Catholics – Your Saints and Your Children are Crying Blood

I am done with posting stories and news of the global abuse of children by the Catholic Church with the Vatican as its demonic powerhouse.

It is well known that the Vatican has one of the most sophisticated intelligence networks in the world. They know everything from the brink of the Amazon River to the cold narrow streets of Warsaw.
Hearing them say: “We didn’t know,” is a sad lie. They know.

Lately I have been posting about pedophilia amongst the ‘Holy’, you know, Jesus’ substitutes on Earth which the Pope, as ‘The Vicar of Christ’ sees himself as. The Vatican is a mere extension of that belief. Nothing could be further from the historical and metaphysical reality than that self serving entitlement, and if we see the Priesthood spread all over the world they must and do perceive themselves extensions of the Vatican.

Pope Francis has a hero – that is why he took the name after the Holy St. Francis.

St. Francis denounced most of the bling in this world and formed his own branch of how to live according to the Christ. His Icon – His Love. This posed a threat to the Vatican, which allegedly considered an assassination. But his movement became too strong and they would have been caught in the deed, so better to have this oddball preach on the city squares, where birds would go quiet and settle when he spoke, and expose himself as a joke and never a spokesperson for neither the Vatican and hereby the Christ.
Today he is know among Mystics to be one of the few who transcended into One with that field.

St. Francis never wanted to be perceived as spokesperson for Christ, as little as he wanted his food to be tasty. That is why he would pour ashes on it, in order not to get tempted by earthly desires. (The Buddha did similar and found out that was not his pathway.) When St. Francis passed a lady on the street he would look away for the same reason.

Now, if we compare the doings of the Pope – he is as far from it as world leaders who claim they would love to have world peace while nurturing a strange fetish for mass destruction – it very mildly resembles a thwarted cognitive dissonance with an outstanding skill in bypassing what they say and what they do. Only a narcissist can pull that stunt off in plain sight.

It is their problem, but unfortunately, due to the power that they are given, it becomes everybody’s problem – everybody who tries to live their lives in decency, peace and love for the people they have in their lives and love for the collective.
Had they been ‘ordinary’ citizens – they would be committed.

So insanity rules as long as we give them that insane power. Insanity on that level seems to be very resilient bacteria that is a superbug to the health of souls and we have to be very careful not to get near it.

Pedophilia is the ultimate attack on innocence – the innocence of a childhood and childhood in itself. It brands the victims for the rest of this life and the New Age view, that ‘They said yes to this in their Soul Contract before they came,” is as hollow and cold as it gets.

I spent five years in the Matrix dealing with young people exposed to pedophilia. I started an institution in a farmhouse in the countryside and we lived with them 24/7. Boys who had been gang raped at family gatherings and girls ditto. Now growing up to be around 15 years of age, the side effect was turning tricks, street prostitution, severe drug abuse and along that line.

Some could be helped to a functioning level, but the Hurt in the Soul, as deep as the Mariana Trench, haunted them and still does, when I have contact with them.

What really bothers and puzzles me here is: Why do we NOT see good-hearted Catholics rising to the occasion? I mean – it’s their children that are or could be in harms way!


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