Now you know why Alex Jones will never criticize Israel

Alex Jones and ✡️ Jewish Sponsors Alex Jones has at least thirty-four(34) radio and website sponsors that are Jewish owned and operated. Please note that this is only a partial list and that the true number of Alex Jones’ Jewish sponsors is much higher. Youngevity Corey Gold(Ashkenazi Jew) – Co-Owner / Operator Ben Fuchs(Ashkenazi Jew) – Co-Owner / Operator Joel Wallach(Ashkenazi Jew) – Co-Owner / Operator Survival Shield Survival Shield nascent iodine is manufactured by Global Healing Center:Edward Group(Ashkenazi Jew) – Founder / CEO Propur Propur is owned by Lincoln-Remi Group: Steve Steinway(Ashkenazi Jew) – CEO Rick Olshansky(Ashkenazi Jew) – Chairman Efoods Direct Steve Shenk(Ashkenazi Jew) – President / Co-Founder Atlas Survival Shelters Ron Hubbard(Ashkenazi Jew) – Founder / President / CEO Solutions From Science Bill Heid(Ashkenazi Jew) – CEO Cal Ben Soap Marty Schachter(Ashkenazi Jew) – Owner / Spokesman EcoloBlue Henri-James Tieleman(Ashkenazi Jew) – CEO / Co-Founder Oxy Silver Leonard G. Horowitz(Ashkenazi Jew) – Owner / Operator Super Natural Silver William Moeller(Ashkenazi Jew) – President Keith Moeller(Ashkenazi Jew) – Vice President Clifton Mining Company Ken Friedman(Ashkenazi Jew) – President Keith Moeller(Ashkenazi Jew) – Vice President The International Forecaster Bob Chapman(Ashkenazi Jew) – Owner / Editor [deceased June, 2012] Strategic Patent Law Russ Weinzimmer(Ashkenazi Jew) – Founding Attorney SimpliSafe Chad Laurans(Ashkenazi Jew) – Founder and CEO GBG(“Guided By God”) Stuart Finger(Ashkenazi Jew) – CEO S.O.S. System Herb Kay(Ashkenazi Jew) – Owner / Operator Power Swabs Martin Giniger(Ashkenazi Jew) – Founder and Owner Chef Minute Meals Barry Sendel(Ashkenazi Jew) – President Tru Chocolate Joel Wallach(Ashkenazi Jew) – Owner / Operator Raw Organic Vegan Superfoods David Wolfe(Ashkenazi Jew) – Owner / Operator Cocoon Nutrition Stephen Heuer(Ashkenazi Jew) – Owner / Operator Natural Cellular Defense Rik Deitsch(Ashkenazi Jew) – CEO / Chairman Chews-4-Health David R. Friedman(Ashkenazi Jew) – CEO / President Life Change Tea Dr. Bill Miller(Ashkenazi Jew) – Owner / Operator Heart And Body Extract Sharon Harris(Ashkenazi Jew) – President Sex Research Labs Richard Geller(Ashkenazi Jew) – CEO Reboot Marketing Allen Baler(Ashkenazi Jew) – Partner Anti-Christ Identity Report Mel Sanger(Ashkenazi Jew) – Owner / Operator Cancer Truth Ty Bollinger(Ashkenazi Jew) – Owner / Operator Self Defense Company Damian Ross(Ashkenazi Jew) – CEO J & L Self Defense Products Irv Miller(Ashkenazi Jew) – Owner Carnivora Richard Ostrow(Ashkenazi Jew) – Owner / CEO Blue Tax Todd Lewis(Ashkenazi Jew) – Vice President Pepper Spray dot com Carl Engler(Ashkenazi Jew) – President Pre-Paid Legal Services Allen L. Schultz(Ashkenazi Jew) – Owner/Operator

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