Gunning for Dollars in Vegas – In Less Than a Week, the #1 motive emerges

It appears that there were some people shot and some killed in this morbid drama Sunday night – below the all seeing eye of the black pyramid.  NOT the numbers claimed by the (((media))) – just enough to avoid the mistakes of Sandy Hook, Orlando, etc. and throw a trawler load of red herring into the mix so no one can figure out WTF really happened.  [It’s a waste of time to try – maybe better to look into who was behind it all and why.]

As Israeli dual citizen, “Judge” Hellerstein saw to it that no IX XI victims family lawsuits ever came to trial.  ZERO!  They were all forced to settle simply because they couldn’t afford to continue the legal battle in a thoroughly corrupt “legal” system (((racket.)))  Bollyn has the facts here:

A similar thing happened with OKC bombing – victims and families paid to STFU.  That will be done in Vegas as well, and these evil money grubbing scum just look on it all as the cost of business, if that.  Likely all the hush money will be paid by “Uncle” Sam.  Dumbass Dupes like you and me, willing to pay for our own slavery.

This excerpt:

Other news sources have followed up with various angles of the emerging debate on bringing scanning and metal detection to public venues in order to prevent lone gunmen from transport weapons into places where the public can be targeted by terror.  In an op-ed by Janet Eve Josselyn for HuffPo, the question is, ‘Do U.S. Hotels Need Metal Detectors?’

At first glance this may seem reasonable and rather innocuous, however there is an entire back story to this which isn’t being publicized. This story involves Michael Chertoff, former Secretary of Homeland Security, and his company The Chertoff Group, which is “a premier global advisory firm focused exclusively on the security and risk management sector.”

This agenda also involves OSI Systems, Inc., “an American company based in California that develops and markets security and inspection systems such as airport security X-ray machines and metal detectors, medical monitoring and anesthesia systems, and optoelectronic devices.”

There is, of course, billions of dollars to be made in ventures which require the public to adhere to governmental security regulations, and in the case of Las Vegas, expect to see a major push for a serious erosion of privacy and a serious increase in the authority of agencies like the Transportation Security Administration.

Is direct action called for WRT that walking cadaver named for the devil himself?  Who is in that watch?