Monstrous vampires: Cameron and friends about to bleed the NHS dry

Asshole_Cameron(Acclaimed News) With previous Conservative governments, as bad as they were, essential state services such as Health and Education weren’t privatised. How things now look set to change as David Cameron is setting the stage for the privatization of the National Health Service.

The biggest risk to the NHS is the introduction of an American model in Britain, where citizens need to have a private healthcare plan to have access to medical care. This system is absolutely dangerous and classist, because it doesn’t allow to low income households to have a decent and free healthcare. Moreover the American model is often subject to insurance frauds and the influence of very rich lobbies.

Actually it seems that David Cameron already introduced a first step to favour privatization through a mysterious deal introduced in March. According to The Guardian this deal is “worth up to £780m” and “will see 11 private firms paid by the NHS to carry out heart, joint and other types of operations and perform scans, X-rays and other diagnostic tests on patients”. Obviously this change created many controversial reactions and critics for the negative consequences to British citizens. For example the Labour politician Andy Burnham said “Chunks of NHS were being sold off”.  A pro NHS activist called Paul Evans declared “Despite ministerial denials, this is yet more proof that privatisation is an everyday reality in the NHS. The scale of contracts is increasing as companies are seizing the opportunity to bid to run a huge range of NHS services”. This new occult deal expects the entrance of some big corporations such as Circle, Vanguard and Virgin Care in the management of British hospitals. This new legislation completely betrays the original values of the NHS at the time of its foundation 65 years ago. In fact, after the Second World War the British Government introduced the NHS as an universal and free right for all the citizens without distinctions of income and social classes. At that time British NHS was an excellent and well respected model of universal healthcare, and other European nations introduced similar systems taking inspiration from United Kingdom.



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