Latest Freedom of Information documents reveal the lies circulated by Leicester Police and City Council that led to the cancellation of a David Icke event. Welcome to Orwell’s Britain …

No, they did not contact me throughout the entire process – the same with Norfolk Police – and that is both a disgrace to basic justice and shocking that police and government can act to deny freedom of speech on the basis of the lies they have been told and the ‘open sources’ (the Internet and the papers) repeating the same lies from the same people.

Leicester City Council have done all they can here to keep from the public the people involved and the original source of the lies. As with the Norwich Police Freedom of Information emails, I give the Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) the opportunity to publicly state that they had no communications with either Leicester Police or Leicester City Council over my event at the Athena. Contact me with that statement and I will publish it. I am still waiting with regard to Norwich.

It is a real head-shaker to see other cancelled events – like at Manchester United – quoted as justification when they were misled by the same people in the same way. Once lies are told to get events cancelled those events cancelled due to lies are then used to support the cancellation of later events. What a scam, but Leicester Police, Norfolk Police and Leicester City Council all fell for it like naive and arrogant little children who did not think that contacting me at any point should have been the most obvious thing to do.

The Leicester event went ahead at another venue which the police and council didn’t know about and so could not intervene and everything was fine as it always is – no holocaust denial or anything like, no protests, no trouble, no problem. 

Now I await – STILL await – the outrageously delayed response by Leicestershire Police to my Freedom of Information Act request and given that Norwich Police have responded already in a much shorter time they have no excuse for further delay.

I also still await a week later any response to my questions posed to the Norfolk Chief Constable Simon Bailey over the Freedom of Information revelations of the extraordinary and shocking behaviour of his officers with regard to my event in Norwich.

If anyone wishes to politely ask both of them why the delay and the silence these are their emails:

This is the response from Leicester City Council to my Freedom of Information Request

See here …

These are my still unanswered or even acknowledged questions to the Norfolk Chief Constable and the Freedom of Information Act email revelations:

Read here …

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