Redesigning Ourselves

Creating A Plan…

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Everyday it seems the insanity continues to grow to a new fevered pitch. For a short while it got so unbearable that I really didn’t want to be a part of this world any longer, at the same time I knew I was called here at this time to change reality. The insanity has been serving its purpose in waking up the sleepers of the world to what is going on. It has become impossible to not know the truth any longer. Everything is imploding around us and while it can be a bit scary at times, it is the catalyst that will bring about the changes we hunger for.

So how do we create these changes we wish to see? First by changing ourselves by reconnecting with the truth of who we are and living our lives honestly and in harmony with that truth. Secondly, it is time now to abolish the present form of archaic government we are suffering under, with an updated form of governance that reflects the thinking, the needs and the desires of who we are NOW in 2017. We are NOT who we were back when the governing of this country began. We humans are evolving all the time, moment by moment, not so much physically but our consciousness is in a constant state of flux. Hopefully we are learning lessons as we go along on our journey. Learning lessons is what helps us grow. Stagnation is our greatest enemy. In our quest to be human we must strive always to change for the better, the highest and for the greatest good of all. Nothing else should be acceptable..

The time of listening to yapping about Republicans this and Democrats that, who is right and who is wrong, who is evil and who is good, is OVER! Government is a myth. First of all, if you strip away the facade of both parties, you will find power drunk, egotistical people who are the same in both parties. Two parties were designed to give the dumbed down people of this country the illusion that we had a choice. There is no choice. These people all work for the same entity so what you get with one you’ll end up getting with the other in the end. So face that fact right from the beginning.  If the agenda is and always has been, to own us and control us, why in heaven’s name would they allow us choice that could undermine that plan? They wouldn’t, it is the myth of all myths that we are free and have choice in all matters.



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