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WTF?! Old Video Surfaces of Hillary Endorsing Enforceable World Laws & Global Government

This video was produced by the World Federalist Association. Notes on the short video: – World Federalist Association/World Federalist Movement: Institute for Global Policy; “An advocate for global governance and United Nations reform along federalist principles.” – The video is from the perspective of flight and dives straight into the side of what looks like …

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It’s Still the Iraq War, Stupid

by Craig Murray | Global Research No rational person could blame Jeremy Corbyn for Brexit. So why are the Blairites moving against Corbyn now, with such precipitate haste? The answer is the Chilcot Report. It is only a fortnight away, and though its form will be concealed by thick layers of establishment whitewash, the basic …

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Brexit and the Matrix

By Jon Rappoport Elites: “how horribly stupid Brexit people are” The EU and its associated financial institutions were built on the premise that no one would escape. That’s the long and short of it. But of course, nations could get out if they decided to. Which is what just happened in Britain. And now that …

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Orlando Shooting Hoax Busted Wide Open


President of Iceland Welcomes Brexit, Looks Forward to Strengthened Relations with Britain

The President of Iceland has welcomed Britain’s exit from the European Union, voicing hopes that the UK will now strengthen it’s relationship with Iceland, Greenland and Norway. President Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson said the vote to leave the EU represented a “serious setback” for the leaders of the EU, and opened the door to a new “triangle …

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‘World’s largest paedophile ring’ uncovered

By Dominic Casciani International police led by a UK team say they shut down the largest internet paedophile ring yet discovered. The global forum had 70,000 followers at its height, leading to 4,000 intelligence reports being sent to police across 30 countries. The operation has so far identified 670 suspects and 230 abused children. Detectives …

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BREXIT: Does it signal a tidal wave of rising sentiment against the international criminal banking syndicate and its Globalist agenda, or is it merely a Trojan horse designed by the Rothschild banksters to further ensnare humanity in their NWO spider’s web? After all, Rothschild puppet George Soros was very publicly shorting stocks and going long …

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How ‘The System’ Is Controlling and Separating Us: David Icke Part 2

This is the second of four segments with David Icke. He has a tour coming up and he may be in your city. In this segment David goes into how we are being controlled and why separating us is to effective. He uses the analogy of dots that we cannot connect because we cannot see …

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Why the British said no to Europe

The majority vote by Britons to leave the European Union was an act of raw democracy. Millions of ordinary people refused to be bullied, intimidated and dismissed with open contempt by their presumed betters in the major parties, the leaders of the business and banking oligarchy and the media. This was, in great part, a …

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who must go ?

Post Vote Shame

“Westminster is covered in blood and shit…it’s time to clean up” according to Jonathan Pie.  

French Cops Claim They’re Too Tired to Keep Policing Massive Protests

(ANTIMEDIA) Months of mass demonstrations and violence linked to the Euro 2016 football tournament have left French police begging for mercy. A heated combination of protests against controversial changes to France’s employment laws and outbreaks of violence by Russian and British football fans has taken its toll, leading a union leader to beg for a …

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Man who claimed he escaped Auschwitz admits story a lie

ADAMSTOWN, Pa. –  A 91-year-old Pennsylvania man who has for years lectured to school groups and others about what he said were his experiences at Auschwitz now says he was never a prisoner at the German death camp in Nazi-occupied Poland. Joseph Hirt, of Adamstown, made the admission in a letter to LNP newspaper Wednesday. He …

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The Real Brexit “Catastrophe”: World’s 400 Richest People Lose $127 Billion

by Tyler Durden For all the scaremongering and threats of an imminent financial apocalypse should Brexit win, including dire forecasts from the likes of George Soros, the Bank of England, David Cameron (who even invoked war), and even Jacob Rothschild, something “unexpected” happened yesterday: the UK was the best performing European market following the Brexit …

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The head of the United Nations’ International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, is facing charges in France for embezzlement. If found guilty, she could go to prison for ten years.

This has been little-reported despite its significance: The head of the IMF is going on trial. The head of the United Nations’ International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, is facing charges in France for embezzlement. If found guilty, she could go to prison for ten years. – RebelMedia This has been little-reported despite its significance: The …

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Pediatricians Association Admits HPV Vaccine Causes Ovarian Failure

The HPV vaccine is heavily pushed to both teen girls and boys. Even though countries such as Japan won’t formally have stated that they don’t want to support it, the United States continues to massively push this vaccine despite all the push back world-wide. The HPV money grab by pharmaceutical companies is blatant and unchecked. …

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False flag fatigue

Feds keep spinning disasters to make us believe their lies THE DEATH AND TRANSFIGURATION SCAM By John Kaminski | pseudoskylax@gmail.com | http://therebel.is/news/kaminski I have yet to see a competent story written by a reputable observer indicating the so-called gay massacre in Orlando was in any way a real event. It follows without saying that public …

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Brexit SPREADS across Europe: Italy, France, Holland and Denmark ALL call for referendums

POLITICIANS across Europe have called for their own referendums in the wake of Britain’s historic decision to quit the EU. By Katie Mansfield Italy’s Luigi Di Maio has called for a referendum as France, Holland and Denmark follow Britain Italy’s anti-establishment 5-Star movement has now officially called for a referendum on whether to keep the …

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David Icke Welcomes Historic Referendum Decision But Warns There’s Still Work To Be Done

Power to the People

Roberts – The Brexit Vote

by Paul Craig Roberts What does it mean? Hopefully, a breakup of the EU and NATO and, thereby, the avoidance of World War III. The EU and NATO are evil institutions. These two institutions are mechanisms created by Washington in order to destroy the sovereignty of European peoples. These two institutions give Washington control over …

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WE DID IT!! But this is just the start – David Icke


Italy’s Northern League To Launch EU Referendum Campaign Next

by Tyler Durden Shortly after the final Brexit result was released, first Netherlands and then France quickly warned they too would proceed with their own referenda. They are not alone: moments later the head of Italy’s Northern League Said “Now it’s our turn’ After U.K. As Dow Jones reports, Italy’s anti-immigrant and euroskeptic Northern League …

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From Iraq to The Brexit Referendum: Tony Blair’s Toxic Legacy. Yes, He Should Stand Trial for War Crimes

by Felicity Arbuthnot | Global Research Anthony Charles Lynton Blair currently back in Britain, cast a dark shadow over those campaigning to stay in the European Union in the 23rd June referendum. Inflicting himself on the Britain Stronger in Europe group, he spoke at every opportunity – reminding even the most passionate Europhile of the last …

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Brexit Wins! Cameron Resigns!! EUpocalypse Now!!!

SHOW NOTES: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=19014 Britain has voted to leave the EU! Cameron is stepping down as Prime Minister! The EUreaucrats are holding crisis meetings to avoid a EUpocalypse! No, this is not the end of the road, merely the beginning of the beginning. But let’s pause for just one second to celebrate a bit of good …

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