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Wesley P Hall hands gmp their arse – absolutely brilliant!

U.S. cardinal steps down amid widening sex abuse scandal

By Philip Pullella VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – Pope Francis on Saturday accepted the resignation of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, one of the U.S. Catholic Church’s most prominent figures, who has been at the center of a widening sexual abuse scandal. McCarrick, 88, the former archbishop of Washington, D.C., is the first cardinal in living memory to …

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60 Minutes exposes organised paedophilia among highest ranks of British elite

60 Minutes’ explosive 19 July feature, “Spies, Lords and Predators”, reported that the recent blizzard of revelations of paedophile rings operating among the elite of the British Establishment constitutes the “biggest political scandal Britain has ever faced”. Presenter Ross Coulthart stated right at the show’s outset, “There is a paedophile gang operating at the highest levels of the …

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Bad Cop No Donut #8 – How I Sued the LGBT Police

Bad Cop No Donut #4 – Trial by Cop

BBC TV Licensing Exposed

Watch David Icke on Eamonn Holmes full interview

Gas, Water & Electric are FREE

Wesley Ahmed & the people Vs British Gas The Corporation

Online underage child groomer exposed.

6 of 6 – British Gas fail to gain entry to change meters at Wesley’s house

Wesley Ahmed & the people Vs British Gas The Corporation


Rotherham Gas Warrant

Perks of having a solicitor in the family… POLICE owned Again


World on Fire ~ Greece Attacked With Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)

Unlawful warrant of entry prevented (OVO energy) SMART METER refusal


Julian Rose: The Heart Is Not a Technological Construct

Scientist-5G-appeal-2017 by Julian Rose Incorporating: Say NO to 5G Wifi Post industrial mankind’s fascination with material progress has, since the industrial revolution, played the dominant role in the direction taken by Westernised societies. ‘The machine’, along with the material and financial wealth necessary to own and operate it, has steadily subsumed more human centred values …

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January 1st 2018 …Bailiffs sent on there way ..

Bailiff forces entry into wrong person’s home and then searches it for ID

Parking Ticket Solicitor Letter CCJ

Online child paedo exposed.

Bristow and Sutor Call 2 – Head Office + Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015

Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015 26 Corrupt or other improper exercise of police powers and privileges (1)A police constable listed in subsection (3) commits an offence if he or she— (a)exercises the powers and privileges of a constable improperly, and (b)knows or ought to know that the exercise is improper. (2)A police constable guilty …

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MUST SEE! Equita Office Manager – Birmingham

Matt Allwright on the BBC TV Licence Scam (MUST WATCH!)

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