Vitamin C Cures Disease but Doctors and Pharmaceutical Companies Do Not Want You to Know This

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Dr. Suzanne Humphries has given what is the most comprehensive and informative lecture on vitamin C that I have ever heard. The entire lecture can be watched below. Please be informed about vitamin C, and how powerful this natural vitamin can be in treating disease. If everyone learned about the health properties of vitamin C and used it accordingly, it would put a serious dent into the sales of patented pharmaceutical products.

by Dr. Suzanne Humphries
The Swedish Society for Orthomolecular Medicine, Stockholm, Sweden 2014

The Swedish Society for Orthomolecular Medicine introduced Dr. Suzanne Humphries to lecture on the practical use of Vitamin C in Stockholm, Sweden 2014.

Although Dr. Humphries primary interest is in the study of vaccinations, she has realized that,

“Much of what I have learned in my medical education is lacking in details on how to support the biology of the human being.”

She continues,

“When people are just a little bit sick or when they are healthy, it can be very helpful to support the chemistry of the body using earth products that were put here for us and not necessarily the ones the drug companies have made for us.”

Dr. Humphries states that since she has learned to use Vitamin C, not only has her own health become extraordinarily better, but her prescription writing has gone down significantly and the health of her patients has improved.

Dispelling Myths Regarding the “Dangers” of Vitamin C

Dr. Humphries states that there is a lot of mythology in the medical field regarding vitamin C. The fact that vitamin C is necessary to prevent scurvy, but that doses over 1000 mg are dangerous, wasteful and just gives you “expensive urine,” is a myth.

Scurvy is a disease that occurs if you have a severe lack of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) in your diet, causing anemia, gum disease and skin hemorrhages. Conventional doctors may say that the body becomes saturated if consumers take more than 150 mg a day. In addition, that in large doses vitamin C can cause kidney stones.

We hear that natural whole vitamin C is always the best source, food is always the best source, and the statement that people with illnesses can get enough ascorbate (vitamin C) from food.


None of these myths we hear are true or have ever been proven clinically or scientifically according to Dr. Humphries and medical literature.



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