The Astral Surgical Team – Revisited

by Soren Dreier

In a post on the Astral I wrote a bit about the subterranean beings in the denser spectrum of the astral layer. When gardening, both the bigger and smaller beings may come out of the rocks if disturbed when you dig up the soil.

Some readers asked me if they can prey on your energy field — they cannot. They can, however, cause disturbances in the frequency fields of the place you live in and such. The beings that prey on your energy directly and feed off it are different -– they are tied in with the ghouls.

In this post I would like to touch upon what I call The Astral Surgical Team.

I came across them when I did hands on healings, and still do. As mentioned before, the astral plane is not my favorite realm, since it’s messy and tends to hold its explorer down in a lower density.

As an example, many mediums channel from that frequency and are often tricked by astral beings posing as etheric beings.

As I went about hands on healing, I came across The Astral Surgical Team entities who are a low frequency healing crew. When I first felt them I was quite critical. I saw them in my direct sight, not in peripheral vision.

They sort of casually appeared. They sauntered in, not only visually but audibly too. Normally, I don’t fancy astral beings speaking so that I can hear them with the ‘outer’ ear. It’s kind of spooky to me. Usually they know to communicate via telepathy, which is the inner ear. The other way is too intrusive.

Allow me to make a general safety remark here:

A lot of people would like to have these “supernatural” experiences. We see the sorry result of this in the Matrix of Things: ouija, Crowley’s tarot and so on. – So it seems folks would accept everything as long as it’s ‘straight outta spirit world’. Following that way is a trap and the astral entities will suck you dry.

You have to protect your field and not give yourself away for a little metaphysical attention. A good strategy is to ignore these entities or call on celestial helpers, like The Angelic Realm.

The Astral Surgical Team basically went:

“You need help here Bro? – We’re good at this – All trained – Ask around and you will see we come with good recommendations.”

Okay, I thought, and didn’t give them any more attention.



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