The Dark Side of Education: Former Teacher Reveals How Schools Create Empty Children

former-teacher-reveals-how-schools-create-empty-childrenA former teacher emphasizes the potential damage of the school system and reveals how it creates empty children.

Over the years, the school education system has been colorfully criticized by many. From authors to activists, and philosophers to artists, more and more personalities are voicing concern over the potential damage being caused to children growing up as empty children in the school environment.

One such personality is John Taylor Gatto, the winner of the New York Teacher of the Year award in 1990. Despite winning a highly competitive teaching award, not only did he quit teaching but he also went on to author a book, The Underground History of American Education in which he explicitly outlines his views on modern day teaching.

According to Gatto, schools are creating empty children, by teaching “a curriculum of confusion, class position, arbitrary justice, vulgarity, rudeness, disrespect for privacy, indifference to quality, and utter dependency.”

Below are some of the thought-provoking points he touches on:

“Keep children under surveillance every minute from dawn to dusk. Give no private space or time. Fill time with collective activities. Record behavior quantitatively.”

Not having sufficient private time or activities can not only hinder a child’s independent growth, but it can cause them to be overly reliant on others around them and will do absolutely nothing to improve their individual problem-solving skills. Constantly being watched will only add to this problem – many kids are shy by nature and will not feel comfortable expressing themselves in this type of environment. Furthermore, when there is not adequate data explaining in detail how a child behaves, there is no way of even understanding let alone helping the children to grow.



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