‘Everything Is As It Should Be’ – Really?

coin-990x556by Soren Dreier

The slogan ‘Everything is as it should be’ came about in the 80’s.

The statement is both true and false since it depends on the perspective and perspectives are always subjective. Like the physical vision, it can be compared to: ‘Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder’, and it does.

The Yoga Sutra says: When you flip the coin of happiness into the air, you will see its backside. The backside to happiness is despair. The Yoga Sutra does that to tell us that emotions are illusions since they come and go. One day happy, next day sad. Ding dong.

So, when we throw the coin of ‘Everything is as it should be’ into the air, we are also presented with its antagonist, ‘Everything is not as it should be’. To solve this question, we have to point to levels of consciousness unless we just picked that statement of ‘Everything is as it should be’ up and embedded it into a pointer in our spiritual compass without examining the spiritual bumper sticker in Real Life Traffic.

Seen as a spiritual punch line: ‘Everything is as it should be’, without dissecting it, could be the biggest tranquilizer gun in the hands of the New Age control system. “I am suffering” – very cool Bro – it’s all part of your learning and you are not plugged into time and space, so you can’t see why right now, all good.

Please tell that to the woman being raped in a forest.
Please tell that to the children who suffer under pedophilia.
Please tell that to the people queuing up in a line looking for work.
Please tell that to the people who get evicted, and the week after seeing their house being sold by the same bank that wants their $100,000 still, and sells the house for $1 from under the rubble of their financial situation.

So we´re learning that all of the abuse of this world actually has a point and what we suffer, or see others suffering in, is a grand design which will illuminate us into a transcending mind with the great epic epiphany of:
Aha, well, that’s why – now I´m dead and I get the point.

The people who had faith in Trump, Obama, and I don’t really think anyone had faith in Bush, were very badly deceived. These narcissists are pretty clever as goes for deception of even very critical people with every good intention.

‘Everything as it should be’? – Live with it! Or put up the resistance.




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