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NASA Gang Losin’ it – Live on Camera! – Sometimes its hard to talk when your hanging upside down in a harness

Sometimes its hard to talk when your hanging upside down in a harness

The stars reveal the truth – it’s all a LIE folks – NASA – they can’t get their stories straight

French Farmers fling horse shit at police

Why do ship’s appear to disappear from the bottom up on a Flat Earth


Alex Jones ❤’s Benjamin Netanyahu – Some of us have know he’s been a Shill for many many years

David Icke Talks About Article 13 & The EU

Bases 93 Part One Introducing Alex Thomson – Very Interesting interview

How the Police have Become the Paramilitary Arm of Political Correctness

We’re Marching to Zion

You want to know why ? check this out…


David Icke December 11 2018 | Sperm Counts, AI, And The Transgender Explosion Are All Connected

Phil Stone Says… You want to know why ? check this out…

Europa-The last Battle. Research results.

Europa Play List EUROPA – The Last Battle ~ The Full Documentary (2017) Trailer for the upcoming WW2 documentary “EUROPA – The Last Battle” by Tobias Bratt. Since the mid-20th century, the world has only ever heard one side of the most horrific war in human history. We are today living in the …

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Civil War: Swedish Citizens Rise Up To Protest Globalism

Citizens across Sweden have begun rising up to protest globalism, in solidarity with hundreds of thousands of French protestors.  As the anti-globalist movement continues to sweep across Europe, the people of Sweden took to the streets of Stockholm over the weekend, protesting the UN Migration Pact. reports: Plenty of Swedish flags, placards and yellow …

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Julian Rose: Exorcising the Demon of Religious Dogma

Julian Rose One must go back further than religion. That is the starting point of the great reassessment we undertake in freeing ourselves from the burden of false knowledge. Freeing ourselves from unquestioned assumptions of truth. We need to get back to the roots of mankind, and in so doing, re-establish a direct and reciprocal …

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David Icke December 10 2018 – Who Are Really Trump’s Puppeteers And Corbyn’s Abusers…

“I would invest in yellow vests in Britain if I were you” | George Galloway’s monologue

Twelve Israelis Suspected of Running Child Sex Trafficking Network in Colombia

Law enforcement authorities in Colombia suspect 12 Israelis of running a sex-trafficking network alongside two Colombians. The office of Colombia’s attorney general said eight of the suspects have been arrested, including six Israelis. The alleged sex trafficking ring provided Israeli travelers with “tourism packages” that included prostitutes, some of whom were minors, who received between …

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UN votes in favor of resolution to end Israeli occupation of Palestine

The UN General Assembly voted in favor of a resolution calling to end the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories, current President of the UN General Assembly Maria Espinosa said in a statement. The Comprehensive, Just and Lasting Peace in the Middle East resolution sponsored by Ireland urges to end the occupation of Palestinian territories by …

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HUMANITY vs CORPORATOCRACY – Once Again … Into the Fray!

David Icke 12 09 2018 – What Do We Know | David Icke December 09 2018

Chaos, tear gas, violence and… music: Surreal scenes at Yellow Vest protest in Lyon

MASSIVE Breakthrough In 9/11 Investigation! – Must WATCH (with Richard Gage & Barbara Honegger)

Paradise Lost # 25 ~ How the Houses Were Torched ? Interview with 30-yr. Microwave Engineer


UFO Disclosure Secrets Something Has Been Discovered That Left Scientists Speechless

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