Enter: The Devils Advocate (upd)


Yes his persona(s) are coming out:

A tale of two Trumps

Trump Goes ‘Full Delusion Mode’ With Unhinged Performance at Arizona Rally


Donald Trump ‘actively reviewing’ sending weapons to Ukraine

Enter: The Devils Advocate

There is a lot to be said about Donal John Trump.
The signs are too many to be ignored.

The First thing that really threw me off was Donald John, sexualizing his daughter as: A Great Piece of Ass.
One has to be truly deranged even to jokingly do that.
The Second was his ignorance towards his wife when they arrived at the White House.
(The ‘Advocate’ can only use the feminine, not respect it or cherish it).

The Third is his handling of North Korea.

And then we of course have the warmongering,  his love for nuclear weapons and his overall sociopathic vibe and core.



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