United States Health Agency Hoping to get Government Funding for Human-Animal Hybrids Study

s-1-21-650x250The United States Health Agency, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has announced that it is waiting for funding from the country’s government, to conduct a study that will mix human cells into the embryos of animals.

The study, which many critics have warned of its ethical consequences, will try to combine human beings and animals to become a new mix. Such proposals have met still public opposition, in Western countries, in the past. Activists against human-animal hybrids believe it will lead to a complete destruction of the Earth’s species.

s-5-16-e1470676732660However, according to the NIH, the study could lead to major breakthroughs to tackle diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.  The agency also believes the controversial study could also be used to grow organs needed for human transplants, solving the acute shortage of body parts for transplant in patients who need them.

In 2009, the NIH issued Guidelines for Human Stem Cell Research. The Guidelines prohibited the use of human cells in the fusion of animals, as well as breeding of animals using human eggs or sperm cells. This was lauded by activists against human-animal hybrids.



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