Behind the scenes proof of how the Establishment Zionists in Great Britain put Trump into the presidency as a [Fake] Anti-Establishment candidate, using EXTRAORDINARY DECEPTION via Cambridge Analytica [This Is HUGE !!!!!!!]:

Here we prove that Donald Trump is a Zionist, NOT a Patriot, and even the ADL admits these are mutually exclusive terms (see item number “7)” below). We will see clearly that Donald Trump is merely selling the illusion that he is Making America Great Again.

It is awesome that the QANON phenomenon [now exposed as a SCAM to Make Money – see item number “32)” below] resulted in many new truthers learning how to do some deep research, HOWEVER, NOW is the time to wake people up to THE UNDENIABLE FACT that Donald Trump is a 100% home-grown Zionist Bankster working for the Israeli mobsters. These Luciferians are like the central hub of the elitist PedoVore’s, who believe drinking infant human blood keeps them young and in power. If you ever wondered why Jewish Rabis traditionally (even up to this day) drink blood straight from the penis of freshly circumcised infants, now you know!



Donald Trump is 100% Zionist inside and out, as perhaps BEST proven by this 19 min video:

Banksta’s Paradise feat. Donald Trump –

Warning Extremely Graphic Photos in the PDF below…

Full PDF Here…

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