Disappointing GMO labeling law allows food manufacturers to hide GMOs from consumers


gmo(NaturalHealth365) It’s official. The U.S. House of Representatives have passed GMO labeling bill H.R. 1599 – in which food companies now have to disclose GMO ingredients, for the first time since the introduction of GMO crops in the early ‘90s. But natural health experts and GMO opponents say there is no cause for celebration.

Food companies are hiding the truth: If you think that you will now be able to read GMO information – clearly and legibly stated on the package – think again. The bill gives the food industry a loophole, and it’s big enough for a truckful of GMO corn to be driven through it.

New GMO labeling law has been designed to ignore the will of the people

An overwhelming 90 percent of Americans surveyed say they want to see clear labeling of GMO foods – a clear mandate. Yet this is not what the bill accomplishes – showing that politicians seem to care more about corporate interests. (and money)

Instead, it gives companies the option of displaying GMO information by way of a QR code – the kind of scannable square bar code utilized on airline boarding passes.  So, if you have a smartphone – and if you’re paid up on the expensive data plan, and if the signal in the store is good, and if your phone is properly charged, and if you are willing to whip out your mobile device to scan every item of food you are considering – you will indeed be able to retrieve the information.

That’s a lot of “ifs” to obtain information that should be openly offered!



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