2,000 Pedophiles and Sex Offenders Set to be Chemically Castrated

FILE PHOTO: Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev (R) on a visit to Beijing, June 7, 2018. Nazarbayev has recently allocated funding to chemically castrate around 2,000 convicted pedophiles. Reuters 

The Former Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan is set to chemically castrate around 2,000 convicted pedophiles amid a surge in child rapes across the landlocked country.A Turkestan sex offender, whose identity is unknown, will be the first to receive the injection under the supervision of Kazakhstan’s health ministry, reported Yahoo News. The man was found guilty of sexually attacking a child in April, 2016.

The country’s president Nursultan Nazarbayev has allocated $37,000 (RM111,735) to fund around 2,000 castrations. “At the moment there has been one request for chemical castration in accordance with a court ruling,” Lyazat Aktayeva, the Kazakhstan’s deputy health minister, said. “Funds have been allocated for more than 2000 injections.”

Earlier this year, the country passed a new law allowing for chemical castrations. At the time, Senator Byranym Aitimova revealed that the “temporary” castration will come in the form of a “one-time injection.” The treatment is intended to prevent an offender from committing sexual violence.


Phil Stone Says…

Lets hope the rest of the world follows their lead. Alternatively, Tattoo/ Brand them across the forehead and release them – and let “Nature” take its course.

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