The Sacred Healing Vortex Of Easter

jesus2-990x556by Soren Dreier

At Easter the collective field gets very dense. A collective sadness manifests and it surrounds the planet like a grey mist. It’s due to the collective grief introduced by Christianity as billions of believers moan the betrayal and torture of Christ. Expect this to be enhanced by the full moon.

When billions of people do that in sync, it has an effect.

At Christmas it’s the opposite. It’s a collective joy manifested by the same spirituality. In its purest form, it has nothing to do with the Matrix-revenue Christmas hype, but they feel a joy in the heart.

It can impact your mood so you might pick up the Easter blues without knowing it. Sensitive people can feel it and find themselves in a sort of Melancholy, Anger or detached mode. It´s actually not them manifesting these emotions but they blend and merge in the loop we are plugged into between the ether,unified field and our consciousness and hearts.

A good way to distance yourself and detach from the collective vibe is to actually just know that it’s there, and it is not you suddenly getting weary without any explanation or course as a reference to your life. We´re so much more sensitive, in a good way, to the collective and sometimes we are sensitive in an ‘oversensitive’ manner, which means that the nervous system needs to ‘time out’.

I see it as a fact in spiritual development and thereby in the emotional development, since I don’t differ those, that many are somehow in a pulse with the spiritual antennas opened and maybe taking too much of the suffering of this world on their shoulder.

It is a very delicate balance: Carrying the weight of the world on one’s shoulder and not being insensitive to it. We have to find the emphatic middle ground and try to cover that as good as we can.



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