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Accuser Blasts Pope Silence

The former Vatican ambassador who accused three popes and their advisers of covering up for a disgraced American ex-cardinal has challenged the Vatican to say what it knows about the scandal and accused Pope Francis of mounting a campaign of “subtle slander” against him. Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano penned a new missive a month after …

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Depopulationg 1080 Poisoned Pellets Come to the US….Horrors Continue ~ New Zealand Hammered

Cathy O’Brien: Ex-Illuminati Mind Control Victim

A Judge?!? How About US Presidents… Anyone? Conservatives, Liberals, Democrats? Anyone???

The End Of Justice – It’s Rule By The Mob – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast

‘We were poor kids, we didn’t understand’: RT sheds light on casual child abuse by shamanic cult

Under the guise of being “holy men, whose power is stolen by women” Indonesian shamans abuse dozens of boys each, often swapping victims between each other – in a tradition that persists in disregard of the law. The waroks of East Java are world-renowned for their traditional masked dance, Reog Ponorogo, but in fact play …

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Facebook Collects Your Data From ‘Friends’ and Sells Them…

A group of American scientists reveals that Facebook is willing to go a long way in the battle to score even more billions from advertisers who would like to pay big bucks to hit you with tailor-made ads. Online social networking services have become the gate- way to the Internet for millions of users, accumulat- …

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Kavanaugh v Pulp Fiction

Facebook Admits Cyber Attack Exposed Info From 50 Million Accounts

If this latest breach is making you reconsider using Facebook, check out our guide on deactivating or deleting your account. Just after confirming the controversial practice of using 2FA phone numbers to send targeted ads to  Facebook users, the platform has discovered a flaw that’s left at least 50 million accounts compromised to attackers. Announced …

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Forced entry by bailiffs and police explained in under 3 minutes.


Cop Arrests Driver for Refusing to Sit in Police Car During Traffic Stop

Have a Little Carcinogenic Glyphosate With Your Morning Oatmeal

The Environmental Working Group just released an article showing the potentially cancer causing glyphosate found in Round Up is all over the oats in your favorite cereal and health bars

We Saw Nuns Kill Children: The Ghosts of St. Joseph’s Catholic Orphanage

This is the haunting story of children who survived horrors in American orphanages, and their fight to make the world believe them. Read the full investigation:…

Glyphosate and it’s effects on bee gut bacteria

Catholics – Your Saints and Your Children are Crying Blood

I am done with posting stories and news of the global abuse of children by the Catholic Church with the Vatican as its demonic powerhouse. It is well known that the Vatican has one of the most sophisticated intelligence networks in the world. They know everything from the brink of the Amazon River to the cold …

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2,000 Pedophiles and Sex Offenders Set to be Chemically Castrated

By Christina Zhao FILE PHOTO: Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev (R) on a visit to Beijing, June 7, 2018. Nazarbayev has recently allocated funding to chemically castrate around 2,000 convicted pedophiles. Reuters  The Former Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan is set to chemically castrate around 2,000 convicted pedophiles amid a surge in child rapes across the landlocked …

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David Icke Talks To Sputnik About The White Helmets


Description MEDIA ON TRIAL Part IV: The RUSSIAN CONNECTION Frome Stop War presents its fourth ‘Media on Trial’ event and is very proud and excited to host Russian film maker and director Andrei Nekrasov in his first ever live, in depth UK interview. Andrei’s prize-winning film ‘The Magnitsky Act – Behind the Scenes’ is a …

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David Icke On Alchemy Radio – Full Interview

Flat Earth invades Hollywood, hardcore members rage! SW166 Mark Sargent ✅

markksargent If you are new to Flat Earth, watch this first:… #SAMETEAM Please like and subscribe! 303-494-6631 Send strange stuff to 2410 James Place #502 Langley WA 98260 Join the Flat Earth Army!… Shirts designed and sold by the Peanut Gallery Flat Earth Clues Book! Are we inside a Truman …

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Labour Party Considers Israel Arms Embargo

Anya Parampil discusses this year’s annual conference of the Labour Party in the U.K., where delegates voted this week to debate the issue of Palestine, including a motion to place an arms embargo on Israel. Former UK MP George Galloway joins the show to tell us why he supports the measure and whether or not …

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Ancient Egypt is Hiding This HUGE Secret That Will Completly Change History

How old are the pyramids and temples of “Ancient” Egypt? Truth is going to really surprise you! Were they built with an advanced technology passed through generations from the survivors of Atlantis? The mainstream historians are telling us the marmelukes were slaves of the Egyptians but is this just modern fantasy? There is much evidence …

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Cops Hate Cameras (and get violent)

Israeli Mossad agent Freudian Slip

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