must be given a Jewish girl friend or boy friend. If every American takes at least one Jew away with him, we shall all be all right.

Give bribes and presents to the Americans. Give them fine wine and vodka to drink, or, better still, spirits sold under a State monopoly. They will sell anything, including their own country, in exchange for trinkets and poison.

Adolf Hitler feeding baby deer.

Fascism is not an accidental phenomenon. It arises in places where we underestimate the local people’s efforts to be the owners of their own land.

A final piece of advice. Be vigilant. The Spanish Inquisition and German Fascism must not be repeated. Nip in the bud any attempts to put society in opposition to us, and destroy any anti-Jewish tendencies at the very outset, whatever shape they may take. Fascism is not an accidental phenomenon. It arises in places where we underestimate the local people’s efforts to be the owners of their own land. Fascism develops secretly in all nations. Luckily for us, different nations start practicing fascism at different times and under different names.

Buy up, steal and destroy any literature which reveals our tactics and strategy and which represent the Jews in a bad light. Do not permit such works to be re-published. The goy nations must not remember or know the actual reasons for Jewish pogroms and persecutions. They must only know our interpretation of such questions.

Pay particular attention to unyielding, obstinate people, who do not want to bow to our superiority, do not want to work for us and are opposed to our practices and our policies. Sooner or later such people will develop into antisemites. Do not allow little antisemites to grow into people who take part in big pogroms! Let them tire themselves out at the very outset with their stubborn idea of national dignity. Expose them using any pretext and any reason to place them in a compromising position, and oppose them with all the means available. So long as they are alone, they will be unable to hold out against our collectivism and against our onslaught. They may be in the right a thousand times over with their trivialities. But they are in the wrong nonetheless if they stand in our way.

Spread compromising rumors about these stubborn people, give them a dubious reputation, and in the end they will then begin to be feared even by those who support them, who know them well and who have a very high opinion of them.

You must deprive them of any connections and contacts, and make it impossible for them to work effectively. Cast doubt on whether the work they are doing and the positions they hold serve any useful purpose. Isolate them, stir up the crowd against them, deprive them of influential positions in society, and provoke them into conflicts. Humiliate them, ignore them, offend them with unfair incentives and unjust penalties, and when they protest, accuse them of being disobedient, insubordinate, quarrelsome and troublesome.

Appeal to the public and to the administrative authorities, drag these obstinate people before the Legal System and to the Police. If possible, take them to court.

If you are older than them, accuse them of breaching the principle of respect for one’s elders. If you are the same age as them, accuse them of breaching the principle of brotherhood, and be quite sure to blame them for violating the principle of internationalism. The effectiveness of these methods has been proven over many generations. This is how all so-called “exploiters” act, being impelled by the need to keep the nations in a state of obedience. The chief point is that they must be accused. Let them try to defend themselves. Anyone who tries to defend himself is already half guilty!

Monica Schaefer is in prison in Germany for making a YouTube video about the Holohoax in Canada. She was snatched at the trial of Earnst Zudel's Lawyer Sylvia Stolz who was arrested for defending her client who also exposed the Holohoax.

Only those who submissively follow us and go along with us have the right to privileges and a quiet life.

If the opportunity arises, move their behavior into the political arena, write denunciations and anonymous letters about them, accuse them of antisocial behavior and economic sabotage. Provoke them into publicly opposing State power, and then destroy them with the aid of that same State power.

Only those who submissively follow us and go along with us have the right to privileges and a quiet life. Those who wish to go their own independent way are potentially dangerous and must be deprived of all kinds of support and of the means of existence.

There must be either order we impose, or complete disorganization. Chaos must reign in any place where goys wish to manage without us! Act so that disorder continues until the exhausted goys, having become desperate, ask us to take power into our own hands and give them a quiet life.

The goys must work under our leadership and be beneficial to us. Those who are of no benefit to us must be expelled. There is no public benefit beyond our interests! Anyone who is not with us are against us! An eye for an eye! A tooth for a tooth! That is what Moses taught, and that is how our forefathers lived. And that is how we shall live too. Revenge is a sacred feeling. It forms a person’s character and affirms his validity. Abandon any feeling of submissiveness and humility towards those who have offended us. Let the stupid goyim keep for themselves the slogans of Christian charity, meekness, humility, and self-denial – they are exactly what the stupid goyim are worthy of.

Promote, implant and propagate the Christian “virtues” among the goys, but as for yourselves, you must remain hard and uncompromising at heart. Be uncompromising towards our enemies! If you forgive them a small offence today, they will inflict a big offence on you tomorrow. Do not become accustomed to being offended, and repel other people’s desire to cause you offence.

Let the goyim urge one another to be cautious, moderate and flexible in relation to us. Let them be cautious in holding back our onslaught. We must act decisively and rapidly, always confronting them with accomplished facts. After this, let them hold long fruitless discussions. They have no weapon against our methods. Even if, after reaching a tough decision, they do one thing – by the time they have had this idea, reached an agreement, and done that one thing, we shall have done ten more important things. Let the resistance they offer be the stimulus we require, not an obstacle to us. We need their opposition so that we can maintain our fighting spirit and our preparedness, but that is the only purpose for which we need it.

Never relax the pressure. The tougher the resistance of the goys is, the greater our losses will be, Our income and the amounts which we accumulate, will therefore have to increase correspondingly. The profit we are making today must cover any possible losses in future pogroms, which take place in every country from time to time. Let the goys pay today for the fact that they will later, somewhere else in the world, take back part of what is theirs.

We must always be ready to leave the anger and hatred of the goys behind and go away to a place where people will accept us because they naively hope that their economy can be revived by the means of our capital.

Part of our strategy is to switch countries from time to time in search of more favorable living conditions. This is the meaning of the symbol of Agasfer, the “ETERNAL JEW”, indefatigable optimist and eternal wanderer.

But if we do have to go away, we must go away healthy and rich, and not poor and sick. Money is our legs.

We move our center of gravity to the place to which our money, our capital, has previously been transferred.

From time to time – after becoming materially stronger in the countries of our diaspora, and after collecting our tribute from them – we assemble in the land of our forefathers to fortify our spirit, our power, our symbols, and our belief in unity.

We assemble in order to disperse again. And so throughout all the ages.