The Norwegian Oil Fund Reaches Record $1tn

1by Soren Dreier

The world’s largest sovereign wealth fund in Norway hit $1 trillion for the first time on Tuesday.

The history making value was seen at 10:34 GMT on the news of rising global stock markets and euro.

The fund was established in 1998 to save oil and gas revenue for future generations. It is now worth 250 percent of Norway’s GDP, while the forecast had been 130 percent in the 2020s.

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I stumbled over the headline today.
It made me remember this I wrote in 2011.

The Norwegian Oil Fund

‘If you live in Norway remember: You have plenty of money, you are not in financial crisis as your government tells you, and you should look out for vultures circling the skies.’

There’s an explanation for this: it’s called Oil.   If one studies the Bilderberg list of 2011 one will find that Oil, Finance and Social Media were all well represented. And so are the usual suspects; the Norwegian Crown Prince attends the Bilderberger meetings frequently.

One could use common sense logic, or intuition, and maybe come to the conclusion that part of the agenda was to manipulate oil, develop a strategy for Gadhafi, and tighten the Internet surveillance agenda. Since the meeting, for example, Facebook has come up with new “innovative” ideas for voluntarily being spied on, Apple launched its “iCloud” and so on.

And of course there’s the additional plan to push the PIIGS over the economic cliff as soon as they are sucked dry of the very last Euro and their middle classes, sending them into economic slavery.

Now, back to the Bilderberger Norway design and Royalty and Oil. A most toxic mix.
Did you know that Norway is one of the strongest economies in the world? People in Norway certainly don’t. Norway is richer than Bahrain and, yet, austerity measures are imposed on the Norwegian people with cuts in their welfare system. In fact, Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world to live for food, housing, and general necessities.

Yet Norway has an estimated 3.1 trillion crowns in her Oil Foundation. That equals more than 533 billion USD. That’s about 106,640 USD for each person in Norway. Now, I’m not a number geek, but this is a lot.

Did they actually think that the Elite wouldn’t target this kind of money? Think again. Well, the Matrix can’t start a war on the grounds of “implementing democracy” in Norway, because they kind of have one already (but why again is there Royalty in democracies?), so they have to snatch it with other strategies. So the money is placed in a construction called The Government Pension Fund. Clever name, their Minister of Finance Sigbjoerg Johnsen set it off about 15 years ago.

What has all this to do with the Crown Prince? A lot. At the Bilderberger meeting he will find sweet, sweet relatives such as Queen Beatrix of Holland — who put the Royal in Royal Dutch Shell. Be-a-matrix, is one of the richest people in the world, and has a heart for the people and countries she exploits — about as warm as an ice cream stand on the North Pole.

I really don’t know how the Matrix succeeded, especially in Scandinavia and The European continent, to convince the public that Royalty doesn’t own a nickel. That’s the opinion of the media and what is presented as truth to the struggling public. In the UK they at least know (well some do) that The Queen owns 1/6 of the planet’s surface based land, that’s approx. worth £17,600,000,000,000. And still she’s apparently so poor that she applies for poverty help to shine up her palaces! In Denmark, where I live, we are not granted insights into The Royal Family’s fortune — that’s against the law. Very democratic indeed. So I guess that Royalty has to be in on the scam one way or another.



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