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From the Green Revolution to GMOs: Living in the Shadow of Global Agribusiness

What can we do about the powerful transnational agribusiness companies that have captured or at the very least heavily influence regulatory bodies, research institutes, trade agreements and governments? How can we assess the safety and efficacy of GMOs or their other technologies and products when narratives and decision-making processes have become distorted by these companies? Through …

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New Amphetamine-Based ADHD Medication for Children Disguised as Candy

(ANTIMEDIA) Just weeks after the FDA banned the sale of e-cigarettes to children, arguing the variety of flavors could spur addiction, a new, potentially addictive ADHD drug for kids has hit the market — in candy form. Commercial efforts were ‘ramped up’ this week to promote the FDA-approved extended release chewable, which represents the latest …

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Chilcot Report will savage Tony Blair

Tony Blair’s reputation will be seriously damaged by upcoming Chilcot report into the Iraq War and will deliver ‘absolutely brutal’ verdict on Jack Straw and intelligence figures, former minister reveals Tony Blair’s reputation will be seriously damaged by the upcoming Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq War, according to a senior source who has discussed the …

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Politics Is Not For The Rich, Says Former Uruguayan President Jose Mujica

By Jeff Sanchez Politicans nowadays can learn a thing or two from Jose Mujica. From 2010 to 2015, Jose ”Pepe” Mujica served as the President of Uruguay, earning the billing of being the world’s most humble president and its poorest one at that. Mujica merited the recognition for his exceptional acts of charity – one …

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The rise of the meta-criminal

Is the NSA manipulating the stock market? by Jon Rappoport (To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, click here.) Trevor Timm of the Electronic Freedom Frontier dug up a very interesting nugget. It was embedded in the heralded December 2013 White House task force report on spying and snooping. Under Recommendations, #31, section …

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Australian Politician: Climate Change is a UN Hoax to Create a ‘New World Order’

The Australian prime minister’s chief business adviser Maurice Newman recently stated that climate change is a hoax created by the UN to scare the world into handing their sovereignty to a new world order. It’s a well-kept secret, but 95 percent of the climate models we are told prove the link between human CO2 emissions …

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Bases Conference Speakers Pewsey Aug 12-14 2016


The Farm Bureau CASE STUDY


Leaked Tapes Expose Coup Plot Against Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff

Recordings detail a conversation involving leading officials in the Brazilian government, seeking a way to end a criminal corruption probe entangling dozens of the country’s political figures. On Monday, Brazilian newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo revealed a recording of a conversation between the country’s planning minister Romero Juca and Sergio Machado, former CEO of state-owned oil company Petrobras …

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I find it quite concerning…


How to Pay a Speeding Ticket in a Police State — Like a Boss

Frisco, TX — Policing for profit in the United States is now the new norm. It has gotten so bad that the Canadian government has issued a public service announcement for its citizens warning them that American Road Pirates, aka police officers, may very well rob them upon entry into the US. In the US, “298 departments and …

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New State Laws Permit Medical Marijuana Use In Hospitals

by Paul Armentano Legislation recently signed into law in Connecticut and Maine permit for the use of medicinal marijuana formulations by hospitalized patients. Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy yesterday signed legislation, HB 5450, to protect nurses who administer medical marijuana to qualified patients in hospital settings from any criminal, civil, or disciplinary action. Other provisions in …

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James Corbett Breaks Down The Federal Reserve

The Truth about the Fed  

Fracking Tory Monsters Environmental Vandals who don’t care about communities just corporations


Seven Stumbling Blocks on the Road to Consciousness

by Julian Rose The purpose of Life is to Live! But upon arrival on this Earth it quickly becomes apparent that this is not the agenda. Ninety nine percent of what’s going on here is not about enhancing human creative potential, but about suppressing it. It’s about stepping onto an invisible ladder whose rungs form …

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U.S. Holds the World Record of Killings of Innocent Civilians

by John McMurtry A world-renowned Canadian philosopher argues that the United States holds the world record of illegal killings of unarmed civilians and extrajudicial detention and torturing of prisoners who are detained without trial. Prof. John McMurtry says that the U.S. government is a gigantic mass-murdering machine which earns profit through waging wars, and is …

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Neil Hamilton “Cameron and Osborne Are Liars & The Vote Remain Camp Is Rife With Corruption!”


Maggie Tuttle “Tony Blair Has Links To A Company Which Insures Every Child Stolen By The State!”


Truth Went Out Live On TV!! Oops

Actor Elijah Wood: organised pedophile ring operating in Hollywood

Hollywood is in the grip a child sexual abuse scandal similar to that of Jimmy Savile in Britain, Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood has claimed. The 35-year-old former child actor said pedophiles had been protected by powerful figures in the movie business and that abuse was probably still taking place. In an interview with the Sunday Times, Wood …

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Bayer’s Acquisition Offer Could Literally Make Monsanto Disappear

by Claire Bernish | ANTIMEDIA United States — Bayer has now confirmed a buyout bid for agrichemical giant, Monsanto — the maker of Agent Orange, RoundUp, and genetically-modified crops — otherwise known as one of the most hated companies on the planet. In a statement, Monsanto said Morgan Stanley & Co. is advising the company …

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VAXXED: From Cover Up to Catastrophe MUST WATCH !

Vaxxed Coast to Coast AM Interview Bigtree, Wakefield & Hooker

Bill Gates’ Polio Vaccine Program Caused 47,500 Cases of Paralysis Death

In India, Monsanto hired Bollywood actors to promote genetically engineered cotton seed to illiterate farmers. Nana Petakar became a brand ambassador for Monsanto. The advertising has been called “aggressive, unscrupulous and false.” by nsnbc Bill Gates, heavily invested in Monsanto’s GMOs as well as in vaccines, hired the most beloved of Indian actors, Amitabh Bachchan, …

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The Queen’s Speech

Reporter Jonathan Pie pulls apart this years Queens Speech policy by policy…  

The Horrible Truth About Vaccines — Greg Wyatt

Greg Wyatt is a human rights activist, a founder of the vaccine truth movement and the father to two severely vaccine injured children now adults. His You Tube channel is AutismNewsDotCom. And you can also find his work at VaccineTruthMovement and CDC Wall of Shame on Facebook. Greg joins us today to discuss the horrible …

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