People are flocking to join Labour as polls suggest Corbyn would win new leadership election

26392896430_2e4c2d6323_zPeople are once again flocking to join the Labour party, in efforts to ensure any attempts to oust him by the Parliamentary Labour Party are foiled.

The 2015 Labour leadership election that Jeremy Corbyn won with a solid 59.5% mandate was characterised by one thing: the huge groundswell of support for dark horse Corbyn. By 10 January 2016, party membership was up to 388,407, almost double the 201,293 that were members on 6 May 2015. Now Corbyn faces a leadership challenge, it seems people are joining to support him once again – and if a recent poll is to be believed, it looks like his support is increasing, rather than dwindling.

The argument of the Parliamentary Labour Party is and always has been that Corbyn’s Labour is unelectable. According to a YouGov survey for The Times, this does not ring true with the party membership now as it did not in September last year – 64% said they would vote for Corbyn in a leadership ballot.

What’s more, these findings actually demonstrate an increase in support amongst full party members for Corbyn compared to when he was first elected. And if social media is anything to go by, this trend may only continue.

Since the coup came to light on Saturday, there has been a notable increase in people joining the Labour Party. Journalist Robert Peston has suggested that as many as 13,000 people have joined since last week, with 60% citing ‘supporting Corbyn’ as their reason.

On Twitter, people are openly discussing their new membership.



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