Monsanto Tribunal Renders Verdict: Company Could Possibly Be Held Accountable for Crime of “Ecocide”

maxresdefaultThe world-famous site in the Netherlands known as The Hague was the site of the Monsanto Tribunal, which began in October 2016, a landmark event seeking to establish a legal framework for holding companies like Monsanto accountable.

The Tribunal released its official legal opinion today on the highly controversial U.S. agrochemical and GM seeds company.

The opinion was released by a panel of five international judges and included several key conclusions as to how the world should treat corporations such as Monsanto that damage human health and the environment.

While the opinion is not an official legal result, it may be used as a framework for future lawsuits against the company. As you might have expected, the opinion is not exactly favorable of Monsanto.

Could Monsanto Be Tried for “Ecocide?”

Perhaps the most important finding of the judges is Monsanto’s role in allegedly committing what could potentially be constituted as “ecocide” — a long-term, ongoing and willfully created pattern of damage to human health and the environment that shows no signs of slowing.



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