Washington Post to Retire ‘Fake News’ Term Because They’re Failing Miserably as it Keeps Exposing Their Lies

by Claire Bernish

image1After spearheading an unctuous plan to discredit alternative media and reporting not in lockstep with the liberal establishment paradigm, the Washington Post — whose hypocrisy on the matter doomed the campaign from jump street — sanctimoniously declared, “It’s time to retire the tainted term ‘fake news.’”

“So, here’s a modest proposal for the truth-based community,” wrote WaPo’s media columnist, Margaret Sullivan, on Sunday.

“Let’s get out the hook and pull that baby off stage. Yes: Simply stop using it.

“Instead, call a lie a lie. Call a hoax a hoax. Call a conspiracy theory by its rightful name. After all, ‘fake news’ is an imprecise expression to begin with.”

Imprecise is a criminal mischaracterization of the chaos and confusion wrought when the Post threw journalism into a fan late last year.

Of course, that had been journalistic standard operating procedure for time immemorial — until WaPo blazed the precipitous trail into anti-Russia, Fake News propaganda following Hillary Clinton’s crushing electoral defeat — a result catching off guard only corporate outlets who predicted the opposite.



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