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yinyanidaby Ida Lawrence

While the Yin/Yang symbol seems a great representation of the forces of duality, it implies a third and equal force, and that is flow or movement arising from the relationship of the two. We are in relationship with self, other human beings, other cultures, other human families, the natural world, the world beyond physical form, the Universe, the Creator Force – in relationship with creation.

Let’s consider the relationship flow: active, passive, result or give-receive-outcome. It could switch to receive-give-outcome, or outcome-receive-give and so on. That’s the way I see it anyway, from the perspective that is Ida. I also see it as masculine, feminine and child; mind, heart, and their expression: all of the different ways we have of viewing that Trinity.

Unity consciousness begins within myself as I bring the Trinity into balance. It extends out from there into every relationship. Love of creation, and care for the physical world is within human nature – it is in all of us. We’re bringing the feminine, the heart, the intelligence of feeling, the inner teacher, the white dot within the dark space, also known as Spirit, back from a time period when it has been suppressed and devalued.

The Conversation

I just enjoyed a conversation with my 30-year-old son that was more revealing than usual. I really was able to see that his memory of experiences, in the same place at the same time, while trekking right beside me, is so different from what I saw, what I felt, what I experienced. It was deep. We are truly unique, every individual has a viewpoint, every grouping of individuals, from family to human family, has a viewpoint.

When I think back to the time period we were discussing, I remember it as a continuous, determined ‘mountain climb’, good times but often stressful, focused on survival… both physical and spiritual. My son’s memories put him in a much different world: he knew the underside of Chicago’s west side, and I had no idea: two worlds.

We talked about his dad, my late husband. He recalled that his dad was never armed with a gun, and yet he seemed fearless. He would confront a thief, or someone he had to correct, in a second. People didn’t challenge him or ever pull a gun on him. He was a force for good and the neighborhood respected him: a warrior soul.

I shared nearly three decades with him in his world, which is so different from mine: a difference both in the way an experience is received internally and in the conclusions drawn from that observation. It’s the same difference I saw with my son. How do we rise to unity consciousness when we are so different?

Relationships can be healed. We can communicate in ways that heal when we speak from a balanced position of mind and heart, and get to know one another in openness: that’s a good start. We are deeply conditioned with fear and false impressions, so this is a learning process, and it requires courage and staying power.



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