Inside Dark Justice: Are Our Children Safe?

‘Scott’ and ‘Callum’ are the UK’s most prolific paedophile hunters. As Dark Justice, they have provided the evidence to put eighty-four dangerous and predatory sex offenders behind bars since 2014.

Their success has propelled them into the public eye but Scott and Callum have always kept their faces and real identities hidden.
Now they’re faced with the biggest decision of their lives as they consider whether to finally reveal themselves, despite the very real dangers associated with doing so.

Newcastle based Scott and Callum say that the failure of the criminal justice system to deal with people effectively makes the rise in ‘hunter’ groups inevitable.

Despite sustained criticism from the police, ‘hunter’ groups’ evidence played a role in 47% of convictions for online grooming last year – a seven-fold rise over two years.
Is their uncomfortable rise set to continue?


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