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Graham Hancock Update 08/23/2018 – Pyramid Discoveries They Tried to Hide from the Public

Adrenochrome ~ Why Child Ritual Sacrifice Is Used By Hollywood, Politicians and the Elite

The 35 Most Common Flat Earth Questions Answered in 35 Minutes

Hamish Miller: Before & After Near Death Experience – High Quality #NDE

More pedo’s confronted…

Hillary MORTIFIED After Learning ALL Her ‘Deleted’ Emails FOUND


A Man Holds The Patent That Could Destroy Monsanto And Change The World Forever

List of children’s institutions where abuse has been reported

abuse law Simpson Millar LLP Solicitors   To view details of Group Actions we are/have been involved in click here. The following alphabetical list includes homes and institutions that we are familiar with or where we are aware that allegations of abuse have been made. Please contact us in confidence if you think you were …

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Pope Francis and the Dirty War – Michel Chossudovsky on GRTV


Birmingham Police INSPECTOR Admits being a PAEDOPHILE (Protected by Police) (s1 ep4)

List of Police, Prison & Court Personnel charged or convicted of an offence 2009 to 2016 – V33 (29/08/2017)

LGBT+- Stop Whining and Grow a Pair

by Soren Dreier Headline: Yes, Pope Francis, LGBT+ people do need psychiatric help – because of people like you Let me help: The Pope is very busy being the CEO of the biggest Pedo-franchise on the Planet. So this CEO is hopefully not your  ”our ol’ pal Francis ‘as you state. Why in God´s name (God is …

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Proof of Flat Earth – PDF Download

Flat Earth Proof-Book

Fracking – Method In Their Madness – David Icke

Surely – It must now be clear to everyone that Glyphosate, Chemtrails, Fracking, GMO, Vaccines are all part of the ongoing De-population agenda. Is there anyone that can’t see that yet ?


Glyphosate in Your Food & Another GOP Indictment

Brian Harvey report…

Glyphosate Levels in Grains Increase 300 Percent

Pedo’s Only Dance to the Devil’s Drum

Seems to be Pedo´s everywhere. New Age Cults – The Church – Hollywood – Governments. This world stinks of it. If I catch the scent of one in Heaven – Somebody took a wrong turn into the afterlife. -SD Horror claims about torture, sexual abuse and Murder in Catholic orphanage in Vermont Sickening claims about torture, …

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60 Years of Trump Predictive Programmimg

Thousands march protesting animal abuse

The Sex-Abuse Scandal Has Come for Pope Francis

A letter calling for his resignation shows how serious his crisis of credibility has become. Pope Francis’s credibility has taken a major hit as the crisis over clergy sex abuse continues to roil the Catholic Church. Following weeks of horrifying revelations about the Church’s long-standing mismanagement of allegations against priests, the pope visited Ireland this …

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Blind People Use Third Eye to See (MUST WATCH!) | MINDSIGHT

Monsanto Glyphosate Medical Implications

David Icke – Fake Chemical Attacks – How The US Wants War At All Costs

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