The Thin Ice Of Reality

by Soren Dreier

‘Spirituality takes you away from reality’.

Often left-brain subscribing folks love this argument so much that they would pin it to the wall of their finest victories, showing off how sharp their minds really are.

Throw them a near-death experience and they would write it off as chemical reactions before the brain shuts down.

Throw them a kiss, and they debunk into neurological processes.

Spirituality doesn’t take you away from reality, as some critics of free thinking spirituality would claim, it gets us in touch with Reality V2.

I like both sides of the tale, since a kiss will carpet bomb the nervous systems with all the cool drugs we can produce inside, and the other side, the spiritual side, just adds to that – and a kiss can send you eons back in time, and make you write inspiring poems about the anatomy of love.

It seems so silly not to embed both sides of the story, for whatever story we are telling or experiencing. Luckily the war between science and spirituality, the more subjective way of experiencing life, seems to have gone into a ceasefire, as goes for personal belief patterns. I wish it would do the same when the talk targets alternative treatments, mostly homeopathy. But again, some alternative treatments are way out there and so are the treatments that pure science has to offer.

Before we even enter those thoughts or beliefs, either in Science or in Spirituality, it might help to define:  Objective Reality and Subjective Reality.

Science would say that 1 kilo of Sugar is one kilo of sugar.

I know that, but sometimes it feels heavy and sometimes it feels light. Depends. So the idea of 1 kilo is impacted by something else: Could be the mood, could be laziness, could be that I don’t dig sugar. But it still is 1 kilo.

So why agree or why disagree?

Not that important really.

Science has just been to Mars (I presume its true). Visionaries have remote viewed the planet for decades and found life. But that’s highly subjective and a question of belief in their abilities. Well, I raise the same concern whether folks have set foot on the moon or a rover has run on the reddish planes of Mars.

With the concept of ‘Reality’ now morphing into science: I think I have seen 100 headlines from Science: We live in a hologram or Reality is not real – well, that is actually what enlightened people have been saying and seeing and sensing for millennia.

Good, but anyway: Those bills on the desk; who doesn’t really know how to stay in line; or a lover’s breakup, or a broken arm; sure feels real no matter if it hits cutting edge science or somebody drifting away strung out on funny mushrooms while repeating the ‘OM’ in an endless chant.

So if this reality is manufactured fiction posing as reality – it’s confusing and if folks out there who scream “Reality is a hoax” would please explain this predicament once and for all it would be so relieving. Haven’t met anybody yet. Haven’t read anybody yet.

At one point the left brainer might be right, since along the spiritual path there will come a time where we will have a really hard time plugging into the reality that surrounds us. We seem to forget it: Shit, the rent was due 5 weeks ago, should have paid it.


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