Greater Israel courtesy of Isis!

Greater-Israel-courtesy-of-IsisThe moment I heard the media christen the mercenary thugs used to murder Gaddafi & reduce Libya to rubble ISIS, I thought, here we go again. I knew exactly what I would be saying about this mob FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!

Frankly, quite how anyone can believe what the media & politicians have said about ISIS is a wonder of the world. Here we have an army of terrorists which the US seemingly can do nothing about. Already we are in the realms of fairy-tales & fantasy, yet since they keep reminding us how ISIS remains this terrible terrorist threat, it goes without saying they must believe people are still dumb enough to actually believe the crap they’re coming out with!

1) How sad…….. we’re told these terrorists, who incidentally sprang out of nowhere, (nothing to do with Israeli, US & UK foreign policy), just happened to stumble upon a shitload of state-of-the-art firepower. These terrorists simply picked it all up off the floor. How convenient is that….. but let’s quickly drop the notion anyone was criminally negligent because the Zionist propaganda tool know as the media could have it’s hands full when it comes to explaining how the entire US military is unable to stop these murderous maniacs? ARE YOU DUMB ENOUGH TO BELIEVE THAT?…….. Okay, just in case you need some help here –

2) How in the blazes can this band of terrorists continue to reap untold mayhem without somebody giving them a continuous supply of ammunition? With every war, armies require a constant supply of food, water & ammunition ie supply lines. If you believe the tripe you’re being fed, aren’t you ever going to ask this most obvious question? Just in case you don’t know – you can’t wave a magic wand & say ‘hello all the ammunition under the Sun!’

3) ISIS has destroyed Libya, Iraq, Syria & is now turning its attention to Lebanon. In other words, up to now, these blood-thirsty Islamic terrorists so far have only slaughtered Arabs & Muslims. Are you telling me, as well as being deaf & dumb, they’re also blind as a bat? Israel is a stone’s throw away but is yet to be threatened. Not one Israeli has died at the hands of ISIS. These terrorists sure know what they’re doing! All of Israel’s enemies are being slaughtered…… oh & by the way – the fact Israel is a stone’s throw away has proved to be an enormous shot in the arm to these lovely Islamic mass-murderers – you see Israel provides sanctuary for the ISIS wounded to be treated in Israeli hospitals …………. but don’t worry – the Israelis have assured everyone this is entirely for humanitarian reasons. Aaaaaaahhhhhhh how nice of them…….




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