Some Fires Never Burn…

 by Soren Dreier

Have you ever been exposed to the silent treatment? You are not alone.

The silent treatment is the tool of cowards. They dare not say to you what the problem is, what they think you have done wrong or why on earth they would be offended by something you don’t know that you did to them.

They do it because they want to make you feel bad about yourself but they do not have the grace in them to confront you or tell you why you are targeted for this very special treatment. So, that leaves you with no option but to speculate on why you suddenly have fallen from grace.
The goal is also to have you second guessing yourself, if we do that, we let them take control over us.

It’s a very common practice among the so called spiritual warriors, which by undertaking this practice, show they were not warriors at all, they were weak little creatures now trying to place undefined guilt of something you have done, said, or whatever.

Do not fall for it. Confront them and ask them: Do we have a problem?

If they keep up the silence and ignore you – they expose themselves to such a degree that the friendship you seem to have lost here, wasn’t worth it in the first place.

Maybe they listened to too much gossip. It often is so, since the silent treatment often can manifest with you honestly not having a clue as to what the reason might be for breakdown in communications.

The fake warriors are as common as the false feminine and that couple are great lovers tangled up in a nasty affair.

Fake warriors because the hallmark of the warrior is Honesty.

Fake warriors because the hallmark of the warrior is: If you need to express your opinion, which in this case could involve another’s persons doing, you come out in the open and don’t Ninja stealth on the rooftops of houses unspoken of.

You basically come out where your adversary can see you. That is bravery. Hiding in the shadows pulling your strings isn’t warrior hood, it’s manipulation, hiding under the thick veil of illusiveness and hints and accusations.

If you are fighting the Matrix – you need to go stealth and go around in silence often, operating from the shadows and show yourself in the final round.

These people, the fake warriors, don’t understand that difference.



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