LGBT+- Stop Whining and Grow a Pair

Headline: Yes, Pope Francis, LGBT+ people do need psychiatric help – because of people like you

Let me help:
The Pope is very busy being the CEO of the biggest Pedo-franchise on the Planet. So this CEO is hopefully not your  ”our ol’ pal Francis ‘as you state.
Why in God´s name (God is not present in the Vatican, another entity is) do you need his validation or approval of your love life for it to be ‘valid’.

Love is a validation in itself.

The Pope can’t help you with that – he knows not what love is, mundane or celestial.
Then you need a psychiatrist? Really? They are not exactly known for setting people straight – no pun intended.

In this decade of self pity and self victimization maybe step out of that and the need to have the world on your side, do as many before you have – Love the Love, the way you see fit and stop this needless quest for approval and self guilt.

The approval you need – should be lying next to you and when you look your beloved in the eyes you should be able to feel safe, loved and validated.

That’s what straight folks still do.
We do not want or need the Pope or any religion in our bedrooms nor telling us what to do.
On the bloody contrary.

– SD


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