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The Untouchable’s – Reptilians – It Goes Deeper Than You Thought or Ever Expected P1


David Cameron secret 1989 S. Africa nuclear arms deal behind Mandela’s back, raises £17.9m 4 Tories?


Greta Van Susteren – James Traficant




Clif High Interview on Guerrilla Economist

The interview starts at about 15 mins in.  

Hitler said even in his death he will start World War 3. One of his soliders asked how? Hitler replied….

Hitler said even in his death he will start World War 3. One of his soliders asked how? Hitler replied, “The day mankind finds out what I was trying to defend this nation, Germany, from then thats the day World War 3 will start. For on that day, mankind will learn that I was trying …

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Officer framing citizen on camera Dealing with an officer like this would definitely make your blood boil.


Incendiary Radio: John Kaminski & John Friend

Robert discusses many important topics with John Kaminski and John Friend. [Download Link…]  

Joint Chiefs of Staff Official – US Military Gave Intel to Assad, While CIA Funded & Armed ISIS

By Jay Syrmopoulos Washington, DC – The Pentagon’s Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) have been indirectly providing intelligence on the Islamic State to the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad, in direct contrast to the Obama administration’s agenda of regime change, in an effort to stop Syria from becoming another failed state from which terrorists …

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Radical Orthodox Jews stab photo of murdered Arab baby at wedding ceremony (VIDEO)


The Friends of Boris Johnson: Plugging into Jewish Networks as the Key to Success for Ambitious Politicians

by Francis Carr Begbie There are two pilgrimages which any ambitious British Conservative politician should undertake if he wants to seriously improve his chances of getting the top job. One is to Israel to be pictured with wearing a skull cap at the Western Wall. The second is to the most exclusive Jewish charity event …

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Alchemy of Evyl: Face to Face with Sacha Stone Grandmaster Freemason Leo Zagami & pioneering Ritual Satanic Abuse whistleblower Jay Parker join Sacha Stone. This explosive episode of Face to Face with Sacha Stone which investigates the ‘mechanics of evil’, and the triumph of pure-truth and human fellowship over generational Luciferianism as it continues to control much of our world and reality.  

Government Concerned That Homeschool Parents Are “Radicalizing” Their Children

by John Vibes Education Secretary Nicky Morgan of the UK has recently voiced concerns that children are not receiving the proper brand of brainwashing and indoctrination from the government. Morgan called for a review of homeschooling and suggested that thousands of children are being “radicalized” by their parents. “There has always been the freedom in …

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Time travel pre-identified US President Andy Basiago announces 2016 candidacy to millions on C2C


Rathlin Energy tries to bankrupt anti-fracking campaigner Ian Crane

Gas company seeks to bankrupt anti-fracking campaigner BY RUTH HAYHURST Rathlin Energy, a gas exploration company working in East Yorkshire, sought a bankruptcy order this morning against a leading anti-fracking campaigner.Lawyers representing the company went to the High Court in London to recover thousands of pounds from Ian Crane, a broadcaster and speaker against fracking …

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1943 Movie Exposes Illuminati Secrets. Director and Producer Killed Over it!


Who Runs the UK?

world jewish congress. In December 2015, David Cameron attended a ‘Christmas party’ at London’s Sexy Fish restaurant, where a glass of red wine can cost £105, and where the ‘decor’ cost 15 million pounds. David Cameron’s mother is descended from Emile Levita, a German Jewish financier. The ‘Christmas party’ was hosted by Cameron’s former special adviser …

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Norway: Force-vaccinated with Gardasil

By mother Stine-Marie Buer Hasvold. Skien Norway I didn’t consent to Gardasil Caroline was born in 2000 and is now 15 years old. My daughter was very sociable, full of energy and always together with her many friends – running, cycling and playing football. She always had a good appetite. The only information we were given …

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New Study Links Milk Consumption To Parkinson’s Disease

by Amanda Froelich “Got Milk?” If so, now might be the time to ditch it. According to researchers from Shiga University of Medical Science in Japan, contaminants found in cow’s milk may increase the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. As TIME Magazine reports, lead researcher Robert Abbott and his team of colleagues took advantage of …

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Israeli Lobby corrupts congress and drags USA into wars


Paris False Flag 2.0 – FULL DOCUMENTARY


Paris Attacks “Suicide-Bomber Victim” is a CPR Dummy

Paris False Flag: Bataclan Eyewitness Hoax Actor Ginnie Watson  

Stanley Kubrick Filmed Fake Moon Footage !! Proof !


Daughter of Stanley Kubrick Speaks Out


This is why the BBC’s pro-Israel bias is worrying

The BBC has been forced to apologise yet again for its biased coverage of the decades-long conflict in Israel and Palestine. And by taking a position of blatant support for the Israeli state, the corporation has shown once more that it cannot be trusted to put Palestinian lives on a par with Israeli’s. Why has …

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