Letting the Promise of a Crisp New Dawn Rise

by Soren Dreier

Awoken by my sweetheart’s alarm clock I fumbled my way into the kitchen, trying to locate the kettle that would pave the way for the usual two cups of coffee. The gas heater on the small balcony outside our kitchen sparked off and I listened to the water running through the pipes providing her with the warmth of her morning shower before setting off to work.

Having finished her routine, she joined me, we kissed, looked into each other’s eyes and knew everything was all right in the life that we share. I am addicted to the joy in the deep clear blueness of her eyes. The storm we had been in had settled to a healing soothing wind that warms the blood in our hearts and she set off.

On this particular morning I noticed that all my muscles were cramped up and I had an aching in my mouth from biting together during the last hours of sleep. My estimated age at wake up this morning would be 90, now it’s back to normal.

Out of body again and the pain of coming back in it.

We sleep and we enter consciously or subconsciously or higher consciously other realms of existence. The body aching can be two states: Either a lower state, which means we go into the astral, or a higher state, which means we go into the etheric.

I don’t mind the lower states since we go there to lift things up, helping someway with our energy to smoothen things out in the lower levels in the spaces between the heavens, or we go etherical. Either is bodily painful and we can tell by the amount of time it takes our consciousness to get fully awake, all systems up and running.

This morning it took two cups, and a reminiscence presented itself. My inner vision was caught up in asteroids hurling by and a distinct sour smell of Space. This can often provide a nosebleed during the night or the following morning.

A pretty good sign of an etherical out of body and not so much an astral. They more give a solid headache.

If we think we spend the nights in our beds, we´re gravely mistaken.


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