Politicians vs Doctors on Vaccines, Quacks and Hippies on the Internet

Vaccine-Injector-redby Brendan D. Murphy, Guest | Waking Times

Paternalism Prevails in the Strange Land of Oz

Doctors-on-Vaccines-Hennessy-300x158At least two Australian politicians have recently weighed in loudly on the vaccine “debate,”with Jill Hennessy MP (Victoria) offering a firm – one might say patronising – word of advice for those who might not know how to direct their own learning process or how to look after their own families:

“There’s no excuse not to vaccinate your child.
The science is clear – vaccinations are safe, and they save lives.
Parents should talk to their GP – not some quack on the internet.” 
– Jill Hennessy’s Feb. 18th Facebook status1

“There are no risks in vaccinating your children. The science is really clear. Talk to a GP. Don’t get your advice from a quack on the internet… It is important that people get their information from a GP, not from a hippie on the internet.”
Jill Hennessy, Ten News, 18th February 20162

Screen-Shot-2016-02-23-at-7.47.48-PM-768x851Interesting idea, Jill. But what if someone’s GP also has an internet presence? Are they then a quack by definition? Can one be on the internet as a GP and NOT be a quack? Should we only consult with those MDs who have yet to access the great information highway and are sticking it out with carrier pigeons and the horse and cart? Are they the only ones left with any credibility? Does your GP ride a donkey to work, Jill? It’s all so confuzzling.

And let us not allow Daniel Andrews, Premier of Victoria, off the hook either. He too Facebooked and tele-quoted his way to notoriety with vacuous gems such as “I wish you could vaccinate against ignorance,” a Feb. 18th Facebook status targeting those who raise questions and concerns about vaccine practices and policies. We do too, Daniel, but we’d want to ensure such a (hypothetical) vaccine was thoroughly and independently tested for safety and efficacy were it ever developed – unlike all of the actual vaccines currently promoted to parents who don’t realise that their child IS the test subject. Of course, the first place we’d need to take a vaccine against ignorance seems to be anywhere politicians congregate, but I digress…

Responding to Jill Hennessy’s and Daniel Andrews’ Claims / Opinions

Jill, your comments suggest a lack of consideration and forethought, not to mention wanting for logical consistency. Are you just trying to be clever by attempting to conjure a sly paradox for the filthy unvax’d to tie themselves in knots over? I hesitate to do this, because the shock may overwhelm you, but are you aware that dozens and dozens of qualified doctors and scientists do actually use the internet?



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