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Root Cause – Trailer

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 19, 2019, #180 ( Dane Wigington )

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“No deal means no deal” Jacob Rees-Mogg OBLITERATES BBC Remain Reporter

LIVE: ‘Yellow Vest’ protests hit Paris for the tenth week in a row

Mitch Horowitz – The Miracle Club: How Thoughts Become Reality

S y n o p s i s Following in the footsteps of a little-known group of esoteric seekers from the late-nineteenth century who called themselves “the Miracle Club,” Mitch Horowitz shows that the spiritual “wish fulfillment” practices known as the Law of Attraction, Positive Thinking, “the Secret,” and the Science of Getting Rich actually …

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Jeff and Dane Wiggington – NASA Satellite Pics PROVE Disastrous Weather Eng

Emanuel Macron has just committed political suicide.

French Attack Yellow Vests from the Air: Macron’s Big BRUTAL Blunder

Ian R Crane Live Stream

When Anger Becomes The Source of Healing

  by Soren Dreier Bottled up anger can cause havoc if it cannot find its way out of our emotional system. We have to find a way to release it before it inflates our body and mind and causes severe damage, often cancer when speaking of the body, and in the mind often a permanent …

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Owen Benjamin – We didn’t go to the moon and the earth may be flat.


Its a Flat Earth – Nikon P1000 debunks the Globe

Know your enemy

Government ‘sneaks out’ £7,000 pension cut for poorest elderly couples ahead of Brexit vote

Ministers accused of attempting to bury the harsh impact of the change to pension credit Rob Merrick Poorer pensioner couples will lose more than £7,000 a year, under a cut “sneaked out” while MPs are preparing for the showdown Brexit vote. Ministers have been accused of attempting to bury the impact of the change to …

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✅ FAKING SPACE (Digitally Remastered) – LRO BUNDLE

India Just Staged The Biggest Strike In History As 200 Million Workers Took To The Streets

RES In what may be the largest worker strike in history, last week India came to a halt for two days when at least 200 million workers – about 16% of India’s 1.25 billion population – in the country’s public, services, communications and agriculture sectors staged a strike across the country organized by ten labor …

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Sacrificing The Blood Of The Young – From Satanism To Palm Beach

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Something Is Happening In Egypt.. Are THEY Hiding It? (2019-2020)


Court Ruling Confirms Merck’s Gardasil HPV Vaccine Kills People – Did Anyone Even Notice?

Waking Times The infamous human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine by Gardasil is in use around the world for both girls and boys, even though an American court has ruled beyond the shadow of a doubt that the vaccine can kill people. The Tarsell family lost their 21-year-old daughter when she died shortly after getting this …

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The Truth About 5G – Dr Graham Downing


Theresa May’s Brexit deal defeated in Commons vote

After years of speculation, IDF chief admits Israel supplied Syrian rebels with weapons

Israeli army drill in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, August 7, 2018. © REUTERS/Amir Cohen The outgoing IDF chief of staff has spilled the beans on a poorly guarded secret of the Israeli military, that it has supplied Syrian rebels fighting President Bashar Assad’s government with weapons “for self-defense.” Gadi Eisenkot, who was the Israeli Defense …

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The American Empire and its Media

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OWEN JONES IS FULL OF SHIT + Owen Jones got his arse handed to him/ 788-790 Finchley Road.

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