Windows 10 might be free, but your privacy is priceless

Credit: Ben Franske

Beware of geeks bearing gifts

Although free, Windows 10 comes packed with some concerning new ‘features’.

As Windows 10 is launched and downloaded across the globe by early adopters eager to experience the new operating system, a word of caution is needed.

Microsoft, who are no stranger to privacy issues, have installed some worrying new features as default on Windows 10.

You may recall that in 2013 it was revealed that Microsoft worked closely with the National Security Agency (NSA) to allow them to access encrypted messages in Outlook and Hotmail.

It granted NSA and FBI access to SkyDrive, and after purchasing Skype the company actually tripled the amount of videos call the NSA were recording via the service.

So what are the problems with Windows 10?

Firstly, it will automatically sync with the Microsoft servers and silently pass along and store information about you including; your browser history, favourites and the websites you’re currently viewing.

Mobile hotspot passwords and Wi-Fi network names and passwords are also logged. Cortana, the new personal virtual assistant records and shares everything you do to function properly.



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