DC PizzaGate: A Primer UPDATED 11/29

From the new blog…

Suspected Pedophile Ring Exposed


I’ve created this blog to share the information Anonymous has collectively gathered and researched about a suspected pedophilia and human trafficking ring that we seem to have uncovered existing within our DC politicians and the elite class.

It all started with one incredibly suspicious Podesta email that had skeptics suggesting they weren’t actually talking about pizza, but rather in code. Here it is:


If this is not speaking in code, then it makes absolutely NO SENSE. Not a single person has been able to offer a coherent explanation on what this could mean if ACTUALLY pizza and map related…

Not to mention this disturbing “coincidence”:


Read the headliner above on the website Evie’s Crib Blog “Evelyn is growing up. Soon she will be the queen of the entire US of A. right now, for a limited time only, you can spend some time with her online, raw and uncut. Take advantage of this now, as in the future she will have the power of life and death over you.” FUCKING BARF. The bottom email is from JOHN PODESTA’S email dump by Wikileaks. The woman pictured above, Tamera Luzzatto (aka “Grand Tam”, “Farmer L”), served as Chief of Staff to Hillary Clinton and now works at Pew Charitable Trusts Tamera Luzzatto Work History Update 11/28: Professor featured on 1981 documentary Boys for Sale portraying powerful pedophile rings references child prostitution and trafficking as “the farm circuit”. Documentary on pedophilia of the elite in Hollywood references pool parties as occurrence in which children manipulated by powerful predators agree to ‘skinny dipping’ after dark. Coincidence? You decide.

For those still not convinced there is code being used, here’s a few more examples using pedophile slang which has existed on deep web .onion for decades:



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