Freemasonry is Jewish secret society which aspires for Jewish World Domination

freemasonry-starLies being taught; 

Freemasonry is a charitable organization.

Now the truth;

Freemasonry is Jewish secret society which aspires for Jewish World Domination;

The History of Freemasonry begins from tenth Century BC with the construction of First Temple by King Solomon wherein he placed “Ark of Covenant” containing Ten Commandments for Jewish People.  First Temple was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar II in 587 BC. Second Temple was built on 516 BC which was destroyed by Romans in 70 CE.

Next stage comes in 1199 CE when nine knights called Knight Templars sought refuge under the ruins of First Temple and started digging underneath in search of hidden secrets and treasures. The nine knights found what they were looking for i.e. scrolls and treasure. From the find of that treasure began the present day modern Banking. The origin of Jewish Bankers thus goes back to the days of Knight Templar’s.

Because of the secret initiation ceremonies of Knight templars, Pope Clement V acting in concert with French King Philippe IV ordered that Knight Templars be captured, tortured and burned at stake. These orders were simultaneously opened across Europe on October 13, 1307 and most Knights Templars were caught and burned. The persecution of knight Templars by pope Clement V and French King Philippe IV led to the quest for a New World Order i.e. a world devoid of the rule of either Church or Monarchy but that which is ruled by Money and (unsaid) ruled by Jews. I have already written about Knight Templars at;

The Freemasons appropriated the secret initiation ceremonies of knight Templars regarding secret desires of rebuilding of first temple of Jews and world domination by Jews. In the their meetings by way of play acting they reconstruct the building of First Temple or King Solomon’s Temple and depict Jewish domination over the world.

Ask any Freemason Is it not correct that?

  1. A)     Freemasons call their lodges as Temple (First Temple).
  2. B)     In their secret meetings they play act and reconstruct the building of “First Temple” of Jews.
  3. C)     The King’s chair is “Chair of Jewish King Solomon” who presides over the building of “First Temple”.
  4. D)     The lodges are prepared to depict world from east to west and north to south complete with Sun, Moon and Stars
  5. D)     King Solomon is depicted as ruling over the World?
  6. E)     Volumes of secret Laws (religious scriptures) are kept beneath King Solomon depicting that people of all faiths bows before him.
  7. F)     Within the Lodge Freemasons of all faiths worship Jewish national flag or Star of David?

The secrets of Freemasonry are the oaths of its members for reconstruction of First Temple of Jews which was built by King Solomon and to bring back the the old glory when Jews during the times of King David and King Solomon ruled the world as depicted and performed or play acted in their Lodge meetings.

The Proof….


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