Judge Anna: Round Six with Karen Hudes, and on FBI “Death Squads”

anna von reitzJudge Anna:  Round Six with Karen Hudes, and on FBI “Death Squads”

We have to add this latest from Judge Anna.  Does anyone get to the heart of the matter better than she does?  Download the .pdf here.

[AIS NOTE:  We have to ask ourselves, who gave these guys the authority to change the world’s financial system — moreover, who gave them the wealth to do it?  We’d love a truthful answer to that question but doubt it will come willingly … ]

Notice to Pope Francis, the UN Security Council, Congress, and The World—Round Seven: Karen Hudes/World Bank/IBRD/IMF: There Is No “Interregnum”

23 January 2016

Everyone needs understand that our government is not in any “interregnum” as the result of a governmental services corporation going bankrupt.

That is a problem for the owners and operators of that corporation. It is not a problem for the lawful sovereigns of this country. We are able and willing to appoint new federal entities to act as our agents in the international venue and we have done so.

This is the equivalent of dropping the employment contract of a criminal housekeeper and hiring someone new to do the job. The IMF owned and operated UNITED STATES is insolvent. It presumed upon us, stole our identities, racked up our credit accounts to the moon — and we have repudiated the entire circumstance and the associated odious debts.

Everyone on Earth can plainly see that the sovereignty of this country is fully vested in the unincorporated people and organic states and has never been vested in any incorporated legal fiction entity at all. Ms. Hudes’ presumption that this country is in any kind of “interregnum” is the height of self-interested wishful thinking.

The “federal government” with respect to us is a provider of government services under contract, an association of states that has never been a sovereign government with respect to us or our assets to begin with.




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