Hollywood and Charlottesville – Another Deep State ‘Event’?

nikolaj-1170x659by Soren Dreier

Was the Charlottesville ‘Incident’ planned beforehand or is this just another ‘coincidence’?
I really don’t think so.
The division of America sure gets a lot of positive press in the review of this movie ‘Shot Caller’.
Somebody is putting out fire with gasoline. They want America to burn.

Family = His American fellow man
Prison = USA
Why Coster-Waldau = Because he peaks now in Game Of Thrones, with an estimate of 80 mill. people watching.

Feeling played?

2017-Soren Dreier

From ‘Game of Thrones’ to White-Nationalist Thug

To audiences around the world he is best known as Jaime Lannister, the rakishly handsome Kingslayer of Game of Thrones whose vices include pushing children out of windows and sexing his power-drunk sister.

So it comes as quite the shock when you catch your first glimpse of Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in the new movie Shot Caller. The svelte scoundrel has been replaced by a swole inmate, his face obscured by a horseshoe mustache and his torso blanketed in ink. The words “WHITE PRIDE” are emblazoned in big black letters across his back.



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