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Israeli soldiers throws a knife in front of the little Palestinian girl.    

Recreational Pot Will Be Legal Just About Everywhere Soon [Video]

by ReasonTV “When The New York Times says we should legalize marijuana, I think maybe I should re-evaluate my position,” jokes Reason senior editor Jacob Sullum, who spoke with Reason TV about the remarkable evolution of national drug policy over the last 25 years. During the “Just Say No!” years of the 1980s, less than …

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Redacted Tonight Stand-Up Comedy Special w/ Lee Camp

In this very special episode of Redacted Tonight, Lee Camp performs live stand-up comedy at the famous Caroline’s Comedy Club in New York City. He tackles everything from our fear of ISIS to the growing surveillance state to why Starbucks is evil. All taped live in New York!  

Blair guilty of ‘criminal irresponsibility’ over Iraq war, says Livingstone

Ex-London mayor repeats claim that prime minister ignored advice that intervention in Iraq would make UK a target for terrorism Ken Livingstone. Photograph: Francois Lenoir/Reuters by Nicholas Watt Tony Blair was guilty of “criminal irresponsibility” for launching the Iraq war in 2003 based on the testimony of one discredited local politician who said that Saddam …

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Cameron Invents 70,000- Strong Anti-ISIS Army To Justify Bombing Syria

Fresh doubts have emerged over the existence of a 70,000-strong force of moderate Syrian rebels that David Csameron claimed could turn the tide against ISIS in the West’s favour Laying out his plans to combat ISIS in Syria and Iraq in the House of Commons last week, the prime minister said the assembly of 70,000 …

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Veterans To join Emergency Protest To Stop Britain Bombing Syria

Iraq and Afghanistan veterans will be joining anti-war activists at an emergency protest in London on Tuesday night ahead of Wednesday’ vote on extending airstrikes from Iraq into Syria. The protest organised by the Stop The War Coalition is scheduled to start Tuesday evening at 6pm in in Parliament Square. Similar protests will be taking …

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Cannabis Oil Treatments Are Helping Children With Seizures


EARTH! Where The Few Control The Many ~ David Icke


9 11 Conspiracy Solved Names, Connections, & Details Exposed

9-11 Here’s something the government didn’t want you to see   9 11 Conspiracy Solved Names, Connections, & Details Exposed 9/11 BOMBSHELL: METHODICAL DECEPTION — Rebekah Roth  

Electromagnetic Radiation and Other Weapons of Mass Mutation

by V. Susan Ferguson, Contributor | Waking Times Have the elite already become mutated versions of human beings? Physicist and former military expert on microwave radiation, Barrie Trower has stated, “There are no safe levels of radiation.” Upon watching Barry Trower’s startling video interview (seen below,) it appears evident that the elite and their techno-nerd minions may already …

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Are WE (the collective WE) going to stand back while the Ruling PARASITES and their PROSTITUTES manipulate the world into Global Conflict? If YOU are watching this, YOU are part of the an ELITE group who without money or armaments have the capacity to contribute towards bringing about the CHANGE that WE ALL KNOW we …

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Famous Rothschild Banking Dynasty Facing Fraud Charges In France

(Mint Press News) In addition to being accused of defrauding British retirees, Rothschild Bank AG was also recently fined millions for U.S. tax dodging. NORMANDY — One of Europe’s wealthiest bankers faces questioning for fraud in France as part of a years-long case that accuses him of defrauding retirees. Baron David de Rothschild, one of …

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Israeli Peace Activist Miko Peled: ‘Israel Has Declared War On Palestinian Children’

By Mnar Muhawesh MintPress editor-in-chief Mnar Muhawesh goes “Behind the Headline” with the author and Israeli peace activist about the recent uptick in violence in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza and what the mainstream media coverage misses by ignoring Israel’s brutal occupation of Palestine and apartheid policies. MINNEAPOLIS — Unease in the Holy Land …

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Us and Them … Or Just Us?

by Julian Rose As Inside – So Outside Is it possible that a thread of unity ties together even the most disparate of forces? Are we actually that different from those who we think are our mortal enemies? Is it possible that all humanity shares one collective unconscious? These are important questions, because the old …

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Israel Backs Down from Claim That Google Agreed to Censor Palestinian Videos of Conflict

Israel held meetings with representatives of YouTube and Google to find ways of cooperating to censor Palestinian videos. By Saed Bannoura Editor’s Update: Google released a statement in response to the Govt of Israel’s claim of a censorship agreement: “Following media reports about a meeting last week between Google / YouTube executives and the Israeli …

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